Friday, October 31, 2014


I LOVE that that Michael Jackson song. especially since I was in a grim reaper costume yesterday.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

club fun

today is MC's halloween party. my god i got sweaty. i danced a little and got sweaty. then again i'm in a grim reaper costume i get sweaty in that.

suite 613

i love the scary suite life episode. i actually like when the characters scream at arwin holding a sandwich and he starts eating it. he was like, "its not a club, it's a sub." London said he was creepy.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


i'm gonna dress up and scare the crud outta my classmates tomorrow since i don't have classes fridays. its gonna be awesome. i also need to dress up in order to change my appearence to go ghosting. although i don't wanna get arrested.

extreme couponing

i got hooked on this reality show called extreme couponing. none of my parents believe in extreme couponing. its vey intresting and good for reality tv. Jeff, my step dad says it makes for good reality TV. Jeff uses coupons as does my father and mother. They use it to save money. they money they save barely makes a BLIP on the extreme couponer's radar. they'd PAY the amount my parents buy. a couple use the coupons in order to pay for her house. Another doesn't work so she needs to use coupons. another supports 2 house holds in order to keep her extended family afloat. another uses coupons to keep the family buisness afloat.

black and orange

i like halloween colors. i'm able to wear wild colors. around Halloween i like wearing halloween colors.

hard candy

what normal 11 year old likes hard candy? my brother does. then again he likes me and i guess he likes hard candy. weird but OK. whatever floats your boat. plus my family has diabetes so i guess it'd be sensible to EAT hard candies. the weird thing is my brother asked for a SUGAR FREE hard candy. that's every 11 year old dream is SUGAR so why.....?


i'm not sure i can change my appearence with out SOMEONE recognizing me. even if i dye my hair, wear a boys outfit or wear something diffrent. like once i was getting coffee someone was like, "did you go to northwest?" and then i was like oh hi Anthony's brother.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


is there something boys and girls are afraid of when they are younger? of course its the cooties. in the powerpuff girls episode the rowdyruff boys the girls kissed the boys and destroyed them. its so cute

national chocolate day

normally i'm against every day as a holiday but i LOVE chocolate. i'm a chocoholic. i love it a little too much. mostly the most i can get is hot cocoa.

skate boarding

I'm into skateboarding. I've always been into skate boarding. I've never not been into skate boarding. I've had to stop due to me having bad balance. i got my balance back but its still pretty bad. my friend and i were doing a video game where we had to use a skateboard as a controller and i did amazingly well while my friend did not. I'm not saying she's bad she's uncoordinated.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


I'm in LOVE with Baltimore. I've ben there a bunch of times. mostly family stuff. My alma mater NWHS went there for their state championship in FOOTBALL. I went there 2 times within a month. I was there visiting and I got directions to STARBUCKS. the 2nd time was for a fireworks show.

Friday, October 24, 2014

powerpuff girls

I LOVED the power puff girls. despite this being the old cartoon I LOVE this. EVERYONE is awesome in this cartoon. its so old but cute. the boys liked it too.


I LOVE kids. I tried out child development and oh my god. AWESOME. that's all I can say. I loved them. especially when they sang 1D or played with us. I brought in a bunch of balls for bocce and they LOVED it. I was bored once and they had a transition. I walked in and I was bouncing a ball. it was like they were so excited. I bounced it and reminded them to share. they bounced it and caught it and passed it to each other. they LOVED bocce ball.


my friend got me into this a gazillion years ago. ghosting is where you leave candy and do ding dong ditch. you also leave a card. my step-dad thinks I'm a little old for it but I don't. I think its fun. my mom said only people on our street and a max of 4 families. so I think I got all 4.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


i'm very into coffee. i've always like coffee. my mom doesn't like it, not even the flavor of it. unfortunately it's a diuretic. i can use it to lose my weight. my mom would reather stuff me with me with caffiene than sugar or fats. well i'd rather have fats and caffiene than sugar in my diabetic kids. mostly, i have sugar substitutes since i like them. my dad likes the sugar substitutes and he doesn't even HAVE diabetes. cutting back on the sugar i can cut back on my calories.

blow up

2 of my most popular posts this past couple months have been about my brother and yoga. why does that stuff sell? i thought sexual stuff sells. seriously i understand THAT sells. Yoga i can kinda understand since its popular and many people like it. why the story about my 11 year old brother wanting a sugar free hard candy with normal 11 year old boy stuff upstairs? OK so i leave my blog unattended for a few hours (class and the bus ride home) and it goes VIRAL. why? i understand some of the stuff is interesting but why my blog?

social media

its hard not to be on at least 1 social media site. i'm on 2. that's how i get my ideas and things to blog about. technically its my mom's idea for me to have a facebook but i secretly got a twitter as well. anyways i use my social media to help with my blog. i also VLOG. i use these social media to help me with my blog my dad wanted me to do. ok i wanted to do it as well but hey. it was his idea for me to start this.


Jazz is the new face of the transgender community. i like her. she's so cute. i saw a documentary on her and fell asleep to it. her family is so nice. She is so lucky. i'm not very into the trans thing but hey whatever works for you, go for it.

too cool

i'm still obsessed by "too cool" from Camp rock. it kind of defined me at one point. my friend was very into this movie. i'm very into too cool. it doesn't TOTALLY define me but pretty close. i love this song since its very catchy and its meaning is very relatable.


i once came close to going into the boys bathroom once. i was packing up and my bladder was killing me. luckily i realized in time oops this is the boys room. another time my friend DARED me to go into the boys room. it was a girl scout event so the boys weren't there. that was fun. i went into a unisex bathroom near the 9/11 memorial. i was like this a boys or girls room. someone said, i think its a unisex bathroom.


everyone transforms into something. Jordan Todassy was plating a transgender character and went from a girl to a boy on set. i did that on Monday (girl to a boy). it was AWESOME. when i walked out of a thrift store changing room in a dress a couple weeks ago i transformed. i don't mind it but it was pretty.


my teachers were my mentors in a way. i was socially on the same level as my friends. other times i wasn't. 4 teachers put me thru the 3rd degree about my high school plans. i hated that. my favorite teacher is Mrs K. the teacher I'm closest to is Mr. Lewis. when 1 of my teachers asked something about a label i immediately sat up since i had a northwest Jaguars jersey on. My teachers were willing to give me a hand with my diabetes. when i got sick they lowered their standards and got thru it. one teacher let me run to the nurse's office and sit out of class. i just worked on my senior project. another had me get water with a "chaperone" in case i fainted. they were cool about the allied sports. some came to support me. some came to check it out. my dance teacher was there when i was playing a couple times. a TON of people came to support Jevan for their final senior game. one asked if i tried out for any plays or musicals after the game and met my REAL dad. my coaches were amazing. my handball coach let me do what i needed for my diabetes. I'm so glad they were accepting.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

sexual orientation and gender identity

gender identity is the hot button topic. gender identity is a similar but not as contrivertal topic. i totally support the LGBT. my best friends help me through crud that happened to me and i happened to help them with the day of silence. the day of silence is saying "bullying is not ok".


i got into this blogger who will talk about diffrent topics. its very intresting since i'm very open-minded about it. i am a half asian, straight, girl. not everyone else is like that. i'm also very intrested in the diffrent topics. i'm very intrested since i'm glad he happens to talk about everything. unlike me i blog about anything and everything.


i've read the bible and can understand it but i'm not into the cristianity side of it. some of the things say "homosexuality is wrong and that people say that using an ouija board is an abomination to god. i'm not saying i'm not christian but i also happen to think things are right.


this song really speaks to me. during team handball i had 2 seperate lives. no one made me have 2 seperate lives they never came together so that's why i had that. my friends didn't know even when 1 of them was right next door. didn't he hear my voice or see me? only 1 time did my "seperate lives" come crashing together. that was when someone came and delivered my senior basket.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


everyone has an amount of recognizably. i have LOADS of it. someone was like, "did you go to Northwest high school?" i learned later that's how they knew me. there was 1 day when i was bumming around the kentlands and it turned into "bump into Jackie" day. i was like come on. i forget how many people i ran into that day but omigod I'm SO not into that. the weird thing is i was recognized as my middle brother even thought he and i look absolutely NOTHING alike. another thing is i was walking around my old high school one time i walked around with a pass and i ran into the administrators and they didn't ask me for a hall pass.

brain freeze

everyone has gotten brain freeze off something. stupidly i got brain freeze off a Starbucks frappacinno. the only reason i say its stupid is because most people aren't often getting brain freeze off that. the only reason i got brain freeze is because i can't drink it because of my wisdom teeth surgery. i had to eat it. OK i drank the "leftovers".

country music

i i like tons of music. i got into country music since i know its one of the only types my mom doesn't like. my mom said she doesn't like country music. my favorite is Trisha Yearwood's song "X's and O's". i usually like country music and turn it up when it comes on to tick my mother off since she can't stand country music. i like ticking my brothers off since i don't like them that much.

prom 2013

during the 6-8 weeks prior to prom i barely got any peace about who i was going with, what he and i were wearing and the excitement about me and who i was going with. it didn't help he spent tons of time with me without practice and prom stuff. people were so excited about me and him dating. I'm very happy he and i are friends but why we cute together? mostly it was "what are you are wearing to prom?" i love black and red. he and i looked cute together in those colors. although I'm not sure why people were insane about who i was going to prom. everyone people said they were going to wait outside the door and see Evan say yes. many people were excited. someone said i looked cute together. i hated get ready for my senior prom. i liked being with my friend to the prom. i got my nails (toes and fingers) done, along with my eyebrows and upper lip. my friend did my make up, hair, and pores. I'm not saying i hated getting pretty and everything but I'm not into getting done. my friends were excited and everyone wanted to get me ready.


I'm in LOVE with Pairings. mostly its a teen thing. my "pairing with my step-sister is Cackie (C/ourtney J/Ackie). my pairing with my male best friend is Jevan (J/ackie EVAN). mostly my friend Emily and i do the pairings. my mom and step dad mock it but i love it. how many people do that for fun? not a lot. when my friend Evan and i do something its a "Jevan" thing. i don't go around with him 24/7 but tons of people ship it.


once i decided to walk my brother and neighbor home. i told them "tabloid was over."they thought tabloid was some person not a TV show. i said over and over again, "Tabloid was over so." i figured my brother and neighbor didn't hear me correctly. i know my brothers know i love ID (investigation discovery) so i told them Tabloid was on ID but they didn't make sense of it. most of the time, i don't know why i fall asleep to forensic science.


most of us know how to run. i like running but i have a VERY minor leg problem so its hard for me to run uphill but i can try. most of my neighbors see me running around the neighborhood when i AM on my exorcize. my neighbor says he sees me zipping around the neighborhood. he says maybe when i get faster i can zip around a lot more. once in a while i WILL run around. usually on a flat surface to not interfere with my leg problem. once i ran and then tripped over my own feet. luckily the coaches from the other team, this was during a game, came over to check on me. my preschooler ran and tripped and got hurt. i told his mom i sympathize.


i've been watching older version of degrassi. its very cute and showed the elegance of the time. i also love the newer ones. i love Adam, Drew Eli and Clare. i also loved when Michelle dumped milk all over her ex-boyfriend BLT. i love that nickname, BLT. his real name is Bryant Lester Thomas but goes by BLT.

Eli Goldsworthy

i like Eli Goldsworthy. he's a good guy and i'm somewhat similar. he's into dark clothing and so am i. we both like black. he has something he rarely goes with out. so am i. i rarely do i happen to not have a cup of coffee and a book. i can do the "eli smile".

thrift stores

i have this one thrift store i like. i got so much for SO little. my family jokes about it but i like thrift stores. i got a bag, a book and a travel mug for a little over 3 bucks. i got a dress for under 5 bucks. its called upscale resale thrift store. i get a 25% off discount since i go to MC. awesome. i once got my brother 4 shirts for the price of 3.

Monday, October 20, 2014

fake blood

halloween is coming up. you know what that means. yup, scary stuff. i'm looking for fake blood for my costume. this is going to be awesome. can fake blood be used for non-halloween stuff? oh yeah. for a diabulimic it can be. a diabulimic uses less insulin and therefore uses fake blood for false readings. i'm going to get it and then dump it all over myself. i'm going to need to decide how much i'm going to need though. also how many splashings of the fake blood i'm going to do.

pain tolerance

everyone has a tolerance to pain. my former babysitter and friend (2 separate people) have a VERY low tolerance to pain. my aunt and i (ironically we are both called Jackie) have very high tolerance to pain. i have to pull back a bit since I'm diabetic. also since i have my wisdom teeth out i should be careful.

rainy days and mondays

i like listening to Karen Carpenter. she suffered from Anorexia and unfortunately passed away from it. my favorite song is rainy days and Mondays. its very sad but a relate-able song. generally i like Mondays but rainy Mondays aren't so nice. that would mean i have to drag my sweats out and i don't like effort on rainy Mondays.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

spirit day

we are becoming a nation accepting. today is spirit day. we are against bullying. when I was a junior in high school I was severely bullied. the thing is the bullies are looking to make their lives more interesting, they want to inflict pain on people or want power over people. my sophomore year in high school I decided to do the day of silence. after the bullying my junior year I decided to make an effort and take a stand against bullying. coming out is a big decision. I want to be there to help if and when I see an injustice. my family isn't against that. that was one of the only times my dad said he was proud of me. I told him I did the day of silence so he was proud of me for doing that.

funny thing

I went to a play once and I told my dad I was going to see Charlie brown, which he loved as a kid. I told my teacher my dad loved the peanuts. she's like the peanuts? I'm like Charlie brown and the gang.

3 words

we've gotten into this thing _______________ in 3 words. its annoying. ok its fine but it is kind of annoying. if we were in jail what are 3 words you'd say?

laughing gas

I had laughing gas this morning since I was so anxious about the wisdom teeth surgery. everyone said I was going to be fine. my mom said I heard horror stories but I didn't I was just so flipping scared. this was the first tine since I was seriously scared.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

bad luck

I've had an unlucky day so far. 1st it was my glove, then my computer i logged into shut off for no reason then my hat disappeared. hmm weird. I've been a good girl. i think its the spirit of Halloween following me.


when i was 15 years old i was telling the house cleaners i was going to have a coming of age soon. they asked if i had my quincenuera yet. i was like, no. I'm Chinese and white not Latina despite me looking like one. in the episode of wizards of Waverly place Alex had a quincenuera. she was very pink and puffy and looked like a princess. i hate looking like a princess. i was a princess for prom and Monday in the thrift store. mostly because I'm a tomboy partially. I love the awesome look of the coming of age thing since I had a sweet 16.

cable knit sweater latte?

i watched a video trashing pumpkin spice latte. the guy said he'd rather drink a cable knit sweater latte. i hope he was joking. who doesn't like pumpkin in the fall? i know i do. who doesn't like pumpkin pie? i LOVE it. i got drowsy once and i was like, "where's my pie?"


I'm in LOVE with pumpkin. i happened to like it. I've tried different stuff that's pumpkin flavored. the person at the register automatically asks what kinda doughnut do you want?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


when I was 15 I was injured. 6 days later I left the country and went to China. I loved being there. it's so different to America. they cleaned a garment for free, left us snacks, gave us a weather report, walked us to the bathrooms and were generally nice. my mom knew some of us were picky and wouldn't like the snacks and food so she packed us stuff. I liked my new purse. it was super cheap there. we had to use the bathrooms standing up. it as a little weird at first but fun. when I saw the toilets I was like, "OK I'll wait for the hotel." now I can use them if I must. its more sanitary that way. the shopping there is awesome. I got a purse, jewelry and tons of stuff. we could barter for the price. this one guy was like going lower and lower for the price. he saw me and said 3 for 1 yen. it was awesome but not the best. I was injured, on tons of pain killers and I missed my sophomore homecoming. oh well.

national dessert day

today is national dessert day. that's good since I happened to have a brownie for a snack. I don't know any one who knows that today is national dessert day. I like brownies.


I'm not super popular but I'm well known. when I went back for last year I was so well known people could say, "there's Jackie." my best friend wasn't the most popular in HS. she wanted me to become a cheerleader so she could become slightly more popular. apparently I've got a face that could be the recognizable. I'm not saying I don't like it but it is very annoying. my friends were very interesting. many of them want me and Evan (my best friend) to date. he's a sweetie but he's very autistic.

allied softball

I played allied softball. it's played in the gym. its so fun. when I ran to 1st base once I tripped and fell. I made it to first base but I was injured. the coaches from the other team came over to me to make sure I was fine. I was. they said I could've gone to 2nd but I couldn't do it since I tripped. my first season I got hit on the knee during one of the game. I came close but lost. I also remember throwing the bat a lot. I'm not the best in the world but I got better. I had everyone said I should go to the batting cages. I never went ironically. I was better. in the second season my friend got hit during the 1st team by our own member. we had the person who hit her try not throwing the bat. if the ball came too fast I would protect her.

in death series

my favorite series is the "In death series". it's written by none other than JD Robb. sometimes its written by Nora Roberts. I'm trying to read it but I get distracted. I'm very happy about the series since I'm into it. my favorite is "thankless in death". not sure why but I think the guy looks like Matt. not sure why.

muscle spasms

I have had muscle spasms since I was very young. I don't collapse any more but I still seize. it freaks people out. but surprisingly enough the guy behind me at graduation said he'd catch me. my neighbor sad he wasn't sure if I'd collapse. surprisingly people are willing to help but not in the way I'd like them to. once this guy would hang onto my arm and I try getting him off. I was so embarrassed to ask for help that I shut everyone out. I cried I was so embarrassed. now I ask for help. i suffered with them for as long as i can remember. i've learned to control them partially. i can walk with them.


every girl should feel like a princess at least once in their life. yesterday when I found a red velvet dress and walked out of the dressing room I felt like one. I'm not really into the whole "princess" thing. I'm a tomboy. I like the shorts and pants. I wore something I got from a thrift store and it was awesome. someone looked like they'd say, "aw are you and your boyfriend going to homecoming together in that dress?" someone was like I'm glad you found a dress for 4.5 dollars. so am I. Alex was like, "pink and puffy. really pink and puffy" in quincenuera. she doesn't like being a princess.

the brothers grimm

I got into the series back in the spring semester. I decided to get something I can listen to while riding in the dark. not that reading isn't good I can't read without light. they are scary versions of fairy tales, which if you know this blogger I like. I'm always falling asleep to forensic science stuff. like Suga Mama from the proud family when she falls asleep and someone turns the TV off or changes the channel she'll say, "I was watching that."

play aways

I've listened to books on tape but I like playaways better. they are like books on tape but in iPod form. that's much better and more convenient for people who have small children and are at parks or the beach or whatever and they are running around. I like these better so you can listen to them when your running, walking around, whatever. the books I like on playaways are: the brothers Grimm or Romiette and Julio. also this book called missing you from the 1-800- where are you series.


I love watching degrassi and their PSAs. one comes very close to home since one of my friends had been afraid of sexual assault and came close to suicide. Campbell Saunders and Zoe Rivas are 2 people who had been involved in those very situations. I know they are struggling to cope with what happened and people struggled with the aftermath of what happened. people need to know these are real life situations. I'm glad degrassi did these.

Monday, October 13, 2014


most of us know the famous chocolate. Hershey. back in the spring my family went to Hershey park and stayed in the Hershey lodge. well I got chocolate lip balm, Twizzlers, conditioner and lotion. I put the lotion in my hair to help it grow a little. I've loved going to Hershey since I was a little kid. unfortunately, we have had to cut back on some things since my parents are both going through a hard time. anyways my 1st roller coaster was at Hershey park. I was always a chicken when it cane to heights so when I went on my 1st roller coaster my mom was like, "that one?" or "that one?" I'm like no the ferinhieght.


over the summer I found an amazing thing called yoga. I'm not stupid. I've tried yoga before but over the summer I really got into it because my mom can't afford physical therapy for my back. I own yoga pants but I've never done a yoga class before. I love it. my brothers mock me doing things but they don't know I love it. generally on yoga days I'll have a scarf or a sweatshirt, a hoodie whatever in case I get cold during the meditation.

senior year

senior year was fun. I had my name said a lot on the morning announcements, people knew my name and face, my friends were excited for college and people kept putting me thru the third degree. none of that is bad but it got annoying real fast. people kept saying, "oh I heard your name on the morning announcements." I'd usually hear that 2x maybe 3 on the day it was happening. people kept saying my last name wrong and then people knew who it was. than came the questions. my friends kept asking me about my questions about my post HS plans. like a broken record it seemed. it was, "where are you going to school after HS? what are you doing after high school? what do you plan on majoring in? what about after college?" I don't want to say I hated it but it was annoying. certainly, it was annoying. no way am I going to be able to not have my friends and classmates say what they wanted but annoying. I got a Collin creevy to my harry potter. if none of you guys get the reference its someone who looks up to me no matter what. they always say hi whenever they see me. say they are going to miss me when I leave. blah blah blah. she was nice but ugh I get it, hi.

long hair

because my hair is so long its hard for me not to keep it in a bun or braids or a ponytail. I hate leaving my hair down my back because it gets in my face and I can't see sometimes. I'm not a good person to keep hair down my back. I love long hair but my hair isn't bad. I beg my mom to let me cut my hair. I'm not saying having long hair is a bad thing its just the maintenance. I'm more of a roll outta bed hairstyle person.

harry potter

I'm a huge harry potter freak. give me something harry potter and I'll read it immediately. Snape's monologue when he's talking to Harry for the 1st time I can answer almost all the questions. I know almost all harry potter trivia, some spells, robes and everything harry potter.


I'm going to a community college but I'm living on what other kids are eating. I love ramen and coffee. I'm one who doesn't often complain or say, "no I don't like this." my mom likes giving me care packages. she'll give me beauty products. sometimes she'll give me food. anyways ramen is tasty. but I'm eating tons of it. like gallons of it. I can eat it all the time. often I'll double it up to sort of get extra nutrition. mostly to get extra protein and extra liquid in my system because my mom wants me to have extra protein to cut my hunger. the liquid is also to get more bulk in my stomach. I heard soups are good for people because it'll help to loose weight and keep the weight off.


scoliosis is a back condition I suffer with. I have uneven feet, shoulders, legs, arms and ribs. I went to a chiropractor and was able to "correct" or "fix" my ribcage and points north. I still have uneven feet, legs and hips. I always will. I'll also always have a lump in my shoulder. another thing is I'm very small because of my back. I'm not going to grow past 5'3.5" ever. my mom without her scoliosis (she has it and that's why I have it) would be 5'11" and I'd be 5'8" at least. I did a project on scoliosis because of my knowledge of it. I also happened to try showing off my frame. whenever I'm sitting in 1 position for too long or something uncomfortable I'll get massive back pain. with my skeleton as messed up as it is I can't be comfy for a while but its going to be happy then I'll be sore if it gets hurt.

bocce ball

I started my career as a varsity athlete with bocce ball. its a mix of bowling and crochet. I was able to teach my kids how to play, it was that easy. my senior year I was "captain" so much the officials started placing the palina (the target ball) in my hand. my favorite team to play against would be...... Clarksburg or Watkins Mill. I'm sorry but that's who I like playing against. my best friends former HS was rivals with Watkins mill so... akward

streak on my hair

i used to dye my hair and it became blonde. i wasn't unattractive since it was a contrast. its nice to have people commenting on a contrasting thing. my hair is black and when my hair was blonde streaked it was nice. my hair was often spray dyed. once after i tried dying it again but i thought didn't come out right. i spray on some color to hide the evidence. people could tell i dyed it again. when i re cut it into a shag hair cut the blonde was on the edge but it was gone. i never redyed it.

2 truths and a lie

i'm addicted to 2 truths and a lie where the person says 2 things that are true about themselves and 1 thing that's a lie. it is an excellent ice breaker for me since i have trouble with that. i'll have obvious ones but i'll try tricking people by throwing something that CAN be true but isn't. i just posted it but i'm sure its semi-obvious what the "lie" is


Eclare is the relationship between Eli and Clare. the latest time Eclare broke up was in Sparks will fly part 1, when Care called Eli and broke up over voicemail. my mom says that's pretty chicken. my friend had to use the phone as a last resort to break up with her Ex. the principal was like "can you do that? can you do that to someone? over voice mail" that IS pretty chicken.

northwest high school

Northwest high school is a very open, accepting, inclusive and educated school. i said, I can't do the play and some kids from the robotics club said, oh if you can't do the play than help the stage crew. I'm not sure why they are that way. i say i tried out for the play the rest of my class goes nuts asking if i got the part. Anhar explains why that is. Northwest accepts people for who they are. I said i have diabetes and people were either educated with this disease or they educated themselves in order to help. even though the allied/ corollary program started in the spring of 2011 everyone came out to support me and Evan. it was awesome. when i came up to bat once everyone was cheering for just me. i was embarrassed but did it.

the science center of MC

i love the science center. its so much fun and a very intresting building to be in. my friend commented that it looked like a dorm. i told her once i can't cry in the science building, its too cool a building. it IS a very cool building. its got a lounge, dorm style stuff and is just a nice building. it has a room called the skeleton closet that has skeletons for biology


my brother's friend George is a nice kid. OK so on Friday i run into him at the football game and Evan thought he was my brother. I'm like, No Hunter is over there and Michael is wearing a jersey." Evan was like "is he your neighbor you want to introduce me to?" I'm like "No Matt is about a foot taller than me". for some reason George looked darker. I'm not sure why. George and i talked college. he was nice

marching band

my friend and neighbor Matt was in the band last fall. Matt told my brother that he (Matt) was in the band. i was at football game last friday and saw him. i was shocked because Hunter would've know (i hoped). they did an amazing job last year doing sleepy hollow. my friend liked that video.

halloween costume

i've gotten most of the stuff now just need a couple new things. as you can see from my earlier posts i LOVE halloween and i'm going as Carrie. many people haven't seen that in years. i've got heels and crown as well as a red dress. all i need now is fake blood and a fake corsage. i'm very excited since the dress i got is RED and velvet. i can't wait to wear it. i gotta grow my hair out a lot since i'm wearing a bun on the top of my head.

LGBT group and parents

to have my mom's support in the fact i'm in the people's alliance at MC is the best. my dad is totally for me to do that. my mom asked what its about and i just said its a safe space and we can do whatever we want to in the group. i even told her on saturday it was "national coming out day." I say its a safe space since most people who come should come with an open mind. they can be whoever they want to be. they joked you can be a gopher. my mom suprisingly happened to be very intrested what the people's alliance was for. i explained its also for their straight allies.

forensic science and justice system

the last 2 essays i've written in english class have been about criminal justice system and the law. this is nice since i'm into that stuff. i told my teacher so. i can't believe i can do that. i've read a ton of that stuff but never thought i can write about it. this is awesome. i've taken a criminal justice class and read books as well as watched some stuff on the subject. it's one of my favorite class so far.

gentleman like behaviour

i hate people acting like gentlemen. i don't mind if my hands are full and i need a hand opening the door. that's fine. everyone needs that. but like giving up your seat, carrying things, opening doors, whatever. i hate that since i wasn't brought up that way. i don't mind being called, "lady" since my former HS grade level administrator used to call me that. i also don't mind the door opening thing since everyone sometimes needs that. carrying things, if i can pick them up and carry them myself i will. my friend does this behavior a lot. like Friday i said i was going to talk to someone and my friend said he was going back in line for snacks. i was oh i can take my stuff then. he said no i can. i said, um OK. i took my stuff back eventually.

being offered a seat

i don't mind being offered a seat if i'm tired but on a regular basis (like if i'm not tired or hurt) i don't want all that. i'm find standing. one of my friends is religous and says girls should sit first. i say: age and disability then gender. he agreed. one kid offered me a seat when i injured my leg and another few times when i was tired guys gave me their seat. another time i was tired and a kid gave me the seat. i was like, Nah later maybe. its not the way i was brought up though. i have 3 brothers and it was defend your territory rather than girls first. my friend i went to prom was nervous to sit down next to me. i was all, "do you wanna sit next to me or something?" my dad thought that was stange. as did i. my religous friend said girls no matter where should ask their guy to sit. weird but hey, if that's your thinking go for it.

brother my brother

i like this song since it can have the life lessons behind it. my best friend and her brother hate each other. i reccomended she listen to it since i think it sounds exactly like her and her brother's fighting. my brothers and i don't like each other (we and be at odds with each other) but when it comes down to it we love each other. exactly like Tristin and Owen on degrassi. we might be at odds with each other but we love each other. i don't think i'm like my friend and her brother. They hate each other. he tries wrecking her diet. my brothers likes to try some of the foods i like and stuck to me when my family and i went to Sally Cotter (my HS's version of harry potter). he also wanted to follow me around and asked me about college life. Owen was worried about Tristan being missing and his (tristan's) heart attack.

Lugia's song

i love pokemon. my brothers and i went thru that phase when we were younger. i like listening to it since it's instrumental music and won't distract me when i'm working on stuff. i like listening to instrumental music when i'm studying since it can help me and not get me distracted by lyrics. its very nice to listen to that since i hate the quiet when i'm working. my family friend is in the high schools band and plays nice instrumental music. here's the link to it:

Sunday, October 12, 2014


many people like vegetarian food. me as well. my brother likes salads, mom likes vegetarian pizza and I love all types of vegetarian foods (burgers, pizzas, salads, pastas). I was a vegetarian for a week but ate meat again. I'm not saying I can't go back but I prefer eating meat but low fat meat. Mia Thermopolis in the princess diaries is a vegetarian. a character on a TV show is a vegetarian. several people are. my friend is so picky she'd just have the vegetarian options.

black and red

not sure why black and red go together so nicely. but for some reason when I wear red I look awesome (I have black hair). my mom said I should wear black and red for prom with my best friend Evan. I had reddish lipstick and looked nice. my mom got me a red tank top since "red is your color". junior year was my best year since that color is red and I have tons of red stuff.

crimpped hair

I crimp my hair as a way to "teach it a lesson". I'm not big on doing my hair in the morning. I roll outta bed do my meter and go about my day. I also only do my hair crimped is because I'm doing something with my hair when I sleep. I brush it anyways afterward so why not put it into 2 pigtails or crimp it? I'm growing my hair out for a Halloween costume. this helps me do something with my hair on they way of it growing.


we all have contradictions in our lives. sometimes the contradictions can cost us our lives. my brother lets me do things such as having long hair and nails as I'm a girl and my brothers don't have that luxury. my brothers on the other hand can do many more dangerous activities that I can't since I have a bad back


I'm going as Carrie for Halloween. I'm growing my hair as long as I can in order to prepare for this. my hair IS pretty long to begin with. I'm normally into scary stuff to begin with. I think I'll fit right in with Carrie. it might not be the same since I have black hair and Carrie has blonde but I can do it. I need a cheap prom dress, fake flower, fake blood and a sash. I already have makeup, heels and a tiara for Halloween. my mom thinks its fun if I make my own costume. better than a 35 dollar costume likely to rip or for me never to wear again.


everyone has selfies. I myself have a few. I only took 1 after my friends graduation. I went thru a ton to get that perfect shot. I did my hair, nails, skin up to par. anyways I mentioned I was going to homecoming and had my mother take a few pictures before it. like I said, I'm not a big selfies fan. there's a song that has the words first Lemmie take a selfie.

the walking dead

I've never really gotten into the walking dead but I've seen the behind the scenes videos. one person who I wanted to see die is Sophia. I've seen her death scene. she was there and I've been able to see her die. she is an amazing actor. she didn't go to zombie school. she had a huge bite wound on her shoulder and a prostatic to make it seem like her eyes were sunken in. she kick their heads and went slow since that's what a zombie would do.

wisdom teeth surgery

I'm getting my wisdom teeth come out. I'm so scared. I'm not normally nervous about surgery. I have so many scars its not even funny. everyone says I'll be fine. I sure hope so. I had surgery when I was 10 or 11 years old. I had my tongue untied. I was really young. I couldn't talk for the rest of the week. my tongue is fine but since I haven't oral surgery in 8 or 9 years I'm scared.

history cold case

I saw a few episodes they have on offer. they make it fun while using skeletons and forensic science to gave names to the skeletons they are examining

Saturday, October 11, 2014


as most know tonight is my old high schools homecoming. what most don't is my foot is scraped up. I can walk on it but it is SO scarred. my foot healed for the most part but the scars aren't going away for a while. my foot is healing a lot quicker than usual. i can walk on it and my foot doesn't look as bad as when i scraped it.


I'm thinking about doing my nails in a someone what interesting design since I left my red at my dads. I have pink. I'm thinking minor design on them since I have a pink dress but I'm not sure about my hair.

national coming out day

Happy national coming out day. I heard there's something down in DC about coming out today. I'm supportive about coming out since I had diabetes and I was outed since I was sick. I'm glad people at my old high school were so accepting.


my best friend and I made cupcakes yesterday. I got them smashed into my face. we actually spilled frosting on my new shirt. deja vu.

dumb and dumber

isn't there that 1 friend you can act like dumb and dumber around each other? mine is my SBFF (sister best friend) Emily. I once saw an episode of deadly women that the narrator said a pair of friends "were like dumb and dumber those 2". Emily and I are like Dumb and Dumber.

Friday, October 10, 2014

skull and crossbones earring with skeleton ear cuff

my earring I'm currently wearing is a skeleton one. (skull and crossbones with a skeleton hand ear cuff) I am addicted to scary stuff. I can read something until late and not even loose sleep over it. it looks like a cochlear implant would look like but a cochlear implant is from the ear to the head not the piercing to the ear. it looks awesome.


I'm not sure how I did that but I can throw my voice. I accidentally learned how to do it. I've only done it a few times in my life. the thing is I'm not consciously doing it. meaning I'm trying to get someone's attention and accidentally make it seem like I'm elsewhere. I only remember doing it 3 times, as far as I can remember. once when I 1st did it, once junior year at my 1st allied softball game and once tonight. not sure how I did it but I can. i'm not sure why my neighbor wasn't able to know where i was even when i said, "turn around." either he had 0 clue i was there or he's a bigger idiot than i origanally thought.

Evan and me

just to set the record I'm NOT dating my best friend. everyone has faith that he and I'll end up together. we are friends. he's the autistic one but its not cool how people just assume he and I'll end up together. I'm so sad and upset. anyways, its just an occupational hazard of hanging out with him and people seeing us together. I say I'm going with him and my step-father thinks its a date. like bite me. than my step-dad says he and I are going on a date. I'm like no we are just hang out at a football game together. why am I going on a date with him? he and I are just friends. I like him and I want to be more than friends but it's not fair since Evan has autism.

perfect isn't easy

I love that old Disney song. I should've sung it when I had to touch up my make-up while I'm in Mrs. Hinman's room and freshman were watching me. I wasn't normally covered in that crud but hey, why not. classic and classy, we're not talking lassie. exactly georgette.

Northwest high school football

this year the football team is on fire. we are 6-0. that is insane. do I hear states calling our name again? we've beaten every school by 40+ points. I'm glad to have a school championship twice since I graduated. my best friend's brother was in high school when they went to states prior to 2014. good job NWHS


I loved team handball. it functioned like a family. I'm very fortunate to have had that did that. even to the point of me being guilty about missing a cancelled practice. I'm not sorry for using the team for guinea pigs. I used them for my sociology experiments. once I was tying my shoe and the team was doing pull ups. they said, "Jackie your turn." we had team lunches, we had some kids ask my post HS plans we are so close.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


I have 3 younger full brothers. they all love me. there is Hunter (2.5 years younger than me), Michael, (5 years) and Bobby (8 years). problem is that 2 of them like forensic science shows. the youngest (Bobby) is only 11. I left a forensic science show on and Bobby was watching it. I was a terrible sister for doing that. it wasn't like Saw or PG-13. Hunter also likes forensic science. as does his girlfriend. I love them dearly but I wish they'd butt outta my life. I'm glad they care but no they have to interfere. when I found forensic science and the allied sports I was like "yes this is something I can do solo." but no my mom, dad, step-dad and babysitter got involved (typical) but the boys (what my family calls my brothers) got into it as well. I was like "NOOOOOOOOOO" because that was something I thought was MY thing.

spray on hair dye

I've gotten attached to spray on hair dyes. they temporarily change your hair color. I used spray on to cover up what I considered a "bad dye job". I did the dye job at home but it came out wrong. I usually use red since its one of the only colors that show up. although a blue paste will work pretty well. junior year I had several colors in my hair for pep rallies

safe spaces for LGBT and holidays

some people who are in the LGBT should have safe spaces and should have club meeting on holidays like thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah. sometimes the person might not be out to their families or they might not have such a great relationship with them if they ARE out to them. its ok to have a great relationship with people


all of us have colors we can pull of. I can pull off wild colors. although the best color on me is red. I love the color. although I prefer purple. I've loved purple for as long as I can remember. red looks amazing in my black hair since I'm half Chinese and that's their national color. although a red-rose color is awesome on me. I have this dress I liked. it was black on the top and the skirt was green and it was puffy and poufy and girly and stuff. my mom said my dress needed to be sporty since it was going to be my prom dress and graduation dress. great. I can't wear my homecoming dress? anyways I get a black one which is nice but I felt uncomfortable in it at graduation. at graduation I'm not sure why I didn't do this but at my graduation if I was going in that dress I should've gothic out and worn my black arm warmers, worn dark makeup whatever.

happy Leif Erikson Day

I saw a SpongeBob episode and I guess today is Leif Erikson day. Happy Leif Erikson day I guess. Hinga Dinga Durgen


you become a teenager and you start defying your parents more and more. not saying you don't love your parents but you are making decisions about your life. I've had my share of bad decisions suggested to me via my parents. I love you guys but I'm old enough to make my decisions. one of my parents (I won't say which) suggested I walk around after I got "beautified for prom". no problem except that was the 1st time and I got scared. I still did it but it wasn't my cup of tea. that same parent wanted me to do something semi-embarrassing (asking an acquaintance to my junior prom). they also are having my younger brother to go to homecoming. embarrassing.


my dad wanted me to blog and I decided to start writing short snippy posts and badabing I got tons of page views. its not gone viral but I'm thinking of outrageous posts to continue this trend


I've always been very into the LGBT community. so is Archie Simpson. we both accept it and would take a couple minutes to take it in. it's a shocking thing but we both accept it. Adam has amazing friends who accepts who he is and begs his mother to see him as Adam and "to put Gracie to rest."


despite me having diabetes I still like candy. regular and sugar free. my favorite is anything chocolate and possibly skittles as well. I like hard candies and these candies my step-dad has called sixlets. they are little candies you can put 2 to 3 in your mouth and still have room left to spare. a handful would be like 3 to 5 packs.

skeleton closet

there is a room full of skeletons that the MC campus has named "skeleton closet". that would be awesome if it was actually a closet full of skeletons. I posted about it on social media and someone was like a real closet of skeletons but no its a room of skeletons. that would be awesome if its a CLOSET since the idiom is skeletons in my closet. too bad but the campus called it skeleton closet

break up

can you or should you break up with someone via voicemail? check out this video: what should someone do in that situation? my friend did it with her ex as a last resort


I've been working on my ASL degree. I love ASL. my family mocks it but I love it. I also like teaching my friends ASL. not sure why but my best male friend wants to learn ASL. I have a feeling he likes me and that's why he wants to learn it. although having said that he's just my friend. another friend can understand it as well. my favorite letter to sign is J since it's very visual. As is the name John.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Michael Phelps

how many of us heard of Michael Phelps' DUI? well now he's suspended from swimming for 6 months. too bad since he's won all the Olympic medals. too bad Mike. you are my favorite Olympian swimmer.

JB or PB?

as the amazing atheist said "he wouldn't called JB he'd b called PB for punching bag". totally true. Justin Bieber isn't the "tough guy as many people thinks. his "cute" appeal now is replaced with a mug shot. how many of us are happy we had that bet with Canada over who would get Bieber over a hockey game? again the amazing atheist said, "he'd be lucky to get $200 to play at a sweet sixteen in a back yard." I disagree. $200 is WAY too much. I'm more inclined to think he'd get $50 max. how many of us know what butter beer is from harry potter? well apparently JUSTIN can handle it worse than Winky. too bad his butter beer addiction lead to his DUI


homecoming is where alumni go back to see their old high schools, colleges and universities. I'm going back since my mother wants me to celebrate my high school's homecoming. I'm not opposed to that but my brother is taking me. talk about embarrassing. blech that's a sweet thing my brother is doing

ASL ALS ice bucket challenge

over the summer i was nominated to do the ALS ice bucket challenge. i decided to sign the entire video. my mom thought it was awesome. my mom shared it and mentioned how i was doing awesomely with the ASL. my friend said it was awesome do deaf participants can watch it too since not every deaf person can lip read. it was awesome since my mom said i should show my ASL teacher the video. I learned a new word for it as well as having me sign it was pretty insane.

1st base

i played first base senior year of high school. i hated it since I'm the only lefty and had it foisted upon me. i got hit 4 times in 1 game and was like the team captain for the game. this 1 kid walked up to me and started talking to me about fumbling the ball. honestly we were only 5 runs ahead so i didn't think it was that important to fumble the ball. the 1st time i played 1st base i taught my preschoolers how to play bocce ball. so i was partially tired. and then had to play softball? oh come on what next? that time my teammates threw me the ball and i was essentially parallel with the floor. i caught it was everyone was like, "good job" to the point of me saying, "good grief" which is my code words for shut it. (i used those code words on my birthday as well.) the time i got hit 4 times was the senior game and i was in the zone and got hit on the shoulder, chest, hand and ear. not fun. least i caught it. that is one of the only times in school I've shown off my high tolerance for pain.

annoying brothers

i saw a meme about going to work. on one side it was with out kids and on the other it was "with kids". normally I'm on the "without kids" side but during my brother's spring break i was on the "with kids" side. i was like, "whoopee work". over the summer my dad got my brothers for a couple weeks and i went to the campus for some peace and quiet. i can't believe my brothers made me do that. another thing is my brother thought MC (the college i go to) had lecture halls but we don't as far as i know of. my brother wants to miss school to follow me around. i need my brothers to not get out of school for that reason. i love them and all but its not cool bro. mom will let the eldest of my brothers for that but not before checking his schedule.

lunar eclipse

not only was there a blood moon there was also a lunar eclipse. i was asleep but i heard it was awesome to have seen. I'm missing out on all these awesome things because I'm too tired to do them. anyways i heard it was awesome to have seen these things. my favorite thing was the blood moon since I'm a Halloween fanatic. it looked like the lunar eclipse is also with the blood moon

Nick Jonas's diabetes

Nick Jonas was just 13 years old when he was diabetes. he dropped to 95 lbs, drinking a lot of water, using the bathroom a lot and was very cranky. when he got diagnosed his blood sugar was close to 800 and was close to a coma (days away). low blood sugar is you faint. high blood sugar is more time to react. it was a miracle Nick didn't lose his vision in the 2 or 3 weeks of having diabetes without knowing it. my friend didn't want me pushed out and Nick didn't want it either. i have an awesome team. people will wonder what I'm doing but they won't interfere with what I'm doing. some people don't know what I'm doing but people are nice. there IS an embrace of the diabetic community. someone said my glucometer looked like a cellphone case but up close she knows what it was. my schoolmates and teammates were very concerned with what was wrong. luckily Nick said there is an embrace of the diabetic community and they are totally right. Nick and i have great support teams.

eating disorders

if you think about food and weight constantly you are not alone. younger and younger people are getting eating disorders. Karen Carpenter and Isabelle Caro are 2 famous people who have eating disorders. if you think eating disorders are only for a girls disorder but what you don't know is boys can get them too. something we need to hear is to open up. some warning signs are: 1) leaving the dinner table immediately after to throw up 2) having loud noises to cover up binging and purging 3) covering up the smells like perfume and cologne 4) skipping meals 5) sleeping more 6) looking skeletal or tired 7) missed periods 8) stained teeth 9) esophagus torn no matter what the statistics say the stigma was bad for everyone. no matter what we need to help everyone who happened to have the disorders. the facts: bulimia is more common but is less obvious, younger and younger children (girls and boys) are being affected and men can be affected too. anorexia can be linked to autism. here is a link for more information:

blood moon

tons of people heard of the blood moon but I missed it. perhaps you saw it and shares your pictures with this blogger. I heard that the blood is the fall's red moon. it sounds intriguing, since it usually happens in September or October. I love it if it is near Halloween. tons of people saw it and raved about it on twitter

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

bone dance

its one of the only good songs by Miley Cyrus. it helps learn the skeletal system. a bunch of people sing it and we sing along. we all know the song. in child development class we sung it and people knew all the words. its nice. I'm glad if we could've taught the song the kids would've known it


my favorite show I'm currently hooked on is degrassi. its very interesting since it tackles controversial issues such as being transgender and gender reassignment as well as suicide. Maya acted out and hooked up with someone. she was upset her ex-boyfriend didn't say goodbye before committing suicide. she acted out since she was upset and didn't know how to deal with his suicide. Adam is transgender and wants to remove his breasts. his mom says, "she respects how Adam feels like a boy." to which he responds I don't feel like a boy I am. if you feel like the other gender it could be that you feel out of body. another issue degrassi deals with is eating disorders. such as anorexia, bulimia and anorexia binge-purge. something that many people think with eating disorders is it's a girls issue but its a unisex issue since both boys and girls can get an eating disorder. Maya's sister got an eating disorder. suicide is huge since people think life is too big to deal with. it hits close to home since my best friend was close to committing suicide through bullying. Campbell Saunders committed suicide since he was home sick, hated hockey, and was unhappy with his life. His team captain on hockey bullied him for Cam's hockey skills and Alli, Cam's tutor, knew Cam had problems. Dallas, the team captain said they should be blamed for Cam's suicide.


lots of people talk about weight: lose weight, what diets are best. with my diabetes I need to lose a few pounds. not that everyone doesn't need to lose a few pounds. but not people with eating disorders, although THAT is another thing. I've got a brother who needs to gain a few pounds. I think the best diet is one you don't know your on it. change the drink, dressing on salads, fewer sugary snacks, more fruit and vegetables etc. also try walking up stairs and walk is another EASY thing you can do to help. with scoliosis I have a bad almost everything. I've been trying to help with my legs but its not easy. I've found some good healthy tips for life: 1) drink water 2) eat salads 3) eat vegetarian foods 4) cut back on the French fries and burgers (I'm not a regular burger fan since its high in fat) 5) eat coleslaw, sweet potatoes, 6) cut back on sugar wherever you can 7) walk up stairs if you can 8) exorcise whenever possible (not always high intensity) 9) eat 3 squares and 3 healthy snacks a day to speed up metabolism 10) get enough sleep 11) cut back on bad foods (coffee, sugar, sweets) 12) try cutting back on bad fat since they are bad if a whole family can help and get into this than it will encourage people to stay on track I know tons of people struggle with weight. myself included.

allied sports

I joined the corollary/ allied sports. it gave me such a huge boost and I love all the people I met and am now friends with. that's the aim for the most part of the allied program: to make friends and have fun while playing games. I have a varsity Letterman jacket that I got because of the allied program. most schools that I know of round Montgomery county have the allied program. I'm very happy to have been a part of that. I know my best friend and I are "inaugural" students in the program. we are "the life and soul of the allied program". the 3 sports I know most schools have is a bocce ball (which is a mix of crochet and bowling) team, an allied softball team (its like softball but played indoors and has modified bases) and a team handball team (mix of soccer and basketball). I got interviewed twice and gave a quote for the allied program. tons of people knew who I was by senior year. its not bad but very annoying. it's very sweet and nice. i love most of the people who were in the program. i think 80-90% of everyone i met outside of NWHS (my old high school) is from this program.

nick news with linda ellerbee: coming out

I like the nick news. I'm very interested in the world and issues related in the issues. I like the issue they are talking about. I'm not very in the bad side of things like coming out. I came out of the diabetic closet. I might not have wanted it but there it is. I understand how difficult it is to struggle with yourself. if you are sure with yourself than be whoever you are no matter what as long as you aren't hurting anyone else.


the closest holiday is Halloween. I love being in dark clothing and scary stuff. my friends like Halloween. I'm very into the dark and Goth stuff. my hair is dark and my mom likes me in my red stuff. I could wear red stuff and black clothing like vampire stuff. the lace trimmed arm warmers I own go up to my elbow and laces like tying the warmers into a bow. I like dark and red clothing. I like lace trimmed things. Halloween is 1 of my favorite holidays. I like being in costumes and looking new ways. I love dressing up in costumes. a few times people mistook me for a witch (once I was a vampire). then again high heeled wedges, zebra leggings, dark shirt and cape didn't help my cause. once I went as the grim reaper. someone said, "your not going to grim reaper us are you?" my English teacher my junior and senior years in high school said, "leave the little kids alone" which is a good idea. I like a good prank but you have to be careful with Halloween pranks since they could scare someone and possibly scar them for life. my favorite costume is a witch since I have witch like clothing. I wore my witch costume a lot since it is my favorite. my favorite teacher called me "the wicked witch of northwest."

let it go

how many of us have seen that movie frozen? well there is 1 song a ton of people like. it's called let it go. my friend says that song is my theme song since I don't get cold that easily. I don't since I have a high tolerance for pain. I love that song. since I've started styling my hair in a bun I look similar to Elsa the ice queen. the only minor difference is I have black hair. anyways its about not having the restrictions you have when you were in the past. here's the funny thing. in the spring I was at an allied softball game I was begged to fill in. I pulled my hair out of my bun and I should've sung part of it. i should've gone "i'm never going back the past is in the past let it go let it go"

quirks my brothers have

my brother said I stopped aging once I hit 14/15 years old and didn't know what alumni/ alumnus was. that same brother is roughly 6 foot tall and is only 14 years old. I had to share my calculator with the oldest of my brothers when I was a senior in high school. so one day I had a test and he forgot to give me back my calculator so I wind up borrowing one from my teacher. right in the middle of the test he walks right in and everyone is staring like, Who is that and is he there?

Barbie girl

how many of you guys remember that old song Barbie girl? as cheesy as it sounds its something nice I like to blog to. in show choir it was 1 of the songs that was recommended to be sung. although it was vetoed by the choir teacher since there is a line that's not exactly PG. I find that funny since the song is a little kids song


how many of you guys collect the little stuffed animals called webkinz? well I did, I haven't bought one in a few years. my most recent addition is a frog I named after my step-sister Courtney. I got pulled out of handball practice so I could hang out with her. I wasn't opposed to that but I felt bad about that since I liked doing it and it felt like people were my friends. anyways webkinz are so cute. my favorite is this dog I named after my friends dog, Lucky. I name these things after friends and pets. I named a cow after my mother (it's brown and something else). if you guys want to go to the site here's the link:

ebola viris

most of us have been immunized at birth to most modern diseases but I'm not sure how the heck the disease into the United States since everyone who goes in and out of the country has to go through customs and stuff so I'm not sure how the heck the officers didn't check the guy for a disease and why the person said he only had a minor virus or something and let was released. I'm not sure why the whole medical team wasn't consulted when he said he had something minor. I'm not sure why the guy said he had something minor. that's a little stupid if you ask me. now i hear the guy who had the ebola virus is dead. that's how stupid the guy was and how stupid the doctor was for believing that the guy had something minor. if the guy was admitted to the hospital or emergency room, why leave after saying it was something minor? I've hear the family feels like they are being treated like criminals. we need to learn about how to treat this disease. I've got a link to read about it:

Justin bieber VS Austin Mahone

tons of people used to like him before Justin became this "bad boy" who gets in trouble. my favorite (and only possible good song) by Justin is Baby. things went SO wrong as soon as he became famous. after that 1 song his songs and life went downhill. he got popped for a driving violation. I saw a meme during this past winter Olympics in a game Canada VS the US that said, "loser keeps Justin Bieber" glad THAT went viral. Austin Mahone is "the new Justin Bieber". I saw charms for Austin Mahone and I bought them since it was 2 dollars and I got 3 charms. I get more for my money. The lady who helped me choose between 1D charms and Austin Mahone charms didn't like Justin Bieber since she said, "he missed his opportunity". that is very true. Austin Mahone is a great person compared to Justin Bieber. he's a great singer and a million times than the Bieber kid. my stepdad calls Justin "the biebs." I wonder if Austin Mahone and Justin Bieber got into a fight who would win

JD Robb

so I got into this series of books written by this woman named Nora Roberts but her pen name is JD Robb. She writes as herself as JD Robb. She writes futuristic criminal justice books. I saw one checked out of the library and boom I was hooked. I bought a few since my brother maxed out my library card in fines. I love them but I get distracted a lot. anyways I read them whenever I have down time. I love reading forensic science that's what I like. I recommend the series if you are into criminal justice or forensic science, like I am. I got into the series last winter break (January is when I started reading it). most people when they see the series (Nora Roberts as JD Robb) they think, oh it's Nora Roberts since she's a famous writer. she writes as JD Robb and at first I thought it was a man writing butt its a woman writing. my mom says the reason behind the whole pen name is so Nora isn't "restricted" to gender writing roles. the awesome thing is she's Marylander. she was born and raised here. maybe I can get her sign my copies of her books. if you are interested in seeing her website I've posted the web page below:

Friday, October 3, 2014

my brother's 11th birthday

who remembers their younger sibling's birthdays? well do I have a story for you. back in January my brother celebrated his birthday (his birthday is a few weeks from the holidays so we have to celebrate it after the holidays). so my brother had all the "normal" 11 year old party stuff (candy, cake, soda, movies, Nerf guns, etc.) that same day my step-dad buys me a bag of sugar free hard candies since I'm diabetic and all. I go downstairs where my computer is and within a few minutes my brother comes barreling downstairs asking for 1. I was like, "okay." in a questioning tone. the thing is my brother has NORMAL candy and stuff upstairs and so I wasn't sure why he wanted a sugar free candy. he asked how to open it and commented he can only taste the apple for a couple seconds. I was like, "great awesome. I have an 11 year old freak for a brother." my step-father says that 11 year olds only care about taste but 2 other people say that asking for a sugar free hard candy with normal stuff upstairs is a little weird. he doesn't think its abnormal but to me it is. I gave my brothers friend a hard candy as well. then again he'd tried the foam for butter beer in Florida. my criminal justice teacher and my former girl scout troop leader said it was weird. I think its odd. but then again I think boys are weird