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the time has come

The Time Has Come (Pikachu's Goodbye) is a song first featured in Pikachu's Goodbye, playing in the background of Ash's flashbacks about Pikachu. The song was also featured on the Pokémon 2.B.A. Master CD and during the end credits of Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias. An instrumental version played in at least three other anime episodes. In the Dutch version of the series, it was also played at the end of Bye Bye Butterfree, when flashbacks of him and his Butterfree are shown. Some of the flashbacks in the episode include: -Ash and Pikachu's first electrifying (literally) meeting in Oak's Lab (Pokémon - I Choose You!) -Pikachu anxious to re-battle Lt. Surge in Vermilion City Pokémon Center after his defeat (Electric Shock Showdown) -Pikachu wanting to keep battling Sabrina in the Saffron City Gym against all odds (Haunter versus Kadabra) -Ash and Pikachu running from a band of angry Spearow (Pokémon - I Choose You!) -Pikachu beating Raichu by standing on its tail and avoiding Raichu's attack (Electric Shock Showdown) -Ash capturing his third Pokémon, Pidgeotto, with Pikachu's help (Ash Catches a Pokémon) -Ash trying to get Pikachu to battle A.J. (The Path to the Pokémon League) -Ash and Pikachu saying goodbye to Butterfree (Bye Bye Butterfree) -Ash and Pikachu as ghosts in the Pokémon Tower of Lavender Town (The Tower of Terror) -Ash training Pikachu to battle his first Fighting opponent, Anthony's Hitmonchan (The Punchy Pokémon) -Various hugs between Ash and Pikachu I close my eyes and I can see the day we met, Just one moment and I knew: You're my best friend, do anything for you. We've gone so far and done so much And I feel like we've always been together. Right by my side through thick and thin, You're the part of my life I'll always remember. The time has come, It's for the best, I know it. Who could have guessed that you and I - Somehow, someday, we'd have to say goodbye. You've helped me find the strength inside And the courage to make my dreams come true. How will I find another friend like you? Two of a kind, that's what we are, And it seems like we were always winning. But as our team is torn apart, I wish we could go back to the beginning. The time has come, It's for the best, I know it. Who could have guessed that you and I - Somehow, someway, we'd have to say goodbye. Somehow today, we have to say goodbye.

growing up with brothers

#GrowingUpWithBrothers as soon as you finish punching him take off in a sprint because you know you're about to be beat; #GrowingUpWithBrothers my clothes might be safe but my leftovers aren't; #GrowingUpWithBrothers Being tossed around & teased bc I'm a girl, but then being protected like the president when boys come around; #GrowingUpWithBrothers trying to give them fashion advice so they don't look like an idiot but they don't listen; #growingupwithbrothers all food you have is never safe. Even when you write your name and 300 death threats on it if they touch or eat it; #GrowingUpWithBrothers knowing how to play every video game cause he would make you play when none of his friends were around; #growingupwithbrothers hitting him once and sprinting for your life bc you know you're about to get beat; #growingupwithbrothers means learning how to take a punch. And body slam. And choke hold. And various other WWE finishing moves.

Robert Stack

Robert Stack (born Charles Langford Modini Stack, January 13, 1919 – May 14, 2003) was an American actor, sportsman, and television host. In addition to acting in more than 40 feature films, he starred in the 1959–63 ABC-TV hit television series The Untouchables, for which he won the 1960 Emmy Award for Best Actor in a Dramatic Series, and later hosted Unsolved Mysteries from 1987 until 2002. He was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the film Written on the Wind in 1956. Robert Stack was born Charles Langford Modini Stack in Los Angeles, California, but his first name (selected by his mother) was changed to Robert by his father. He spent his early childhood growing up in Europe. He became fluent in French and Italian at an early age, and did not learn English until returning to Los Angeles. His parents divorced when he was a year old, and he was raised by his mother, Mary Elizabeth (née Wood). His father, James Langford Stack, a wealthy advertising agency owner,later remarried his mother,but died when Stack was ten. He had always spoken of his mother with the greatest respect and love. When he collaborated with Mark Evans on his autobiography, Straight Shooting, he included a picture of himself and his mother. He captioned it, "Me and my best girl." His grandfather was an opera singer named Charles Wood, who went by the name "Modini". By the time he was twenty, Stack had achieved minor fame as a sportsman. He was an avid polo player and shooter. He and his brother won the International Outboard Motor Championships, in Venice, Italy; and, at age 16, he became a member of the All-American Skeet Team. He set two world records in skeet shooting and became National Champion. In 1971, he was inducted into the National Skeet Shooting Hall of Fame.


An autopsy—also known as a post-mortem examination, necropsy, autopsia cadaverum, or obduction—is a highly specialized surgical procedure that consists of a thorough examination of a corpse to determine the cause and manner of death and to evaluate any disease or injury that may be present. It is usually performed by a specialized medical doctor called a pathologist. The word “autopsy” means to study and directly observe the body (Adkins and Barnes, 317). This includes an external examination of the deceased and the removal and dissection of the brain, kidneys, lungs and heart. When a coroner receives a body, he or she must first review the circumstances of the death and all evidence, then decide what type of autopsy should be performed if any. If an autopsy is recommended, the coroner can choose between an external autopsy (the deceased is examined, fingerprinted, and photographed but not opened; blood and fluid samples are taken), an external and partial internal autopsy (the deceased is opened but only affected organs are removed and examined), or a full external and internal autopsy. Autopsies are performed for either legal or medical purposes. For example, a forensic autopsy is carried out when the cause of death may be a criminal matter, while a clinical or academic autopsy is performed to find the medical cause of death and is used in cases of unknown or uncertain death, or for research purposes. Autopsies can be further classified into cases where external examination suffices, and those where the body is dissected and internal examination is conducted. Permission from next of kin may be required for internal autopsy in some cases. Once an internal autopsy is complete the body is reconstituted by sewing it back together.

braided hair

i have my hair braided and i also have hair gel in it. helps it stay put.

bocce ball lesson

i did teach preschoolers how to play bocce ball. i was freaking out that day. everyone said I'd do great. unfortunately, there was an enormous amount of pressure since i was also nervous. i should've "sprung a team mate" to help in case i passed out as i was making myself go nuts. luckily, i didn't pass out. i was setting the thing up and i had a volleyball coach and the athletic coach hear me say, "1 2 3" in combination of going "ah ah ah" twice since i was setting up the court. what i should've done was carry around a paper bag in case i threw up or needed it to breathe. i was so disoriented i forgot to take my jersey off during the lesson

Forensic toxicology

Forensic toxicology is the use of toxicology and other disciplines such as analytical chemistry, pharmacology and clinical chemistry to aid medical or legal investigation of death, poisoning, and drug use. The primary concern for forensic toxicology is not the legal outcome of the toxicological investigation or the technology utilized, but rather the obtainment and interpretation of results. A toxicological analysis can be done to various kinds of samples. A forensic toxicologist must consider the context of an investigation, in particular any physical symptoms recorded, and any evidence collected at a crime scene that may narrow the search, such as pill bottles, powders, trace residue, and any available chemicals. Provided with this information and samples with which to work, the forensic toxicologist must determine which toxic substances are present, in what concentrations, and the probable effect of those chemicals on the person. Determining the substance ingested is often complicated by the body's natural processes (see ADME), as it is rare for a chemical to remain in its original form once in the body. For example: heroin is almost immediately metabolised into another substance and further to morphine, making detailed investigation into factors such as injection marks and chemical purity necessary to confirm diagnosis. The substance may also have been diluted by its dispersal through the body; while a pill or other regulated dose of a drug may have grams or milligrams of the active constituent, an individual sample under investigation may only contain micrograms or nanograms.

forensic anthropology

Forensic anthropology is the application of the science of anthropology and its several subfields, including Biological Anthropology(Physical) and Cultural Anthropology (Ethnology, Archeology, Linguistics),[1] in a legal setting. The adjective "forensic" refers to the application of this sub-field of science in judicial settings both criminal and civil. The most frequent applications of anthropology are physical anthropology and human biology used in criminal cases (FBI, CIA and military) where the victim's remains are in the advanced stages of decomposition. A forensic physical anthropologist can assist in the identification of deceased individuals whose remains are decomposed, burned, mutilated or otherwise unrecognizable.

forensic accounting

Forensic accounting, forensic accountancy or financial forensics is the specialty practice area of accounting that describes engagements that result from actual or anticipated disputes or litigation. "Forensic" means "suitable for use in a court of law", and it is to that standard and potential outcome that forensic accountants generally have to work. Forensic accountants, also referred to as forensic auditors or investigative auditors, often have to give expert evidence at the eventual trial.[1] All of the larger accounting firms, as well as many medium-sized and boutique firms and various Police and Government agencies have specialist forensic accounting departments. Within these groups, there may be further sub-specializations: some forensic accountants may, for example, just specialize in insurance claims, personal injury claims, fraud, Anti-Money Laundering, construction, or royalty audits.

goofy jokes

I like European food so I decided to Russia over there because I was Hungary. After Czech'ing the menu I ordered Turkey. When I was Finnished I told the waiter 'Spain good but there is Norway I could eat another bite'.; Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.; A hungry traveller stops at a monastery and is taken to the kitchens. A brother is frying chips. 'Are you the friar?' he asks. 'No. I'm the chip monk,' he replies.

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first day of school thoughts

#FirstDayOfSchoolThoughts "Imma do all my homework this year"; #FirstDayOfSchoolThoughts Please don't let us stand up to tell the class about ourself; "i missed you!" then why didn't you call me all summer ??? #firstdayofschoolthoughts; #FirstDayOfSchoolThoughts when you walk into your home room & you don't know anyone; "#firstdayofschoolthoughts only 6,960 hours till summer"; Crawling out of bed first day of school #firstdayofschoolthoughts; #FirstDayOfSchoolThoughts WHEN I SEE WHOS IN MY CLASS; #FirstDayOfSchoolThoughts when im about to give my teacher attitude but I want to have a good relationship with them; #FirstDayOfSchoolThoughts I'm ready for summer again; #firstdayofschoolthoughts this nap after school is about to be A1; #FirstDayOfSchoolThoughts When the PowerPoint goes from Syllabus to Lecture Chapter 1.; #FirstDayOfSchoolThoughts no I'm not about to stand up and tell everybody my name and three facts about myself.; #FirstDayOfSchoolThoughts when the teacher starts giving assigned seats

Emmett Till

Emmett Louis Till (July 25, 1941 – August 28, 1955) was an African-American teenager who was murdered in Mississippi at the age of 14, after reportedly flirting with a white woman. Till was from Chicago, Illinois, visiting his relatives in Money, Mississippi, in the Mississippi Delta region, when he spoke to 21-year-old Carolyn Bryant, the married proprietor of a small grocery store there. Several nights later, Bryant's husband Roy and his half-brother J. W. Milam went to Till's great-uncle's house. They took Till away to a barn, where they beat him and gouged out one of his eyes, before shooting him through the head and disposing of his body in the Tallahatchie River, weighting it with a 70-pound (32 kg) cotton gin fan tied around his neck with barbed wire. Three days later, Till's body was discovered and retrieved from the river. Till's body was returned to Chicago. His mother, who had raised him mostly by herself, insisted on a public funeral service with an open casket to show the world the brutality of the killing. "The open-coffin funeral held by Mamie Till Bradley exposed the world to more than her son Emmett Till's bloated, mutilated body. Her decision focused attention not only on American racism and the barbarism of lynching but also on the limitations and vulnerabilities of American democracy".[1] Tens of thousands attended his funeral or viewed his casket and images of his mutilated body were published in black-oriented magazines and newspapers, rallying popular black support and white sympathy across the U.S. Intense scrutiny was brought to bear on the condition of black civil rights in Mississippi, with newspapers around the country critical of the state. Although initially local newspapers and law enforcement officials decried the violence against Till and called for justice, they soon began responding to national criticism by defending Mississippians, which eventually transformed into support for the killers. In September 1955, Bryant and Milam were acquitted of Till's kidnapping and murder. Protected against double jeopardy, Bryant and Milam publicly admitted in an interview with Look magazine that they killed Till. Problems identifying Till affected the trial, partially leading to Bryant's and Milam's acquittals, and the case was officially reopened by the United States Department of Justice in 2004. As part of the investigation, the body was exhumed and autopsied resulting in a positive identification. He was reburied in a new casket, which is the standard practice in cases of body exhumation. His original casket was donated to the Smithsonian Institution. The trial of Bryant and Milam attracted a vast amount of press attention. Till's murder is noted as a pivotal event motivating the African-American Civil Rights Movement. Events surrounding Emmett Till's life and death, according to historians, continue to resonate, and some writers have suggested that almost every story about Mississippi returns to Till, or the region in which he died, in "some spiritual, homing way"

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little spray

this woman was singing, "little spray here little spray there little pray in my underwear." another woman said that was the titanic of bad ideas

Rosalie Hale

a character in the twilight series is Rosalie. her back story is as follows: Rosalie Lillian Hale was born in Rochester, New York, in early 1915; she had two younger brothers, a housewife for a mother, and her father worked at a bank. Her father's job helped keep the family wealthy during the Great Depression. She was born beautiful and constantly praised, making her vain and self-centered as a result. Her parents took pride in her looks, which she enjoyed. She also enjoyed her father's pleasure in buying her beautiful clothes, her girlfriends' envy, and the admiration of every man she passed. The result of all this attention was that Rosalie tended to be self-absorbed, shallow, and materialistic. However, unlike her social-climbing parents, who always wanted more out of life despite their already elevated status, Rosalie was just happy in the knowledge that she was Rosalie Hale, and that she was very beautiful. She was, however, bothered by the superior beauty of the members of the Cullen family: Carlisle, Esme, and Edward, but because she hardly saw them, she did not let that get the better of her. One day, Rosalie's mother had her dress up to deliver her father's forgotten lunch to his job, in the hopes that the son of the bank's owner would take notice of Rosalie, and it worked. Royce King II sent roses to Rosalie and, after making a comment that her eyes were like violets, Rosalie began receiving them, too. Their relationship was solely based on physical attraction, as Royce was often too busy at the bank. They became engaged and one week before the wedding, Rosalie visited her good friend Vera, who Rosalie envied for her baby boy. At one point, when Vera's husband kissed her, Rosalie finally noticed the lack of love in her relationship with Royce that was so obvious in Vera's. While walking home, shaken by her thoughts about her loveless relationship, Rosalie stumbled across her drunken fiancé and his equally drunk friends; Royce bragged about his fiancée's beauty which eventually led to Rosalie being brutally gang-raped and beaten before being left in the street to die.

Margie Coffey

Marie Coffey was a murder victim. she was killed by a police officer who fathered a child with her. she wanted child support. when she said the amount he offered wouldn't be enough he snapped and killed her with her own scarf. scary huh?

National Tequila day

Today, we celebrate #NationalTequilaDay. Be ready.; Bottoms up! #NationalTequilaDay #GreysAnatomy; It's #NationalTequilaDay! Find out which bars and restaurants are offering deals in the District area; Happy #NationalTequilaDay! Every hour is happy hour, today! #TequilaDay; I was gonna post this last night but #tequila. Happy #nationaltequiladay folks. Drink @PuraVidaTequila, &don't drive.; It's #NationalTequilaDay. I should start preparing now for bad the decisions that will come later.; #NationalTequilaDay forecast: clear skies with a 90% chance of bad decisions; @lindachapman73 Yes it is! Are you coming in to celebrate? #NationalTequilaDay ~ARL; Celebrate #NationalTequilaDay with Italian Margaritas!

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3 word worst case scenerio

Free Polka Lessons #3wordworstcasescenario; #3WordWorstCaseScenario Iran Nuclear Deal; #3WordWorstCaseScenario can't afford kids; Hillary in Office #3WordWorstCaseScenario; #3WordWorstCaseScenario Morgan Loses Voice; Paul Blart 3 #3WordWorstCaseScenario; EA buys Nintendo. #3WordWorstCaseScenario; OUT OF COFFEE! #3WordWorstCaseScenario #coffeeaddict #coffeelove

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growing up with glasses

#GrowingUpWithGlasses "you look better when you don't wear your glasses" lol you look better when I don't wear my glasses too; #GrowingUpWithGlasses - "How many fingers am I holding up" "2" "Then you don't need your glasses."; #GrowingUpWithGlasses people asking you "Are you actually blind?!"; #GrowingUpWithGlasses when you have to clean your glasses but your shirt isn't the right material; #GrowingUpWithGlasses "1, or 2?" Repeated about 10 times and you still can't see the difference; #GrowingUpWithGlasses someone asks to try on your glasses and tells you "woah you're actually blind"; #GrowingUpWithGlasses the struggle when it rains; #GrowingUpWithGlasses trying to drink a cup of tea or coffee like; #GrowingUpWithGlasses "Can I try them on?" "How many fingers am I holding up?" "So can you like, not see?"; #GrowingUpWithGlasses accepting the loss of your vision as soon as it starts to rain; #GrowingUpWithGlasses me 99.9% of the time without my glasses; #GrowingUpWithGlasses not being able to wear shades

explain earth to space aliens

#ExplainEarthToSpaceAliens Not that grand. Why are you even here ET, go home; #Cosplay will help you blend in... #ExplainEarthToSpaceAliens👽; Excuse our mess...we weren't expecting company... #ExplainEarthToSpaceAliens; #ExplainEarthToSpaceAliens don't stick around, it's sharknado season.; Play Civilization II from the beginning to the end, minus the visit to Alpha Centauri. That kind of sums it up :) #ExplainEarthToSpaceAliens; Where people who have money take money off people who haven't #ExplainEarthToSpaceAliens; I can't explain anything until your eyebrows are on fleek! What would @afloodofblood say? #ExplainEarthToSpaceAliens; Everyone's excited for the Apocalypse ..the zombie one, not fire and brimstone. That's too fictional apparently #ExplainEarthToSpaceAliens; Everything tastes like chicken. #ExplainEarthToSpaceAliens; #ExplainEarthToSpaceAliens don't park in the wrong place in cities. You'll spend the day in impound getting your ship back.; #ExplainEarthToSpaceAliens You want to comunicate here? Get an iPhone and download Twitter; Bookmark 'Urban Dictionary'... you're going to need it. #ExplainEarthToSpaceAliens; Right when you're about to have a real life event, a sweet hashtag game comes out and distracts you for hours! #ExplainEarthToSpaceAliens

lies we tell kids

#TheLiesWeTellKids I have no idea what happened to your Halloween candy.; "You really wouldn't like it...its got caramel and crunchy's not for kids...I'm a grown up" #thelieswetellkids; #TheLiesWeTellKids my parents used to tell my sister that if she cried in the car then the cops would come and take her away; #TheLiesWeTellKids Evolution is not true.; #TheLiesWeTellKids if you work hard you can do anything when the truth is it is more about the people you know & your access to resources.; After spending 2 car notes and a few bills on Christmas presents I'm forced to give Santa Claus all the credit #TheLiesWeTellKids; #TheLiesWeTellKids "I don't have any games on my phone."; #TheLiesWeTellKids Keep making that face and it will freeze like that. It obviously happened to this guy.; #TheLiesWeTellKids Ohhh Billy he's not dead he's just having a nap; -Why did the dinosaurs die off? -Because you touch yourself at night. #TheLiesWeTellKids; You must wait an hour after eating to go swimming, or you'll get a cramp and drown. #TheLiesWeTellKids; Someday you'll grow up and no one can tell you what to do anymore #TheLiesWeTellKids

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cell phone forensic essay

Intro Cell phones are everywhere. They help us in emergencies, connect us to the internet, have music on them and they are our window to the world. My father always makes sure I have my phone because of a medical condition I have. Sometimes we forget that we are not connected to our phones. Some people are cell phone dependent for various reasons. We can use phones to bully or get revenge on others sometimes. We have our secrets exposed by someone. Some people threaten others using phones. Some people use phones to communicate with others. Like people who are deaf, they cannot hear so they use phones to communicate with others. One thing I said about being cell phone dependent for various reasons. One of the various reasons I meant was diabetes. I have diabetes and had an accident once. I had over-exorcised on a flavored coffee. As soon as the caffeine wore off I felt bad and almost passed out. The only thing that “saved me” from passing out was the sugar flavoring in the coffee. Luckily I had my phone and medical bracelet on me in case. Another thing is epilepsy. If someone had a black out or a seizure and they need help they could use a phone for that for trouble. We can call people if we had an emergency. My dad has asthma and now always carries his phone with him in case he has an attack and can’t grab his inhaler in time. One thing we could use is cell phones in records in an investigation. We can track what they sent, received, called, tried to call, everything. Although we need a warrant to get their information; it can be very iffy at times with that warrant. Analysis Crimes that occur usually have some type of communication. If someone hires someone to commit a crime usually the contract killer will contact the person. One crime someone acted inappropriately. The perpetrator was supposed to be shocked since no one said someone had died in the fire. He acted as though someone had said someone had died. Another case someone stole a phone and the perpetrator called the person who hired her to kill the victim. The perpetrator got rid of the murder weapon by giving it to some boys who were snake hunting. Another case a person tried calling his then girlfriend but was off by 1 number in her cell phone number. If he had gotten it correct he would have gotten caught immediately. He ditched the phone after not getting it correct. Sometimes we have our secrets exposed; like if you do not want them to tell your secrets you can threaten them with it. Black mail people even. Some people will threaten you and expose your secrets in order to get revenge or just bully you. Sometimes if you were going to tell police about your “stalker” bully or harasser, they might “out” your secret. You might be embarrassed about your secret and try denying it. That might not be a good idea since we cannot always deny our secrets. Crimes can occur with or without communication. If someone does it and they are the only one involved they could send that person to jail if they get caught. If someone has another individual do it then both parties could be involved and be in trouble. When we think of being harassed and bullied we normally think girl would get more of the damage but not really. It is about even between the genders. We just happen to see more of the females getting the hits. Girls are more show in the limelight. Guys get actual mail in terms of “hate mail”. Girls use cell phones, social media and other means of trying to get the girl they are trying to victimize. When we see people getting hate emails its very close between the 2 genders. Girls are less passive. They take things more seriously and are more likely to report bullying, harassment and other things that are going on in their life. Girls usually are cyber bullying so they do not do anything “un-lady like” in the physical realm unlike their male counterparts. You would think more female college freshman would get harassment versus their male counterparts but it is actually the exact opposite. Males got 35.2% of the online harassment versus 16.0% in females (Marcum, 2010 from battle of the sexes). We just hear about girls getting more attention since girls are not as passive as their male counterparts. One thing is that girls and males are likely to be involved in online harassment. Males are the ones who receive actual mail. Guys would not report it as often. Although there are several reasons for harassing other people; it is not as common to have multiple reasons. One is that a person is jealous of another person for some reason. We hear gossip. Although some is talk but some of it is nasty talk about someone. One thing is more people who gossip are females since they are more aggressive in that department. Females are more likely to believe the rumors and report it. I met a guy who also is being harassed and is also asking for help in that situation. He wanted help. I told him what I suggested he do. Use the emails as leverage. The hate mail can come in several ways: mail (physical mail), emails, texts, social media and several ways up. Someone finds who made a hate site and the victim could use it as leverage as a way to say, “so and so did this and I have the proof right here.” We can track people using phones. We’d need a warrant for someone’s phone records. Even with that it will be iffy since we might not be allowed to see their entire record since it could be too long. Sometimes we can figure out people’s phone numbers and sometimes we can’t. Although if a cell phone has a child tracking device it is a different story since a child could have accidents. People need it to communicate with others in an emergency. Other times people order hits on contraband cell phones with intent to kill others. Sometimes people call family members “on the outside” to make something and get revenge on the people who wronged them. Once someone testified against his friends and then the family members “on the outside” made a bomb in order to get revenge on the person who sent the people to jail. Unfortunately, the bomb got 2 innocent victims. Other times it can be from a cell phone from the perpetrator they to get revenge on the people. Like I mentioned 3 different times there were 3 separate hits made from a contraband cell phone from jail. If someone has diabetes or another medical need for a cell phone on them at all times then they’d need to make others aware of it. They’d need to say I have a medical condition. I need to have it on me. If there is not a medical need to have it on you 24/7 then I say don’t have it on you 24/7. Some correctional facilities are using dogs to smell if a person is sneaking in a contraband cell phone. Some places have a bag search. I had to tell the people that I had diabetes and they were about to open my glucometer and that’s what it was. We need a warrant to follow a cell phone and get their records. How would we allow people to get a warrant? What would be probable cause? It is not going to be fair if someone is continually paging your cell phone to get something. Justice Alto says pinging a cell phone several times is an “electronic trespass” (pinging is not a requirement). One thing if someone needs a warrant to do something. Unless they have probable cause they cannot get one. One thing that should be significant is whether or not there is “probable cause”. Someone acting suspiciously with a cell phone could be subjected to questioning. Being racially profiled is not very helpful either. If someone is being asked because they look like someone involved in a murder is a bad thing. Some probable cause could smell something from a car when you stop it for a traffic violation. Another thing could be if someone is acting weird. There could be explanations for both situations. The smell is someone’s leftovers from lunch and its gone bad. The acting weird is someone who has diabetes and their blood sugar has gone a little low and they are not acting like themselves. Sometimes the warrant could be totally unnecessary. If someone has an explanation for the circumstances then they won’t have a need for a warrant. What would be probable cause for people to get a warrant? Most business today is on cell phones, PDAs and computers anyways. Would people getting several calls around the time of a certain murder be cause for concern? What if that person is a “person of interest” in an investigation? A lot of today’s information in an investigation is from electronics. Let us say we have an ordinary person. They like golf, fishing and owns their own business. Then we find out they have an internet lover. They are often chatting to them. Then what? Would that be suspicious? Is it enough for a warrant? What constitutes probable cause to issue any type of warrant? One thing that could be suspicious is if they have a firewall app to hide some of their activity on their cell phone. Another thing is if they aren’t completely cooperating in the investigation. If they begin to cooperate then they are acting weird then they stop or act differently would arouse suspicion. It could be one way that people could be “a person of interest” or a suspect in the crime. Could being uncooperative mean anything? At least in an investigation could mean something or it could mean nothing. Some people are very private. Although, it is suspicious not all people who are private are suspicious. We could be just not willing to share everything. Sometimes, we need to have them blurred. If we have a health condition, we need people to know about it. Would people use cell phones to guilt trip people? Would cell phones having some type of fire wall app look suspicious? If we aren’t someone who is talks a lot they could be more private and not arouse suspicion. Sometimes people would think it is suspicious. Sometimes we are not so lucky and we see someone wanting revenge and they get revenge. Let’s say someone’s having an affair. Sometimes people do that. But let’s say someone’s having several affairs and people happen to find out. What they do when they find out about the affairs is what defines us. Discussion One thing that could influence the criminal justice system on this subject is that not all of the policing could be DNA, blood spatter and a murder weapon. It would have to be partially the communication. We haven’t lost our communication skills due to the internet having being launched. Our attention span may have been affected but hopefully not our communication skills. We could’ve lost some things but we could’ve gained other things to “replace” what we lost. One thing with the internet exploding is that we can search for what we need to murder someone. We could look for a hit man, poisons; we look up things for what we want. Something we could still do is going to the library and check things out. One person checked out a book on a poison and we saw that her fingerprints were all over the page for cyanide poisoning. In public places we could be subjected to video surveillance. Another thing is if we check out library books or things like that then we shouldn’t be saying, “She did it.” In our family computer we share our computer/ desktop/ laptop. Someone could check for something and say it was her/ him when it could be someone else. One thing is we can’t definitively say so and so did it unless it was their personal laptop or computer or they were the only one in a house at the time. This came up in the Casey Anthony trial. One of the prosecutors said she did something (search online for chloroform). One of the defense lawyers said it was made by Casey’s mom for chlorine (something used for the pool) and it came up as chloroform. Something that’s changed with the last 10-15 years is the availability of cell phones. Everyone that I know of has a cell phone. We are on our phones for most of the day. If we aren’t on our cell phones then we are on our other electronics. This will come into play with electronic forensics. We are on our electronics most of the day so we have cyber: security, forensics, online social media, etc. Most of the books on tape/ on cd are going extinct and are being replaced with “audio books” which is a book on tape/ cd in iPod form. Magazines, books and other things we read are going to go extinct eventually since we are a nation growing to electronic era. We can read things on “e-reader” or on our IPad’s. Our world of paperbacks is not as common. We can load our iPods and IPad’s with as much of what we want. Libraries are becoming “media centers.”

forensic science

Everyone in America is supposed to have the same rights. Even criminals have their bill of rights when they are going on trial. When we are talking about our rights would we be talking about the bill of rights? Yes we are. When we are talking about defendants we also have rights. We have the right to a speedy and fair trial. How long is “speedy”? Speedy is quick enough so the judge doesn’t throw the case out. Are we having what we deserve? The speedy justice does exist and it isn’t exactly a good system. I’m not saying it’s bad but I’m thinking it’s very interesting to the excessive rights we have. What is our right? We are allowed to do certain things. As Danny Tanner put it as long as we aren’t bothering anyone else we can do whatever we want to. We should be able to have our rights we have since we are in the land of the free. We should be able to whatever we like. Kalief Browen, a boy who was charged with stealing a backpack. He was released after staying 3 years in jail without a trial. He was waiting for a trial but the judge decided to release him since there wasn’t a ton of evidence in his case. I would be ok with him staying in jail if that was his sentence. The rights we include a speedy trial, which is obvious since he waited 3 years for his trial. The problem is that we didn’t give him that. We are allotted something’s in our bill of rights. We can have our rights and we are able to go to wear what we want and do what we want within reason. Unfortunately, since we are doing something stupid we are being sexual assaulted since we are wearing something weird and we are allowed to do that. Something we can do within reason is the rights we have. Since we are have freedoms we are allowed to do things that aren’t exactly going to be taken over lightly. How many people are aware you can use your rights even as a kid? I used them to vote for the SGA. Michelle Tanner and her friend Denise used them when they got “ripped off” for a product they bought. Is there truly a person who doesn’t use a right in America? We are allowed to do whatever we want as long as we aren’t bothering anyone. The freedom to assemble means the freedom to riot to a character in the pelican brief. Can we go thru our lives without using our rights? I wouldn’t think so since we use it for SGA, to go to rallies, go to things we want to. So long as we aren’t hurting anyone we can do whatever we want to essentially. IS we doing whatever we want to a part of our lifestyle? What can we do better without trumping on other people’s rights? Can we go thru life without our rights? How young can we be in order to use our rights? Michelle Tanner and Denise Frasier were using their rights when they are young like in elementary school. Speedy trials should exist. Most of the time they do but sometimes they aren’t there since the judge throws the case out. We should have our rights and know them. My teacher says the reason they teach us about our rights is so that way we know them. Something that’s interesting is how the system has rules. We can’t be tried for the same crime twice; we have the right to remain silent and our choice of counsel. The speedy trials are in our “criminals’ bill of rights” since the judge can choose to throw the case out if we don’t have enough evidence. If the judge does throw out the case it IS a right the defendant has. We can’t hold them forever without charging them at least. It’s called habeas corpus which means holding my body. Do we have any right to trump on other people’s rights? No we don’t. As long as we aren’t hurting or bothering anyone else we shouldn’t be able to do the same for others. 2 of my neighbors were at a rally and they were on opposite sides. One became violent about the issue. The other was shocked to learn they were neighbors. Take the gay rights issue. If we are going to trump on their rights than what other rights have we trumped on in the past? Can we trump on others rights without trumping on our own? Think about equal rights. Like for men and women. Can we actually have equal rights? It’s the rule of law stating that we all have the same rights under the law. Our rights are made from a bill of rights. If our rights help making the laws we can’t help ourselves doing what we think is right. Are our laws and rights correct? They should be since they are made to do to be correct. We have rights as a defendant. I mentioned some earlier. We have the right to remain silent. Anything we say can and will be used against you. You the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one the court will appoint you one, are our Miranda rights. We also have rights such as a speedy trial and our choice of counsel. Some of the rights can backfire on some people. Like the public trial right. Take the Trayvon Martian and Caylee Anthony cases. The reason I mention those 2 cases is because they were in the media a lot. The people on trial were guilty in the eyes of the public. Their public trial they had lost but they were found not guilty. The public trial is good and bad especially if they are involving children as a victim. Trayvon Martin and Caylee Anthony cases are 2 good examples of that since we see them as good or bad. If they ARE wrong they won’t answer to us but to a higher power. I’m not religious but I do think they’ll answer to a higher power if they ARE truly guilty. Do we happened to think our criminal justice system is perfect? My stepdad says we have to trust we know what is best for our nation. Tons of people were outraged when Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman were found not guilty. What I find outrageous is that Kalief had to wait nearly 4 years for a trial. Do I support our system in thinking the trials are going to be right all the time? Probably not. Am I going to be outraged when a person’s rights are being trumped on? Absolutely. Everyone should. But just because they SHOULD doesn’t mean they will. Agreeing with something and being right aren’t always synonymous. Like I agree with your decision. You are living your life wrong because you are made perfectly. IS our criminal justice system perfect? I’m not sure everyone will agree. Some say it’s fixed others say it’s ok. If we can agree on 1 thing it’s that we have a criminal justice system.

forensic science speech

i did a speech on forensic science. here are my notes: 1. A perimeter is taped off with barricade tape in order to keep only those necessary on site. This is done to prevent Contaminated Evidence. 2. Photographs of all evidence are taken before anything is touched, moved, or otherwise further investigated. Evidence markers are placed next to each piece of evidence allowing for organization of the evidence. Sketching the scene is also a form of documentation at a crime scene. This allows for notes to be taken as well as to gauge distances and other information that may not be easily detected from only a photograph. The investigators will draw out locations of evidence and all other objects in the room. The sketch is usually drawn from an above point of view. Notes are taken by investigators to ensure memorization of their thoughts and suspicions about different pieces of evidence. Videos are taken as well 3. Evidence is collected through two ways: forensics and interviews. All forensic evidence is bagged separately to prevent any cross-contamination. Forensics uses a variety of different tools and techniques. Fingerprint collection through the use of grey or black magnetic powder. DNA and other bodily fluids are collected and, whether it is hair or fluid, for further examination in a lab. Shoe and tire prints can be collected using dental stone. Electronics are taken for examination by a technical expert to search for further evidence. Documents from the area are also taken for further examination. Ammunition and weapons are taken for matching to wounds and ballistics. Photographs of tool marks are taken because they can be matched to a weapon at a later time. Any other trace evidence is also collected. Trace evidence is anything left behind by a perpetrator or could have been transferred to the perpetrator. Interviews of both witnesses and victims of the crime are taken by law enforcement officials in order to gain knowledge and creating a timeline of events. 4. Different types of crime scenes include outdoors, indoor, and conveyance. Outdoor crime scenes are the most difficult to investigate. The exposure to elements such as rain, wind, or heat, as well as animal activity, contaminates the crime scene and leads to the destruction of evidence. Indoor crime scenes have a significantly lower chance of contamination because of the lack of exposure. The contamination here usually comes from the people factor. Conveyance crime scenes are crimes committed by means of transportation, such as robbery or auto theft. Each type of crime scene, along with the nature of the crime committed (robbery, homicide, rape, etc.) have different procedures. 5. Crime scene reconstruction is the use of scientific methods, physical evidence, deductive reasoning, and their interrelationships to gain explicit knowledge of the series of events that surround the commission of a crime. People ON the scene: 1. Police officers are typically the first to arrive at a crime scene. They arrest the perpetrator is he's still there and call for an ambulance if necessary. They are responsible for securing the scene so no evidence is destroyed 2. The CSI unit documents the crime scene in detail and collects any physical evidence. 3. The district attorney is often present to help determine if the investigators require any search warrants to proceed and obtain those warrants from a judge. 4. The medical examiner (if a homicide) may or may not be present to determine a preliminary cause of death. 5. Specialists (entomologists, forensic scientists, and forensic psychologists) may be called in if the evidence requires expert analysis. 6. Detectives interview witnesses and consult with the CSI unit. They investigate the crime by following leads provided by witnesses and physical evidence. Taking fingerprints: Tools for recovering fingerprints include brushes, powders, tape, chemicals, lift cards, a magnifying glass and Super Glue. A crime lab can use fingerprints to identify the victim or identify or rule out a suspect. There are several types of prints a CSI might find at a crime scene: Visible: Left by the transfer of blood, paint or another fluid or powder onto a surface that is smooth enough to hold the print; evident to the naked eye Molded: Left in a soft medium like soap, putty or candle wax, forming an impression Latent: Left by the transfer of sweat and natural oils from the fingers onto a surface that is smooth enough to hold the print; not visible to the naked eye A perpetrator might leave prints on porous or nonporous surfaces. Paper, unfinished wood and cardboard are porous surfaces that will hold a print, and glass, plastic and metal are non-porous surfaces. A CSI will typically look for latent prints on surfaces the perpetrator is likely to have touched. For instance, if there are signs of forced entry on the front door, the outside door knob and door surface are logical places to look for prints. Breathing on a surface or shining a very strong light on it might make a latent print temporarily visible. When you see a TV detective turn a doorknob using a handkerchief, she's probably destroying a latent print. The only way not to corrupt a latent print on a non-porous surface is to not touch it. Proper methods for recovering latent prints include: Powder (for non-porous surfaces): Metallic silver powder or velvet black powder A CSI uses whichever powder contrasts most with the color of material holding the print. He gently brushes powder onto the surface in a circular motion until a print is visible; then he starts brushing in the direction of the print ridges. He takes a photo of the print before using tape to lift it (this makes it stand up better in court). He adheres clear tape to the powdered print, draws it back in a smooth motion and then adheres is to a fingerprint card of a contrasting color to the powder. Latent fingerprints and impressions: Develop latent fingerprints; analyze and compare fingerprints, footwear and tire impressions; run fingerprints through the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS, which utilizes the FBI database) for comparison against hundreds of millions of prints Footwear Impressions and Tool Marks A latent fingerprint is an example of a two-dimensional impression. A footwear impression in mud or a tool mark on a window frame is an example of a three-dimensional impression. If it's not possible to submit the entire object containing the impression to the crime lab, a CSI makes a casting at the scene. A casting kit might include multiple casting compounds (dental gypsum, Silicone rubber), snow wax (for making a cast in snow), a bowl, a spatula and cardboard boxes to hold the casts. If a CSI finds a footwear impression in mud, she'll photograph it and then make a cast. To prepare the casting material, she combines a casting material and water in a Ziploc-type bag and kneads it for about two minutes, until the consistency is like pancake batter. She then pours the mixture into the edge of the track so that it flows into the impression without causing air bubbles. Once the material overflows the impression, she lets it set for at least 30 minutes and then carefully lifts the cast out of the mud. Without cleaning the cast or brushing anything off it (this would destroy any trace evidence), she puts the cast into a cardboard box or paper bag for transport to the lab. For tool mark impressions, a cast is much harder to use for comparison than it is with footwear. If it's not feasible to transport the entire item containing the tool mark, a CSI can make a silicone-rubber cast and hope for the best. There are two types of tool marks a CSI might find at a crime scene: Impressed: A hard object contacts a softer object without moving back and forth (for example, a hammer mark on a door frame). The tool mark is an impression of the tool's shape. It's difficult to make a definite match with an impressed tool mark. Striated: A hard object contacts a softer object and moves back and forth (for example, pry marks on a window frame). The tool mark is a series of parallel lines. It's easier to make a definite match with a striated tool mark. ­In tool mark analysis, the lab might determine what sort of tool made the mark and whether a tool in evidence is the tool that made it. It can also compare the tool mark in evidence to another tool mark to determine if the marks were made by the same tool.

growing up with chill parents

#GrowingUpWithChillParents people thinking that having 'chill parents' means they don't care when they just trust you to make good decisions; #GrowingUpWithChillParents friend: "what's your curfew?" me: "what tf is a curfew"; #GrowingUpWithChillParents feeling cool cause I was allowed to watch spongebob and all of my friends weren't; #GrowingUpWithChillParents must be nice; #GrowingUpWithChillParents having their trust and still trying hard in school with good behaviour because you didn't want to disappoint them; #GrowingUpWithChillParents "it doesn't matter what grades you get as long as you tried your best"; WHEN YOURE #growingupwithstrictparents LOOKING THROUGH #GrowingUpWithChillParents; #GrowingUpWithChillParents never being grounded so you didn't understand why your friends couldn't hang out and what grounded meant; #GrowingUpWithChillParents I had to make my own excuses as to why I couldn't hang cause my parents never say no lol; asking your parents if you can go somewhere and they hit you with that "it's up to you" #GrowingUpWithChillParents

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if you put the word "forensic" in front of anything I'd likely know what it is. forensic astrology is astrology used for forensic science use. same with forensic: metallurgy, geology and psychology. since I happened to add the word forensic in front of it I'd know it since I'm REALLY into forensic science.


my brother and I were watching cold case files and when a scary scene came on he and I both put our snacks down simultaniously

growing up with my name

#GrowingUpWithMyName I've had to have documents sent twice, correct everyone, and pretend I like Capri Sun juice; #GrowingUpWithMyName I never found my name 'Hussain' on any key rings, mugs, or coca cola bottles, only on the news because of Sadam 😔;judge me but i usually write my name on a tiny paper when ordering starbucks oops #GrowingUpWithMyName; "Rachel Yo?" No Yoo "Like yo yo?" No like The y sound with an oooooo to it #growingupwithmyname; #GrowingUpWithMyName I've heard so many ridiculous combinations from substitutes and new teachers one grown immune and answer to whatever; #GrowingUpWithMyName IF I HAD A DOLLAR FOR EVERYTIME SOMEONE MISSPELLED OR MISPRONOUNCED MY NAME; "Redg? ano full name mo, Regina?" #GrowingUpWithMyName

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big fat belly

i had a kid i used to work with and she had a big fat belly. its because she has baby fat. she's SO adorable. I'll pat her belly. I'm saying, "big fat belly. big fat belly. who has a big fat belly?" once i saw someone pinch her baby fat. she does a cute duck face and has a bit of fat on her face.

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lyrics that should be shouted

#LyricsThatShouldBeShouted We will We will ROCK YOU; I'll stand my ground. I won't back down. You could stand me up at the gates of hell But I won't back down #LyricsThatShouldBeShouted; #LyricsThatShouldBeShouted all of bohemian rhapsody; Everyboday........ Rock yo boday........ Everyboday........ Rock yo boday right.....; #LyricsThatShouldBeShouted; #LyricsThatShouldBeShouted AAAANNNDDD IIII WILL ALWAYS LOOOVEE YOOUUU; Just a small town girl Livin' in a lonely world She took the midnight train Goin' anywhere #LyricsThatShouldBeShouted; #LyricsThatShouldBeShouted CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SOOONNN THERE'LL BE PEACE WHEN YOU ARE DONE LAY YOUR WEARY HEAD TO REST DONT YOU CRY NO MORE; #LyricsThatShouldBeShouted I want to be the very best, like no one ever was! To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause!; #LyricsThatShouldBeShouted WE'RE SOARIN' , FLYIN'; #LyricsThatShouldBeShouted I want to be the very best, like no one ever was! To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause!

growing up with strict parents

#GrowingUpWithStrictParents Where are you going? Who's gonna be there? Is there gonna be adults? Let me talk to their parents.; #GrowingUpWithStrictParents making sure all of your friends know the story you're telling your parents so they don't get suspicious; #GrowingUpWithStrictParents rehearsing how you're going to ask to go out somewhere; #growingupwithstrictparents having to check for their attitude before u ask them anything bc they always says no; "Mom, the party will start at 10 pm." "Okay, make sure you're home by 11 pm" #GrowingUpWithStrictParents; #GrowingUpWithStrictParents when you're on your phone past your bedtime and you hear that door click; #Growingupwithstrictparents hating when your friends change set plans because you know your parents don't play that last minute shiz; #GrowingUpWithStrictParents "can you do the dishes?" "not right now" "I'm not asking you I'm telling you"; I'll just let these pictures do the talking. #GrowingUpWithStrictParents; #GrowingUpWithStrictParents me: can i go to my friends house? mom: let me talk to their parents first me:; #GrowingUpWithStrictParents *stays home all day* parents: "u never do anything" *ask if I can go out* parents "no"; #GrowingUpWithStrictParents not being able to go out two days in a row because that's going out too much; #GrowingUpWithStrictParents telling your friends your parents said no, without even asking cause you knew it would have been a no anyway

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Today's kids will never know

#TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow how lit the Timmy turner and jimmy neutron crossover episode was; #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow the feeling of going here and how happy you left; #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow how many countless hours of fun would be spent on this city rug; #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow How we tried to figure out how the milk disappeared; #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow about the worlds best couple (besides watching repeats) we watched it as it happened!😂; #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow the struggle of abc texting, hitting a key 3 times just to get 1 letter; #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow the struggles of the AR test; #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow how hype we were to finally see these faces; #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow about the greatest beef ever; #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow how long it took to find the song you wanted to listen to; #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow what it was like to slay this test under a minute.; #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow these legends we grew up watching; #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow the hype of seeing this; #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow the struggle of helping Miley choose between Jake and Jesse; #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow the time Drake got shot

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Twitter 4 politics

Being baptized at the very place where the Holy Spirit descended Jesus is a very special experience.; Powerful message from @ralfonsi about expansion of Twitter audiences from logged in to logged out to everywhere on web! #Twitter4Politics; 2,026,144 people could have seen #Twitter4Politics since its 1st mention until it became a Trending Topic. #trndnl; Trend Alert: #Twitter4Politics. More trends at … #trndnl; "the top spot trending on twitter is promoted content" @ralfonsi #twitter4politics

barbie and bailey worth the wait

RED RIBBON Is a symbolized of true love or puppy love from barleyand also to open the heart of each other.BarbieAndBailey WorthTheWait; Power tweet.. BarbieAndBailey WorthTheWait; Omg. So busy. Di nkajoin sa twitter party. BarbieAndBailey WorthTheWait; That look :) @barbieeimperial BarbieAndBailey WorthTheWait; keypers! ampalaya pamorrr!!! klk LOISHUA ACTIONSnotWORDS BarbieAndBailey WorthTheWait; wwwoooooh! patatas ftw hahaha LOISHUA ACTIONSnotWORDS BarbieAndBailey WorthTheWait

harry be careful

I don't understand how someone can harm this man just look at him #HarryBeCareful; God will protect you. #HarryBeCareful; Its a shame that someone would think that way about H. He truly is the most genuine and caring person #HarryBeCareful; "it was just a joke" "it was for fun" #HarryBeCareful; #HarryBeCareful WHAT IS THIS ABOUT; JUST LOOK AT HOW HE HUGS THIS FAN HE'S ALWAYS THERE FOR US SO NOW ITS OUR TURN TO PROTECT HIM #HarryBeCareful; THE FANDOM AFTER SEEING THIS TREND #HarryBeCareful

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directionally dyslexic

I'm directionally dyslexic. meaning i have trouble with directions. my friend said don't go in a cab then.


its what you do when you: 1) go on a roller coaster 2) ride down a steep hill 3) miss 350 calls from mom

white girls do it better

LUPITA<<< RT @THECAROLDANVERS: #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter try again; Getting on my damn nerves? #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter.; #whitegirlsdoitbetter wearing bindis and henna but calling me a terrorist 😂; Black folk up in that #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter hashtag like; Loving black dick but hating black people #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter; Screaming 😭 RT @BleesusCrice: I know a diabetic seizure when I see it RT @GotChuCtfu #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter 😩😂; #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter complain that its racist to call them a cracker, but say "it's a free country" when they want to say the n word.; #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter wearing Frida Kahlo wardrobe with no understanding of Frida's hatred for capitalism and gringas; convincing themselves they're twerking when they're really causing themselves spinal damage #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter; #whitegirlsdoitbetter molding the standard for feminism into something that specifically caters to them while excluding issues of woc; #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter when it comes to cultural appropriation :-); Black people came into the #whitegirlsdoitbetter tag like; #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter claiming to be feminist but only caring about wearing spaghetti straps at school & freeing the nipple; 'omg weave is so ratchet' 'I just love my new extensions' #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter; #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter at stealing POC's traditional clothing/hairstyles.; #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter appropriating black hairstyles, emulating black features, then claiming black women wanna be you lmao; #whitegirlsdoitbetter being "gay" for ruby rose but then saying they shouldn't have equal rights when gay marriage becomes legalized; #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter at stealing POC's traditional clothing/hairstyles and then wearing it as a costume at Cochella; Seeking a reason why people are arguing that #whitegirlsdoitbetter

describe twitter in 3 words

#DescribeTwitterIn3Words Social Justice Warriors; Will it fit #DescribeTwitterIn3Words;#DescribeTwitterIn3Words It's a trap.; Autists Attempting Comedy #DescribeTwitterIn3Words; #DescribeTwitterIn3Words No game requests; #DescribeTwitterIn3Words Why 3 words when we have 140 characters?; #DescribeTwitterIn3Words Externalising all thoughts; Online Shark Week #DescribeTwitterIn3Words; Random people validation #DescribeTwitterIn3Words; Destroying English grammar #DescribeTwitterIn3Words; Self-Medicated babysitter #DescribeTwitterIn3Words; #DescribeTwitterIn3Words SPECIES IS DOOMED; Sociability for antisocials. #DescribeTwitterIn3Words; #DescribeTwitterIn3Words "Bring Back SOI!"

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Baltimore Lingo Challenge

GO HEAD WHORE #baltimorelingochallenge; this #baltimorelingochallenge got me dyinggggg ..; Looking at this #BaltimoreLingochallenge I know none of it 💀; #baltimorelingochallenge "Let me get a slug"; #baltimorelingochallenge "I'm onna come up"; FOH MEATBALL #baltimorelingochallenge; Yo I'm just realizing how aggressive our conversations be 😂😂 #baltimorelingochallenge; #baltimorelingochallenge where the freaks at? 😭😭😭; #BaltimoreLingochallenge "dummy put me D with something"; Baltimore: "that's a bop" "grass" "yo" "rey" PG: "that's a hike" "tree" "moe" "bouta" #baltimorelingochallenge; "im onna block dummy" #baltimorelingochallenge 😂💀; "That's a bop" #baltimorelingochallenge; "Outta Pocket" "Bck Door!" "Woe" "Fck it is dummy" "Dats a bop" "Shoot da 60" "U so crazy" "Step inna Street" "Ym" #baltimorelingochallenge; #baltimorelingochallenge "i ont careeeeeeeee, im cruddy"; #baltimorelingochallenge Boy: you in the white Girl:turns around Boy:Can I get your # Girl:I got a BF Boy:What that got to do with me 😂; #baltimorelingochallenge "I'm just trying yea forreal"; #baltimorelingochallenge ared bet .... Be safe dummy; Yo I heard shordy was a dummy Im just tryna yeah forreal #baltimorelingochallenge; that's a bop😂 #baltimorelingochallenge; #baltimorelingochallenge "Put me D with shorty, I'm tryna yeah fr"; Mamaaaa let me get 4 wings and fries saltpepperketchup all over and a half and half #baltimorelingochallenge


Jackie and Emily were listening to one direction- and by listening we were singing at the top of our lungs to it. We were singing “what makes you beautiful” when suddenly… “Jackie? What is that racquet?” Jacob called from where he was trying to teach Harry how to play lacrosse without success. Jacob was Jackie’s husband of 5 years. I still loved him. Harry married Emily 6 years ago. She was still in love with him. “Sorry sweetie. We just LOVE one direction!” I said. We screamed. “Will you STOP referencing my old band?” Harry asked madly. 1 direction broke up a few years ago but was still in contact with each other. Jacob gave up and said, “I’m getting lemonade.” He made a start for the house but was stopped by his wife. “Let US cool you off sweetie.” I said. Emily and Jackie sprayed him with the garden hose. Harry grabbed the hose and sprayed us in retaliation. “Ha. Revenge is sweet. It so serves you right.” Jacob said. In retaliation to getting sprayed Emily and Jackie put food coloring in their underwear and sock drawers. “You did that?” Jacob asked shocked. “It serves you right,” I said. Emily and I high fived each other and ran away. I apologized later. “It’s ok. By the way Vinay’s coming over tonight.” Jacob said fake obnoxiously. It was cute how he tries to be mean. “Cool,” I said thinking of the other handball teammate I was very close with. Why didn’t I marry him? He was the one I really liked. He’s the cuter one. Jacob started kissing me. Oh right, I thought. Jacob’s a great kisser. Later that evening the doorbell rings. Jacob answers. Vinay enters with another person, Vysakh. “Sorry I didn’t warn you. Vysakh said he wanted to come at the last second,” Vinay explained obviously sorry for not warning his former handball team mate. “It’s fine,” Jacob said. “Nice to meet you Vysakh; what made you decide to come with Vinay to visit us?” Vysakh said, “Vinay mentioned that he was going to see Jackie. I thought, “Huh haven’t seen her since high school. Why not visit her too?” Jacob says, “I bet she’ll love to see you too. I think she mentioned you a couple of times.” Jacob remembered her mentioning him helping her with computer programming when she was a sophomore in high school. Jackie enters the foyer. “Vysakh, Omigod. Vysakh, you’re here! What an awesome surprise!” I run up to him and wrap my arms around him in a big (for my size) bear hug. “It’s nice to see you too Jackie. Now can you let me go so I can breathe again?” he asked. He looked like he was turning blue from lack of oxygen. “Sorry Vysakh. Here let me show you to the room you and Vinay will be crashing in for however you two are staying for,” I said getting his stuff and leading him down the hallway chattering all the way. Once out of earshot, Vinay turned toward Jacob and asked, “So, uh when did Jackie get here?” “Oh she lives here. So do I. She and I’ve been married for 5 years remember? I invited you to the wedding but you didn’t come? Any of this rings a bell?” Jacob asked incredulously. Jacob thought, duh ding a ling. I was the one who invited you. You were the idiot who choose not to come. Why didn’t you? Jackie was so upset. “Oh right. Yeah,” Vinay said with a sigh. “I still can’t believe she chose you. I guess that’s why I didn’t go to the wedding. I was still upset that she chosen you.” “No worries. Here let me” Jacob started; then suddenly the doorbell rang again. Jacob answered the door and outside was Emmett Bledsoe and Gregg Sulkin. “Can we help you?” Jacob asked. Emily ran down the stairs and said, “Don’t move. They’re my guests.” When she stopped Emily said “Hi welcome guests of Harry Styles.” Jacob asked questioningly and looking at her like what the heck, “Harry invited them while he’s in Cancun?” “Ok so I invited them. Jackie! Emmett and Gregg are here!” Emily called loudly. I ran back into the foyer with Vysakh in tow. Emily and I started drooling. I invited them in. “Emily why don’t you show them to their room.” I said. “Sure. Let’s go boys,” Emily said. Emily noticed Vinay realizing he was cute whispered to Jackie, “Who’s that?” “That’s Vinay my other team mate. Cute isn’t he?” I asked in a hushed tone. “Yeah,” Emily said as she went to go show where the stars were going to sleep. I apologized for Emily’s constant love of cute guys. I explained she how she thought a boyfriend would be good for me. I smiled and asked for their forgiveness. They all forgave me. Vysakh lead Vinay to their shared room. Jacob and I were left in the hallway. He and I had a make out session. A few hours later Jacob, Vinay and I saw each other. They had come out of the movie room. I was holding a DVD set with the word “Forensic Files” on the cover and another DVD set with the words “Bones” on it. “Hey, you guys just coming out of there? I was gonna watch forensic files if you wanted to join me.” I said. “All the forensic science you want. My friend Vince just sent me a dvd of forensic files.” Vinay said thoughtfully, “I didn’t know Vince liked that stuff. Wonder why he didn’t tell me about that. Oh well.” I said, “Yeah he’s a forensic scientist. He works down at the police station. He got a new DVD set of it He got me one as well. He knows I like it as much as he does.” Jacob said, “That’s nice of him.” He suddenly noticed Jackie was wearing a cute, low cut, semi-see through blue nightgown and ugg boots. “Hey Jackie, what are you wearing?” I looked down and said, “My pajamas and a pair of ugg boots.” Jacob said, “Are you gonna sleep in the TV room?” I said, “Maybe. I’ve fallen asleep during 48 hours before but I don’t know. Why that a problem?” Jacob thought about it and said, “Don’t start it right away. I’m gonna change. I’m gonna watch it with you. Want to watch Vinay?” Vinay said, “I’m in. give us 10 minutes and then we’ll start. Ok?” “Ok. That should give me time to set it up and make popcorn,” I said. 10 minutes later the guys were back in their pajamas and ready to watch forensic files. I asked which of the DVD set they wanted to watch. They said whatever I wanted. I put in a DVD with the one I liked. At the end of each episode I’d say, “Here comes the good part.” They would try and not gag at what I thought the “good part” was. Mostly it was what prosecutors believed. Sometimes it was gory. I fell asleep at 2 am. The guys fell asleep after 4 episodes. I laughed at them and fell asleep in a comfy couch and pulled pillows to get the “blanket” effect. The popcorn settled in my system a long time ago and I was feeling sleepy. The next morning I woke up and went to test my blood sugar in the kitchen. I saw Vinay, Vysakh and Jacob already there. Jacob saw my glucometer in my hand. “Hey, didn’t you get rid of your diabetes?” Jacob asked. “Yeah I did but I’m not feeling well. Better to check. Want to watch me test?” I asked. All 3 turned their heads and saw me test my blood sugar. I sighed. “It’s normal guys. I’m so glad it’s not insane like it was a few days ago.” “Good. Want breakfast?” Vinay asked. “I made cheesy eggs, bacon and toast. Your favorites” “Thanks Vinay” I said as I gladly accepted a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. I couldn’t believe he remembered my favorite breakfast foods from such a long time ago. “So what’s the plan for today?” “Nothing really; just getting the most out of spending time with you,” Vinay said. “Want to go down memory lane with me?” “Sure,” I said. I thought, Man why didn’t I marry this one? I like Jacob but Vinay is so much cuter. Vinay’s always the one I’ve liked. I always thought he’d had a crush on me. No offence to Jacob. If Vinay hadn’t broken up with me, I’d still be Ms. Tzou on account of me liking my last name. Why did I let Vinay go? I hope we still have the same sparks when we kiss. If not I guess it’ll be a good excuse to make out with him. Boy I hope we do. It’d be nice that we would after all this time. He was flirting with me during my senior bocce season. Saying his friend wanted to go to my bocce ball fundraiser and how his friend wanted to become a sign language interpreter, like myself. I totally saw through. I gave him the sarcastic “right” and an eye roll. I flirted back with him as well by kicking his shoe. Vinay said, “Awesome.” Vinay thought, Ok this might be my shot to get my ex-girlfriend, who I’m still crazy about back. I’ve always had a crush on her. I hope she and I have sparks when we kiss. And if not, oh well. It’ll be a good excuse to make out with her. Man, I hope we still have the same sparks we did all those years ago. It’d be nice to see her again. I was totally flirting with her during her senior bocce season saying my friend wanted to go to her bocce ball fundraiser and how my friend wanted to become a sign language interpreter like her. I think she saw through it though. She said the sarcastic “right” and did the eye roll. She tried kicking my shoe, which I didn’t like but she was probably flirting with me. Jacob asked what they were gonna do in memory lane. Look at old handball photos? We don’t have any old photos. Vinay told him they had private stuff to talk about. Jacob looked like he was about to ask when Vysakh asked if Jacob wanted to play duck bowling. Jacob agreed. I mouthed the words, thank you to Vysakh. He mouthed your welcome. That day Vinay and I rarely left is room. I tumbled out of his room and I was a mix of emotions. I decided to take a day to myself. I went to a spa and invited Emily to come. She came with me. I told her about what I had done. She told me about cheating on Harry with Emmett on great detail. Like what she was wearing (lingerie) and what they’d done (had sex and gotten drunk). I realized I was talking to the wrong person. That night I prayed to god that I’d committed adultery. I asked for forgiveness from him and Jacob. I got relief from god. From Jacob on the other hand, He already knew. I apologized saying if he didn’t want to forgive me it was ok. Jacob asked why I wasn’t forgiven. I told him I cheated on him. He told me that if I wasn’t forgiven that I’d have been kicked out of the house already. I told him that he was the best. The next day I went on a shopping spree and had a fun time. I’d come home with a trunk load of stuff; Not only for me but for the house as well. Jacob came out and gave me a stunned look as if to say, “How much did you spend?” and “is this all for us?” I told him that it was for the house and me as well. Jacob breathed a sigh of relief. He told me he was glad it wasn’t all stupid spending. I laughed and rolled my eyes. Jacob asked how much I’d spent. I told him only a few hundred. I went to thrift shops. Jacob breathed a sigh of relief. Vinay came out with the cordless phone and gave the phone to me. He told me it was a guy named Fernando. Jacob and Vinay listened into what I was saying. “Hello?” I asked cautiously. I knew my husband and my ex-boyfriend was within earshot. I didn’t want to say or do anything else incriminating. Not if they could hear it or were within earshot anyways. Fernando said cautiously as though sensing that I was not alone, “Hi. Do you want to go out for dinner tonight… as friends?” I looked at Vinay and Jacob carefully and turned around. I replied, “Sure. How about 8 tonight? I’m good for anything but Italian food; remember?” Fernando said how about 8:30 that night he needed time to get ready. I agreed. I hung up and gave the phone back to Vinay and asked him to put it back on the receiver. I quickly unloaded the car and got ready for the dinner. Jacob and Vinay entered the room. Vinay asked what that was about. I told him I was going to hang out with my friend that night. Jacob was cool with the fact that I was hanging out with a male friend. He told me he’s hung out with some female friends in his time. As I drove to the Chinese restaurant I thought of Jacob’s coolness with me hanging out with Fernando. I wondered when he’d become this nice. I wonder if he’s tapped my phone or has hidden cameras hidden in every room. I thought, Nah. Jacob’s not that insane. Is he? I saw Fernando outside the restaurant. He looked cute. It totally snapped me out of my thoughts of Jacob and him being so understanding. I parked and raced into Fernando’s arms. “Wow. You look fantastic, Jackie. It’s been way too long since I saw you last,” Fernando said. He smiled at me. Man she looks hot. Why didn’t we ever date? I had a feeling she had a minor crush on me. I don’t know why I didn’t pick up on those signs. She totally liked me. I did my research. She and I could’ve been a couple. Why we didn’t ever become a couple is beyond me, Fernando thought. I went up to his cheek and kissed him. I said, “Man, Fernando you look so adorable. It HAS been a long time since we saw each other at Montgomery college right? Wow that was a long time ago. Why don’t we go in? We can catch each other up on….well…. everything we’ve missed in the last few years.” He and I had a fun time at the Chinese place. It was fun to catch up and see him after all these years. He told me about his job and I told him about mine. He was quiet after I told him I got married 5 years ago. I told him I was still in love with my husband even after all this time. Fernando got uncomfortable. I asked if he was ok. “Jackie, I have a confession to make. It’s not inappropriate or anything. I love you. I’ve loved you since I saw you in college. We’ve had the best times together. Our conversations were so good we started and would go on for hours without remembering what we started on. It wasn’t forced, which is cool. We’d been best friends and not even realized that we could’ve slipped into being boyfriend girlfriend. I hope you understand. I’m sorry this came too late. If you hate me it’s ok, but I had to tell you that. I figured out why you asked about me having a girlfriend. It’s because you liked me,” Fernando said. He sighed with relief to finally get this off his chest. It looked like he was happier without this weighting him down. It took a few minutes for me to respond. I couldn’t make eye contact with him; I kept breathing air out of my cheeks. When I finally could say something I told him I needed some time alone to think. He understood. In the bathroom it took me while to think and put it all into perspective. I called my best friend. Emily gave me an earful about love and how he and I don’t have to be tied down to Jacob if I didn’t want to. She told me I could just divorce Jacob and marry Fernando. I called Jacob and told him about Fernando’s confession. Jacob said he wasn’t surprised. I was a pretty girl. I told him I loved him. I went back out and saw Fernando looking sad. I walked back to the table. I gave him a hug and sat back down. He asked if everything was alright and if I’d thought about his confession. I told him I did. “Fernando, listen. I’ve already cheated on my husband once with an ex. I’m not going to do it again because I love him. It came too late. I’m sorry. I love you too but I’m not going to do it again. Jacob’s always been there for me. He has his quirks but I love him more than anything. I can’t be with you. I’m sorry,” I say. I tell him that after tonight he hold his feeling for me and keep them to himself. Fernando complies. We talk, eat and catch up more. At the end of the night he asks if he could kiss me. I say yes. He and I kiss for a few minutes until someone snaps me out of it. I’m shocked to my senses. Fernando is as well. We part ways. That night I get a text from Fernando saying “Jackie, I’m not sorry we made out but I AM sorry we never got to finish what was started. I love you.” I didn’t know what to do with it. In the morning I showed Vysakh and asked what he would do. “Well it seems like he’s really into you. If I were you I’d confront him,” Vysakh said earnestly. “Give it a try. He could really have fallen for you.” “Ok I will. I know I’m naturally pretty. It’s not hard to have fallen for me. Does that make me sound like I’m conceited?” I asked. “A little but with a good reason,” Vysakh said well naturedly. He smiled at me sweetly. That afternoon I called Fernando up. I asked him if he wanted to meet up. He said, “Yes” immediately as if he was waiting for this call his whole life. I told him to meet me at the park in 20 minutes. I saw him holding a bunch of flowers. I had a small freaked out expression like when Evan had flirted with me back in sophomore year. Only difference no one could save me this time. I walked up to him and gave him a hug. He gave me the flowers. I told him it was sweet. I thought how am I going to explain flowers to Jacob? Well my mom bought flowers constantly. I guess I could say I bought them. We talked. I confronted him on the text. He explained he did love me. I told him I loved him but now I was married to my husband. He was sad. I walked away. I went to the track. I ran until my feelings were gone. “Looking good Jackie,” a friend called out. I looked. It was my former gym teacher. I realized I was northwest high school’s track. I stopped running and took in my surroundings. I was shocked that I’d wound up back to my former high school. I started running again. I needed to burn off my nervous energy. It took me 7 laps to realize I wasn’t going to get rid of this by running. By this time several other students came and were watching me run around the track. Some of them didn’t even go to northwest. A couple teachers came to watch as well. The track team was down there. They were working on their stuff. It didn’t bother me that I was running with them. Mr. Youngblood came up to me to ask if I was ok. He told me he’d never seen me run over 2 miles on the track before. He’d never actually seen me run this fast before. I’d not run. The most he’d seen me is in team handball. He’d asked me if I needed help with anything. I shook my head. I walked up to the stadium and left. When I left I headed over to the shopping center. I was meeting a friend there for sushi from happy uncles. It was fun. My friends never showed up but I had fun solo. I saw Jacob. He said he’s had to pick up a few things from his parents’ house. He asked how he knew he’d find me at a Chinese place. I told him because I’m Chinese through my biological father. I told him he knew I was Chinese. He said, true. I asked him if he wanted sushi. He said no. I shrugged and started in on my 3rd plate of unagi. “Jackie is this healthy? This looks carby, starchy and unhealthy,” Jacob told me. He was worried I’d my diabetes back. I told him that it’s brown rice. Brown rice is very healthy. He told me he trusted me. He was eyeing the way I was devouring the sushi. I got seaweed salad and miso soup to go along with it. After that I was done with lunch. He told me that the bill was probably going to be huge. I said, not really. I told him it was a lunch special. I paid and Jacob and I left. I stretched and then went back to the school where I’d left my porche. I slipped in and told Jacob I’d see him later. I’d only gotten home and realized Emily was standing outside with Vysakh, Harry, Emmett and Gregg. Emily’s eyes widened when she saw me. “Vysakh told me about Fernando’s text. How did it go?” Emily asked me. She brought me in closer and whispered, “Did you two get far?” She seemed intrigued. They all looked at me expectantly. I sighed. “I told Fernando I wasn’t going to cheat on Jacob again. I already cheated on him with Vinay. No way am I going to cheat on Jacob. Not again,” I said matter of factly. I walked into the house with the flowers. I called out, “Fernando got me these.” Emily walked into the kitchen where I was fixing the flowers. Emily gave me a knowing smile. “Why are you fixing flowers if you don’t like a guy?” she asked. She knew that I liked him just a little bit. She liked the flowers as well. They looked beautiful. He had some taste in flowers as well as girls. Fernando was a sweetie and a cutie. No wonder she’d fallen for him back in high school. His soft brown eyes, dark brown hair and easy demeanor made him a perfect person to crush on. It was hard not to think of him as cute at least. “It was a nice thing for someone to get me. So why not take care of them? Plus they are very pretty and I like pretty things. Mainly because I’m pretty,” I told her absentmindedly arranging them in a pretty pattern. “These look ok?” I asked without really wanting a reply. I put them in a glass vase my parents gave me as a wedding present. I put water in the vase and set it where it could be seen beautifully. Emily teased me, “Jackie likes Fernando. Jackie likes Fernando. You like him. He likes you too.” She knew I had a crush on him. What she didn’t know was that that crush ended up being a brief hook up. Now he and I are friends again. I guess he actually loved me as well. Now I knew about him being in love with me. I wondered if he really liked me back in college or that was a joke. Jacob walked into the room and asked about the flowers. I told the truth and told him Fernando had bought me the flowers when I saw him this morning. He said, “Oh.” I noticed a bruise on his neck. “Hey Jacob what’s that on your neck? Is that a hickey?” I asked him. It was very visible and so obviously a hickey looking bruise. He told me he was seeing someone else so he was OK with me seeing my guy friends over the last couple of days.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

because Baconator

Delicious from every angle. #BecauseBaconator; People ask me why I sell myself to an overweight man named rick. #BecauseBaconator; Man, F**K you, Wendy's! #BecauseBaconator Hey, meat eater: #leavethempigsalone!; The power of cultural conditioning & denial work in such strange ways. #BecauseBaconator; Because #BecauseBaconator is trending, I remind you that Bacon comes from a corpse of someone smarter than your dog. #ItsNotFoodItsViolence; When #BecauseBaconator is trending, you should know that Bacon comes from an animal, smarter than a 3 year old #ItsNotFoodItsViolence; You do know that #bacon is made from pigs, right? Oink. Oink. @IAmBaconator #BecauseBaconator

last relationship taught me

#LastRelationshipTaughtMe Double Standards Everywhere; #LastRelationshipTaughtMe That no matter how many chances you give, some people will never change. And sometimes its just easier to let go.; #LastRelationshipTaughtMe you are not always as important to someone as they are to you..; #LastRelationshipTaughtMe not everybody will appreciate you, but that only means they don't deserve you.; #LastRelationshipTaughtMe when everyone warns you about someone, you should probably listen; #LastRelationshipTaughtMe that "I promise I won't do it again" really means I'll do it 1000 more times and just hide it from you; #lastrelationshiptaughtme SOMEONE CAN BREAK YOU INTO PIECES, COME BACK, THEN BREAK YOU INTO PIECES AGAIN AND NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT IT; #LastRelationshipTaughtMe people can make you think you mean everything to them and then leave like you're nothing; #lastrelationshiptaughtme that you could be soooo down for them while they have you out here looking stupid; #lastrelationshiptaughtme its a lot easier to let go & move on than to try to fix something broken

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

make a song about real life

"We can work it out...... in court." #MakeASongAboutRealLife; She Blinded Me With Scientology #MakeASongAboutRealLife; I get by with a little help from my therapist #MakeASongAboutRealLife; Youtube killed the radio star. #MakeASongAboutRealLife; My milkshake brings all the ants to the yard. #MakeASongAboutRealLife; 99 Problems and they all involve money in some way, shape or form. #MakeASongAboutRealLife; Twitter Killed The Facebook Star #MakeASongAboutRealLife

excite your partner in 4 words

Gold Cup Starts Tonight! #ExciteYourPartnerIn4Words; #ExciteYourPartnerIn4Words Hi Billy Mays here; Eight Seward cream puffs. #ExciteYourPartnerIn4Words; I've brought mashed potatoes #ExciteYourPartnerIn4Words @skyleighxiv; #ExciteYourPartnerIn4Words hey I got pizza; #ExciteYourPartnerIn4Words I run a blog; Come!! Share my coffee #ExciteYourPartnerIn4Words; #ExciteYourPartnerIn4Words I have hockey tickets; Let's go book shopping. #ExciteYourPartnerIn4Words


i used to skateboard. i had to quit since I had since i had bad balance. i also think maybe my muscle spasms are making me unable to do it. i love skateboarding since I'm getting better at balancing.

Friday, July 3, 2015

things i revolt against

There's always money for war but not for education. #ThingsIRevoltAgainst; Greed. Corporations. Animal Cruelty. #ThingsIRevoltAgainst; #ThingsIRevoltAgainst racism, sexism, butthurt people, oppression, climate change; The prevailing attitude that one must be either a conservative or a liberal. #ThingsIRevoltAgainst; #ThingsIRevoltAgainst open pit mines that destroy environment and communities; #ThingsIRevoltAgainst: Stigma against Lung Cancer patients.; #ThingsIRevoltAgainst Hate & Ignorance. You don't have to agree with everyone.. Or anyone! Instead of hating, try compassion and knowledge.; #ThingsIRevoltAgainst people that don't know how to use the F word

Thursday, July 2, 2015

nothing more american than

#NothingMoreAmericanThan the freedom to choose @midnight; @midnight #NothingMoreAmericanThan Making Stupid People Famous; #NothingMoreAmericanThan Buying USA flags that were made in China. @midnight; #NothingMoreAmericanThan all beef patties, special sauce, bacon, bacon, between two Krispy Kreme buns. @midnight; #NothingMoreAmericanThan U.S. Flags. Made In Taiwan. Sold at a souvenir stand in NYC. By an Armenian man whose travel visa has expired.; #NothingMoreAmericanThan enjoying some light reading. @midnight; #NothingMoreAmericanThan declaring eating a sport. @midnight #HotDogs


I'm watching PLL and i'm in LOVE with CeCe. She's exactly like Ali. she's the big sister figure. too bad she isn't a main character.