Tuesday, November 22, 2022


i usually am into talking in church. while i'm able to talk when appropriate now i'm referring to bearing my testimony. for the last few months i've bore my testimony. it's kinda nice. in fact the last time i bore my testimony i got high fives because of it.


my mom is into giving gifts. while i am too it's kinda more small scale. i'd actually found most of them while i was out an about shortly after halloween. i'd actually found things i'd wanted when i was in florida. i also found things for people who cared for me when i was sick. some things i found and at least i have it and then i'll figure out what to do with them.


i'm growing my hair out. while i'm still having my hair long it'll be longer as long as it can. while i haven't cut my hair yet it'll be there to put in a pigtail until i can't. ironically when i was sick my mom said we'd get our nails done and our hair cut and all that stuff.


i just posted 2 new videos. some are fun. others are serious. others are meant to be mocked and made fun of possibly at the creators expense. i assure you those poking fun at creators like that aren't doing it for the fun of it.

Thursday, November 17, 2022


i got a couple books a week ago. it's kinda cool since i like my books and reading. my friends have not been into reading but it's ok. intrestingly,my friend said i'd be into seeing a book store but isn't into reading. i'm like really?


i'd gotten an appointment for fingerprinting. while i'm not super intrested in that it's for my job. it's kinda awesome i'm getting jobs and stuff for teaching kids.


I'm not a big fan of politics especially lately but i heard Trump was thinking of running again and even announced his 3rd run. I'm not a fan of republicans. my mom isn't either. my maternal grandparents were republicans and many members of the church i belong to are also republican but they are denouncing what Trump's doing

Getting better

I'm quite shocked that I had pneumonia and bronchitis last summer. I'm so much better than I was last summer to the point I don't even believe I was that sick. I'm looking forward to the holidays and even had gone out for Halloween. I'm so much better