Monday, July 31, 2023

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Careful arm

after I got of the ICU last summer i returned to the YSA and a friend tried to hug me and I'm careful arm. Luckily She was like okay. That same friend tried to feed me


I'm soaking beans for Chili. Ive got a ton of spices and vegan meat in the freezer so it'll be a stretch meal.

Where's the bill?

So on cinco de mayo my aunt Jacquie and I met up with my friend. What's funny is that my friend said he'd pay for the whole tab. I was like "Hey where's my aunt's bill?" my aunt came back from the bathroom asking the same thing. The friend paid the bill. I'm like good grief

Love your toes

I've gotten a comment on my toes today. Someone noticed my toes. I'm like thanks. That's kinda cool that someone noticed about the thing on my toes.

Check in on me

one of my friends asked me how I liked the movie but i hadn't gone yet and its not the first time he's "checked on me".

Friday, July 14, 2023


The last time I went to church i put on make up. its awesome and I got attention

Skin care

I've been doing my skin care since I had some mild sunburn. I'm also trying to get some satisfaction from this


I was sunburned yesterday. While I was hydrated i am still managed to burn my skin. I'm getting better. the coffee scrub does well with my skin issues

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

pumpkin spice season

I can't wait for the pumpkin spice season. I love that kinda stuff. I love it in cereal, coffee and snacks. While I like this kinda stuff it's also super sugary. while i was in the ICU everyone was worrying about the sugary stuff.

the 5k

I signed up for a 5k. It would be a good idea sicne i'm out of the ICU for a year and it's my 1 year mark to celebrate this. my family and i need this. i'm doing something hard like being sick in the ICU.

meal planning

I've been trying to eat out of my fridge, freezer and pantry. why? my atrrocious spending spending habits. I like eating out. Especially since i'm a single female. I'm trying to cut down since i've gotten out of control of my spending. my mom's never taught me but then again no one taught me this.

Monday, July 10, 2023


something people are supposed to be doing but are being reminded do this or that. Apparently a couple people who can't do it despite being adults

Nail polish

I had painted my nails a couple times. once it was for my brother's wedding


I got a ton of snacks for the week. I love that kinda thing. Plus I am a vegetarian kind of and I eat a lot of stuff. Even if it isn't that healthy i try getting as much healthy food as I can

I have a problem

Creepy susie and fire. me and pumpkin spice stuff. Its hilarious to me but I relate to her

Sunday, July 9, 2023


I just cleaned my bathroom with some soap I'd gotten for Christmas last year. I actually walked out and I said it smells amazing. As weird as it is to say that I really like smelling nice and I think I like it clean. Its weird to say that I love the smell of clean but I do. i love the smell of clean which am amazed that it smells good

Coffee body scrub

i used some coffee to clean myself since sometimes it's a good at exfoliating. especially for dandruff. It also is a good smell for it since the coffee scrub has a coffee smell which I like

Coffee dandruff shampoo

so for the last few days I have been putting coffee grounds in my hair for my dandruff. While my hair is getting better I think it's also drying out my hair. on the upside my hair is growing out faster. my hair is longer than my family but also since I've got dandruff it's annoying and I shaved off some level of my dandruff

Saturday, July 8, 2023


I went out and got poutine. I love it. I've wanted to have it while I was in Florida