Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I'm the only female kid in a family of 6. I'm currently the 3rd tallest out of the kids. We all look out for each other as families often do. One of the things about us is that we often love playing sports. I'm a multi-varsity athlete. My brother's very jealous of that. One thing about me is that I'm a big advocate for the allied sports. I have always been very liberal about things, like gay rights and disabled rights. I am semi-special needs. Once during team handball I had someone post something on my Facebook wall (I get the alerts sent to my phone). It asked if it was too late to sign up for handball. I said, "yes it was." My mom said it was because it was our last few games. I'm not usually a liar but I have had to use some INSAINE excuses during team handball. Once I told the team I was going to be in school but out of the building for most of the day. No one questioned it but they were curious as to where I was that day. Katie told me she forgot to ask where I was going to be that day. It was really funny to have done that. I'm also betting they looked for me as well. Although Vinay never questioned my story as to where I was going and why. He's pretty trusting of me. I got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes the day of the 1st handball game. I told the team I had a doctors appointment that day & had no idea when I'd get to QO. I wound up getting there 15 minutes before my team did. Someone asked what I was doing to QO and I said, "I'm just waiting for my tea-ma" They came in on the word team. lol it was funny. Anyways someone recognized me and we started talking. They thought I was playing volleyball but I said what I was REALLY playing (handball) and we were just wearing old volleyball jerseys. Because I'm a diabetic I can't have a lot of sugar but as long as it doesn't mess with my blood sugar too much nothing's actually off limits. Although there are SOME cases were I NEED sugar or I'll get sick. like during the senior handball game I was acting insane. My playing was off. only an idiot couldn't tell that I wasn't good. Mrs. Hinman asked in front of EVERYBODY how my blood sugar was. I said, "EEEP" and ducked. Everyone was looking confused. I went up a little and said I was fine. except for the fact that when I run I'm not feeling too good. She sat me out a lot during that game. One of the most insane times I had to rotate out I had to give Evan the ball and run out to tag Vinay. I had to have candy that day. I rarely am a pack mule but after the senior handball game I was. I had my regular backpack (on my back) and carried: my purse, a drawstring I used to carry my handball "junk", my senior basket (or what was left of it) and a present from my mom and step-father. As I was leaving everyone was staring at me as if they were expecting something from me, like a hug. I was loaded down with 25 lbs. of stuff already what else did they want from me? Wednesday & Friday of this I was a pack mule again (carrying my purse and a tote in 1 hand and rolling a suitcase in the other). Jeff joked that "I needed to get into shape for allied softball season". One of the funny things is that I often will ask the stupidest things. Like once my mom was watching my show i was wondering what she was doing because sometimes people will look somewhereand be in thought. I know I ask the stupidest things but I will wonder because I'm curious. she was staring at the screen for no reason.