Saturday, March 2, 2013

pretty little liars

Pretty little liars is a series i got into a year ago. I've read them ravenously. It's very intresting. There are some inconsistancies in the tv & book series.

for instance Emily Fields in the tv series is a lesbian wereas in the book series she's bisexual. In the tv series she has dark hair and in the book series she's strawberry blonde. She's an only child in the tv series vs in the book series she has 2 older sisters and an older brother. In the books neither parent is supportive of Emily's sexuality but in the tv series her dad is the more supportive one. In the books Emily has a daughter with her boyfriend Issac and makes a friend Derrick to help support her. She also makes a friend Chloe, whose dad molests Emily.

Spencer Hastings has a few inconsistancies as well. For one she has brown har in the tv series vs having blonde hair in the books. She's half-siblings with Alison and Courtney in the books vs she's half sister with Jason in the tv series. In the books Peter and Veronica Hastings (spencer's mom and dad) divorce vs in the tv series they're still together.

Hanna has some inconsistancies as well. Her hair is a big one. In the books Mona has dyed blonde hair & blue eyes and Hanna has dyes awburn hair with brown eyes while in the tv series it's flip flopped (hanna blonde hair, blue eyed; mona brunette and brown eyed) In the book series she developed bulimia vs in the tv series she purges a couple of times but never developed the full disorder. Hanna figures out who A is in the books vs Spencer finding out A in the tv series. Hanna figures out the other liars little secrets (Ezria; spencer's plagerism; Emily's apparent homosexuality)

Aria has a few inconsistancies. She has blue-black hair in the books vs in the tv series she has brown. Her family's Sabbatical is shorter. (books 3 years ago; tv series 1 year) She had the pink hair before she left & she still went to iceland. She and Mike extremely look similar in the books vs in the tv series she and mike aren't male or female versions of each other. Byron cheats on Ella and Ella moves out in the tv series vs the books where Byron is kicked out of the house. in the tv series Aria isn't kicked out of the house vs in the books she is. Byron impregnates Meredith while in the tv series they date and Meredith is kicked out for drugging Aria.

Another inconsistancy is that Alison is a twin in the book series. Alison isn't a twin as far as the viewers have seen so far in the series. Alison and her twin sister Courtney are the result of Alison's mom and Spencer's dad in the books. Jason is the result of Alison's mom and Spencer's dad in the tv series. Some speculate that Alison is alive and it's Courtney who died like in the book series. Alison supposedly looks like Spencer in the books vs. Alison and Hanna looking alike in the TV series.

Mona has a few herself. in the books she dies after being ousted as A while in the TV she's alive but was in Radley. She apparently worked alone as A in the books but she was the member of the A team on the TV series. She had dyed blonde hair and blue eyes in the books versus her brown hair and eyes on the series. during season 1 her last name was spelled differently.