Monday, December 22, 2014


there is these reports on HLN on police brutality. one example is #ICantBreathe. i can't believe how violent people are becoming now a days. people are become wary of police and their violence. the brutality is insane. a retired cop is taken down town and interrogated. normally, he'd say "I'm a retired cop" and that would be the end of it but nope not today.

muscle spasm

i suffer muscle spasms where i spaz on 1 side of my body. i can usually feel it coming. everyone who has come into contact with me while i have my muscle spasms are OK with it. occasionally they will freak out but they will check and see if i am OK. people will freak out but that's normal since everyone doesn't know what else to do. they can't stop it. a couple will try catching me in case i do collapse, which i have not done since i was in elementary school and i am in college now. once before i graduated from high school i politely asked the person who was directly behind me to catch me in case i collapsed. I've only once gotten picked on due to muscle spams. and by picked on i mean I'm being driven crazy and the person acted like i was disabled, which i am not.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

haunted elevator?

once when my friend and i were getting a ride from my friends mom we went up in an elevator and it didn't go up or down when we pressed a button. it was like it was haunted. #hauntedelevator

epic failures in ASL

I've had a couple #EpicFailure in ASL. once i accidentally thought my teacher signed Lagoon but it was LOGAN. another is where i jumped from 25 to 30 when we were doing numbers. nobody is perfect. it was pretty funny as i'm an ASL major in college

gift exchange

since i started college my friends and i do a gift exchange. usually its 1 friend and me. depending on who it is and their holiday habits will depend on what i give them. we call it gift exchange since there are 2 of us and cultural sensitivity. the 1st friend of mine i did it with is Jewish and doesn't believe in Santa.

happy holidays

whenever the holidays come around i usually say, "happy holidays." i have friends who celebrate Christmas, Kwanza and haunaka. that's why i say happy holidays since I'm unsure about what they celebrate. my friends and i all use this statement since we are different religions.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

starbucks story

OK so I'd gotten the 5 required stickers for a free drink. I'd gotten to a Starbucks and ordered. by the time i gotten it i was practically salivating over it. i love the drink i ordered. unfortunately, i was salivating in front of 2 of my friends and neighbors (embarrassing).


i LOVE Christmas. waking up late, eating and opening presents, spending time with my family. since my mom and step-dad are not having us kids they decided to decorate an Indian statue we have.

ASL christmas

i learned how to say merry Christmas in ASL. I'm very happy to do it since more people learns how to do ASL and celebrate Christmas.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


there is this sitcom about a forensic anthropologist named Temperance Brennan nicknamed Bones due to her job. I'm into it since i love forensic science. I'm trying to keep my family out of it since forensic science and forensic anthropology is MY thing.

"kidnap kid"

OK so when i was the only 1 alive (this is prior to July of '97), my former house keeper for some reason was on the home phone. i was at a neighbors being babysat. my dad's friend's wife had their daughter and called my house to say that. for some reason my former house keeper mistook that and wrote a note saying, someone has my dad's daughter, which was (and still is true to this point in time) me. my dad freaked and fired the house keeper and yelled at the neighbor watching me. what happened was my dad's friends must have called back and told my father what happened. my dad apologized but fired the house keeper.

Monday, December 8, 2014


so this former team mate of mine is so afraid of stink bugs she avoids them at all costs even moving to the other side of the seat to do so. anyways, my brother flicked a stink bug in no particular direction. so she flipped out and dumped Gatorade all over him. if i hadn't vouched for the little jerk the carpool would've ended then and there. i should've sided with my brother. another time she had Gatorade again and asked if she should do it again. what i should've done is take it from her. that time i was all "No."


words can be a powerful tool so be careful. its not just an LGBT issue it can be anything. if you say something racist, sexist or any type of slur you could be offending someone. my brother said i was using my asperger's diagnosis as well as my back to get out of things. I'm not. if i suffer with Aspergers I'm having trouble with social cues and i don't let my back get in the way since i have scoliosis and try doing everything my brothers and "normal" team mates do. i became suicidal when i overheard that. luckily someone snapped me out of that. i was 1 of the lucky ones. you make fun of someone due to anything you might have self-esteem issues or are otherwise damaged. be careful of your words and who you say them to because you might be hurting someone you know.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

another allied softball story

ok so my film as lit class had a makeshift "Grammies" thing for a movie we did. the thing is my friend begged me to dress up and I also had allied softball so I made my outfit for the day something I can transition from school to my extracurricular. my outfit was a dress, leggings and wedges for school and a camisole underneath and sneakers to change into for practice.

another preschooler story

so I decided to dress up for Disney day but I also had allied softball (indoor softball) practice that day so I had stuff that I could switch into. so anyways I was dressing in an eeyore costume which I sort of "made" or should I say "make a makeshift" costume. so I am in a eeyore costume and standing in my child development classroom and a cute little girl called me a bunny. I was a blue bunny.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

ASL today

imagine yourself in a room with 10 or so of the silliest and giggliest girls imaginable. everyone was cracking up like crazy. everyone was making stupid references and we were laughing like crazy. finals have got us down

insane day

ok so I did my 1st class, went to a party, went and studied a little bit, went to my 2nd class and then from my 2nd class (both my classes today are down in the center of Rockville) and I rushed over to my old high school and saw the tail end of my brothers concert. and now I am home.

bad memory

has anyone called people you hate "those people"? well my best friend called people whose names she forgot those people. I'm not saying I dislike her saying that but I grew up with 2 of the guys she called those people. I was hopping mad since those were like my brothers


if something sounds strange or foreign to you should you try it or meet the person before you judge it? hate and prejudice started from this. a few months ago I told my friend about one of my friends and she made him the bad guy and bad mouthed him. no offence to my 1st friend but I'm pretty open minded about things.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


my favorite food in the universe is sushi. its protein rich, full of antioxidants, is generally low in sugar for the most part and can generally fill me up for a long time. unfortunately, too much of the good can be bad, like too much vegetables raise blood sugar. but I try rounding the bad out with the good. for most people who eat healthy does that. I love California rolls. its very tasty and its protein rich foods. I'm very into every type of sushi. my favorite thing in sushi is avocado and crab meat. with me being diabetic, I need to have to be careful since I'm working on the carb heavy food that is sushi. like I said using fats and protein to round it out is good.

Dana the 8 year old anorexic

I've watched a video about an 8 year old anorexic named Dana. I'm very shocked. how can an 8 year old get anorexia? more younger and younger kids were getting anorexia. its shocking since younger and younger girls are getting an eating disorder. my brother would be horrified since he says anorexia is disgusting.

Monday, December 1, 2014


I'm kind of sad the semester is almost over. I know it might sound very lame but its kind of true. I'm going to miss my daily routine of getting up and going to school every day or nearly every day. I'll have to find something to do over winter break other than stay home every day. my friends are going to be on break as well so maybe i can hang out with them. or there are these parties I'm always getting invited to so maybe I'll finally go to one. my mom agreed to let me and Emily go but since it was in DC she changed her mind. i used to be invited to tons of parties but now I'm not so sure. i hope i can use my student ID and some cash i can get and get into a party. just gotta find a party dress.