Friday, September 30, 2022

scoliosis corrections

i know i've mentioned this a bunch but i'll correct a few statements: i was in pain when i got hurt i'm not "getting taller" i'm just "standing up straighter" and the accidents are actually a blessing in disquise since i'm able to walk around easier with a lot less pain and i'm having my clothes fit differently and am able to do a closet clean out. While it was annoying since i'm unable to see the muscle condition back again and that my muscles around my scoliosis is different since I got it "straightened out" a bit. While i was able to walk around a lot more made it better since i have gotten better about being stronger. Since i'm able to walk longer, it's amazing since it's because i'm having getting healthier.

water bottle

when i was in the ICU, i'd gotten intrested in the water bottles i'd seen my brother and dad had. they're cool looking. my mom and i were like "yay." I'd posted a little more while i was sick. I'd thanked my brother who'd kindly gotten me that water bottle on social media. 1 of my friends and neighbors said it was so sweet of him to get me that, which it was.

updating my friends

i'd updated my friends since i'd gotten worse but i'm better now. some of my friends know I'm getting to the seeing my friends as well as i'm feeling and way better.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022


I'm trying to get back into reading for pleasure. while I do read it was occasionally and not for very long. when I was in the ICU I had some time to read but I couldn't because most were out of arm's reach. I am "devouring" books since i'm super intrested in reading. Plus, since i've gotten the hand issue after my hospitalization i've been unable to get into physical writing due to my dominant hand being hurt. I've been reading like crazy. I've "finished" 3 books and am still "working" on another 3. That's kinda insane with the amount of books I've been reading. That's been helpful since it's "brain food" that i've been reading and has been making me "hunger" for the books i've been wanting to "get thru" since reading that much and "that fast" means my brain is wanting to get thru more of it and kinda getting my brain working for my writing later.

Getting out of my comfort zone

when I was in the ICU with pneumonia i decided to get out of my comfort zone and I'm going to do things I've never done before such as getting Gelato whlith my best friend and hopefully I'll run a 5k. it's hopefully going to motivate me to get off my butt and do things I'd never done before which is awesome and will get me out into the world.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

vacation and illness

so a few days after the temple rededication, my family and I went on a vacation to virginia beach via public transportation. it was annoying to get up so early but whatever. we went and it was fun. unfortunately, at the tail end i'd started getting sick. i'd started having breathing issues, which wasn't out of the blue as a month prior i'd had bronchitis so maybe we thought, "oh no Jackie's got another case of bronchitis or something." My brother thought maybe i'd had asthma like him. No one expected i'd gotten pneumonia, which is what i'd gotten. i'd had to spend about 8 days there. luckily i'd had amazing friends and family to help support me.