Sunday, October 29, 2023

Smell of clean

I just cleaned up my apartment. literally there are bugs in my apartment and I was like okay just clean up the apartment and now it smells amazing

better at budgeting

I'm getting much better at budgeting. I've been getting into going only 2x a month. the last time was to walmart and it was a large one. it was under 100 dollars and lasted me 2 weeks.


I'm getting better at adulting. from getting to and from my appointments as well as going grocery shopping.


I might have a lot of stuff to do with my friends and family if i might have a party

Volunteer position

This volunteer position is eating up a lot of time on Monday. I don't mind but it's hectic


I might be throwing a party after the holidays are over. My friends wanna see my new apartment

Friday, October 27, 2023

Hair falling out

My hair is falling out like crazy. My long hair is a good thing but it'll fall out like crazy


I get an occasional headache. Mainly for the headache from the joint pain

Allergies treatment

I did aromatherapy for my lung issues. Since i learned that I can get better

Scoliosis joint issues

My old scoliosis issues are coming back but the main reason for that is because of some weight loss issues. While I was sore and sensitive to it I'm feeling better

Thursday, October 26, 2023


Its the season of allergies. I hated that since I hate taking allergy medicine. Granted I got sick so maybe it's not that bad

Playing with babies

I have a talent for playing with little babies and toddlers. I gave a family a hand and gave them a little enthusiasm for the kid. He's a cutie pie

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Hair treatment

on Monday I did a coconut oil hair treatment. I still smell it since I washed my hair today. i think my shampoo has coconut in it

New show

When I got sick last year I watched a new show and was addicted to it. I watched videos from it on repeat

Tuesday, October 24, 2023


I got snacks for the week (mostly a few days) but they are nice and comfy


I got glasses and they're amazing and I loved them. plus they look cool


I've got some books to read. They're amazing and a thing to support the author

Hair coloring

I've been busy to color my hair like when I was younger. I loved it when I was younger. It was crazy silly as a kid

Saturday, October 21, 2023


Last night I hung out with my brother. While I was originally was going to the temple trip with the kids from the youth parish I go to i couldn't because of a lack of a ride. it was fun


I'm eating a bunch of candy. While I shouldn't be eating a bunch of candy the way I am i love it. Plus I love sugary foods

Joint pain

I have scoliosis and sometimes I have a lot of joint pain. I'm still trying to be not cranky as I had been though that's because I had a couple of accidents on my back. Luckily I feel way better than I had been

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

No one would miss me

I was watching the Degrassi 2 parter "Bittersweet symphony" and I was thinking about who might miss me if I was to commit suicide or die. The character talking this person down said "his family, friends, hockey team and his crush." This person has a kid and that's why he stuck around. My aunt Jacquie thinks about people who have mental health issues since she knows a few people like that. If it was me it would be my family, friends from different parishes and my new friend Ricky

Tuesday, October 17, 2023


I got some candy. While I've got some health issues I like them.

mental health

when people don't listen or trust me it makes me angry. With things like crying and hot chocolate, I i feel amazing.


I might be wearing my costume next Monday since I might be going out to DC with my friends


My teeth are shaped kinda weird. I've had straight teeth but my inscisors are sharp and my 2 front teeth are "buck" (overbite) but I didn't need braces despite my need that

Budget meals

I've got quite a lot of budget meals for the next few days. I went to Walmart yesterday and i got everything for the next couple of weeks

Sunday, October 15, 2023


for the longest time I've wanted braces but my teeth are never bad enough for them. yes I've got a couple of overbite teeth and some "fangs" aka sharp incisors its just cosmetic. I'm not saying braces are a medical necessity but in my case they're cosmetic issues


on a previous blog post i mentioned that I sometimes had tooth pain. Well I floss and brush my teeth along with the mouthwash I find that my teeth are better


I've got a lot of pillows. Once I grabbed some stuff from target last week I have a lot of pillows to decorate my apartment

Bigger hauls

I've been having a ton of grocery hauls. I'm trying to stock up on stuff for the long term as best I can. Especially candy and stuff like fish

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Hot chocolate

I made a huge thing of hot chocolate since its rainy day today


I am going the mall for the Christmas decorations in the Christmas season with a friend. It's awesome because Christmas is a good time. A friend likely thinks that's my boyfriend

Friday, October 13, 2023

Friday, October 6, 2023


So i'm the 3rd generation aunt-niece with the name Jackie. My aunt and great aunt misspell their names which is ironic as their mom's are teachers. my mom spelled it correctly.

Mental energy vs physical energy

I've been trying to get better since I was ill last summer. While I'm physically better for the most part my mental energy is to a degree worse. I can still do stuff and get through most of my life but I'm tired mentally and I don't know why

My mom

my mom is crazy about the volunteer position I have. Also whenever I do something she likes She'll talk about it on the family zoom call

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

crazy dance class

last night i got taken to a crazy activity last night. While i was okay at it. While I wasn't shocked about it I'm like okay i'm new at this. I had a lot of fun. While my mom wasn't there I was suggested to bring chips and salsa. 2 of my friends from church had to dance together. While that might not sound weird they were both guys.


I love my ravenclaw stuff. I've been happy with this stuff

Sunday, October 1, 2023

grocery haul

I've been getting into grocery hauls lately. They're fun. Also I'm trying to learn how to budget and getting bigger and bigger hauls are more expensive but they save me a ton of money.


I can't wait for the weather to get colder

Volunteer position

I got a volunteer position for the church i go to. Its awesome since I learned that I am a natural at learning how to help out


I went for a walk in the Montgomery village area where I live now. Its nice to see where I live. It reminds me of my childhood


I feel amazing after the shower. I like the shower gel i use. Its so good to smell nice