Thursday, March 23, 2023

Marching orders

It might seem weird but I have had a few "marching orders". Once I'd gotten them to "minister to the kentlands ward as i see fit". Otherwise I will have the "marching orders to do things like "take care of yourself", listen to your parents, be safe. the general

Cold Brew coffee

I've got a cold bree coffee since I'm so stressed out. Here's the thing, normally I can't get coffee every time i get stressed out as I'll run out of money and a lot of stuff stresses me out. I love cold brew coffee normally and on occasion I'll drink it. I actually drunk it the day my mom met my friend Andre.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

nice socks

Since i was rushing on Sunday morning, I just wore my high heels and I'd worn a pair of Minnie Mouse socks. I liked my socks snce i'd needed new ones. I'd gotten my new socks on and got comments on them. I'm like, "thanks."

having fun

I'd had fun in Baltimore. At first i was like, "this isn't what I wanna do, my leg hurts, i'm not packed fully." My mom kept begging me. I'm like ok mom. I'd had fun. I went to get some insomnia cookies, which are good.

out and about on a rainy day

I've gotta run some errands while it'll be rainy. It's not fun but i've gotta do what I've gotta do what I have done. It's not easy to do that but it's gotta fun. I can do things indoors as well as things that ARE next door to things that are under the awning.

sunglasses and hat

I usually am into wearing over the eyeglasses styled sunglasses. More often than not I wear my sunglasses than my hat but I like the hats i have. My favorite hat is a hat with a Markoff's embolem on it. My mom liked it too. Usually if i have my hat i need it via hair to be dry.


I just got back from Baltimore. My mom begged me to come. I wasn't too keen on going. I'm like "ugh ok, mom." While I'd been anxious of going I'd made the best of it. My mom was happy to have me. I'm like trying to have fun, which i did kinda. I'd had some time to think yesterday while I'd been walking back to the airbnb.

to do list

I've been making to-do lists. While it's not fun to have it's something i need to have this to lessen my anxiety. I've got bad anxiety and I'm like i need this to learn how to manage.

Long hair

I'm still trying to grow my hair out like crazy. I'm not used to shorter hair. I'm getting happy my hair is growing out


I'm getting better and better at cooking. My mom was wondering what I make. Usually I make vegetarian food that's kinda filling. They're good to have plus I have them and then I'll eat off the stuff I make and get from places like Walmart

Friday, March 17, 2023

My hair dye

I went thru a phase where I'd dye my hair repeatedly. I'm now older and don't do that as much. While my hair is my pride and joy I'm lazy when it comes to dyeing my hair as much as i can. I did it once and my hair became like a cartoon colored person't hair. Once i'd dyed my hair too much and oh boy it took a ton of stuff to take it out.

Long hair

I've been growing my hair out. I love my hair long and so do boys apparently. To an extent my hair is usually long. I hate getting my hair cut. when I was a little girl i threw a fit and was allowed to grow my hair out longer than usual. now that my hair is longer for the most part it's kinda hard to keep in check but i usually like it longer since my hair is my pride and joy as well as something i do seriously take pride in. Plus I can do all kinds of things with it so I wanna keep my hair as long as i can.

Vegan food

I've been eating vegan food for the last few days. I love that kinda thing. breakfast sandwich is something I like to make. Especially bacon