Friday, February 26, 2021


I'm kinda getting bored of the criminal justice and scary video genre. Possibly as I'm getting thru most of them I'm seeing them for the 7th time. As much as I like that sorta thing especially when I'm doing heat therapy I'm bored of it. It is a good thing to watch while walking but I'm not out walking every day. I love that especially since I'm a criminal justice major but I'm getting bored of them. Luckily, I've got some books I can read.

Scoliosis corrections

After my accidents I took a yoga class that seemed to make my mild scoliosis even more mild. It's still there but if I'd had an X-ray now it would be so mild you might not even notice it. Another thing is I got an inch and a half taller, which might not seem like a lot but for someone barely over 5 feet tall 1.5 inches is huge. That's the good thing about my back getting corrected. The bad thing is all my clothes fit different. Mom says it's weight, which DOES play a part but it's mostly gas and loose skin.

Didn't realize

I have a brother who doesn't realize things. Things like the definition of certain words, when things are going to happen or that certain things run in families. He's not dumb just doesn't realize certain things. Things just go in 1 ear out the other in certain people like my brother.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Scoliosis accidents

I've mentioned my scoliosis accidents before. I was in total agony. I could barely function without pain killers. It sucked. Luckily, I was able to get it under control to some degree. If you're in pain, I don't blame you. I'd needed a doctor's appointment for my mom to realize I was in agony. It took her a while to realize how much pain I was in. I can't speak for everyone but for me a high fiber diet mixed with a ton of fluids helped. If you're like me and needing to watch your weight vegan food can help. I'm also dehydrated and extra fluids help with accident recovery. While it's what's right for me.

Too much peanut butter

Mom's been buying me WAY too much peanut butter. I ate a ton of it when I went vegetarian for a month but now I'm kinda sick of it. Trust me, it's a good thing to have for a snack like on veggies, homemade sandwich crackers, to add to sandwiches and French toast and on toast and oatmeal but you can have too much. It's a great vegan protein which I needed during a month of vegetarian/vegan. Mom's awesome with that since she's also trying to watch her weight.

Fashion gene

In my family we have a "fashion gene". It's not a real gene but it's real in the sense mom isn't fashionable but 3 of the kids are. We've got 1 where it "skipped" sort of. Our dad has it and maternal aunt has it but mom doesn't so that's why it "skipped". We joke who has it and who doesn't. Our family isn't 100% style conscious but we've got stuff we can work with.

Brushing my hair

I've got super long hair. It's a hassle to take care of. While I've got to take care of it brushing it isn't at the top of my list. Sometimes I'll brush it but often I'm so tired I won't. Mom's happy I've got longer hair. She frequently calls it pretty. When I brush it it'll come out curly. That's partially why its hard to remember to take care of it. I often don't get a ton of haircuts. Sometimes I'll get it cut every couple of months other times it'll be 18 months before I get a haircut. now it's long and I can still have it over my shoulder even in a ponytail.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Shamrock shake and mcflurry

last year my family drunk way too many Shamrock shakes. up until a few years ago I'd always wanted 1 but never got 1. at first they're ok now we're totally addicted to them. last year during the pandemic shutdown we'd had way too many. now we have them a bunch when we can. They're awesome. today I had a shamrock mcflurry. they're awesome. I love shamrock stuff. pretty sure I'd had 1 when I met a girl I'd play with at a daycare I used to volunteer at.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Tofu curry

I love Indian food. Strangely so does my family for the most part. When I'd begged to go somewhere I wanted to go to for my birthday my family fell in love with it too. Something I should be aware of as I'm a sort of vegetarian is the Tofu curry. I've never made something like that so maybe that's something I'll do. Mom's always pushing me to try that sorta thing.

Friday, February 5, 2021

Crazy day

I had a crazy day yesterday running from place to place. It wasn't fun and I was tired. Luckily I'd got stuff done so while it was crazy I'm done. Least I got them done and I can take it easy now