Friday, August 31, 2018

lunch date

i had another lunch date with a friend. more Chinese. nearly exploded

just as happy

i can be just as happy watching forensic science stuff as i am doing GYSA activities

what book is that?

my friend Danny didn't know pretty little liars was a book series AND a TV series.

game night

i might go to game night but i can be perfectly happy watching unsolved mysteries and doing forensic science

my ID

i FINALLY got my ID. i'm like hallelujah. now people will STOP calling me a 19 year old.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Murder of Genesis Cornejo-Alvarado

On February 16, 2017, a fifteen-year-old girl, later identified as Genesis Cornejo-Alvarado, was found shot to death and dumped in the middle of a road near Southwest Houston. Cornejo lived in Jersey Village and had been missing for about a month. Miguel Alvarez-Flores and Diego Hernandez-Rivera, two MS-13 gang members, Satanists, and illegal immigrants from El Salvador, were charged with her murder and the kidnapping of a fourteen-year-old girl. The girl claimed that she had running away from school and that Alvarez and Hernandez had kidnapped her, sexually assaulted her, and forced her to take drugs as she was held in their apartment for over a month. During their arraignment, Alvarez and Hernandez generated controversy by laughing and waving at ABC cameras. Background: Cornejo was born and raised in New York City and her family had recently moved to Houston. She had been missing for a month before the events. Alvarez and Hernandez are both Salvadoran illegal immigrants, Satanists, and members of MS-13. Events: Cornejo had been reported missing a month before her death. On February 16, her dead body was found on Sharpcrest Street in Southwest Houston. Police said that she had been shot twice at close range. Her body remained unidentified until March 2017. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children reconstructed the victim and created a poster in efforts to identify her. A fourteen-year-old girl was also allegedly kidnapped. She told the police that she had run away from school a month earlier and that she was kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and forced to take drugs. She also claims to have been forcibly tattooed by Alvarez. The victim told the police that when Cornejo criticized a Satanic shrine in the apartment, which Alvarez and Hernandez called "The Beast", Alvarez felt offended and offered the statue a cigarette, but then he said that the statue wanted a soul instead. After they allegedly killed Cornejo, the victim was able to escape and lead police to Alvarez and Hernandez. Prosecutors say that Hernandez admitted to shooting Cornejo after the pair were arrested. Legal proceedings: Alvarez and Hernandez were charged with murder and aggravated kidnapping. During their arraignment, they both waved and smiled at the cameras.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


so i went out for brunch with my family and my mom told me to be careful i was going to church later. it was good since it was fast day.

so cute

so a friend smiled at me with his tongue between his teeth. after sacrament meeting i mentioned to them that i told my mom about them. the 1 who was excited to me he was excited that i mentioned him. i'm like that's sweet.

juggling 2 friends

i was juggling 2 friends this morning. i found 2 friends. i was OK and interacted my friends but was juggling them both since i'm busy with 1 was going back to class and the other i was snapping with.


i FINALLY downloaded snap chat. my friend added me and we've been chatting ever since we added each other. that's where i learned he has scoliosis.


my feet have scars on them due to the flip flops i'm wearing. they aren't used to them.

oh your..... welcome

so i loved giving my talk. i was working on it and i was working on it while listening to cold case files. after my talk i was said, "thanks for my inspiring words." i'm like, "oh your.... welcome????" i was complimented on my talk by EVERYONE.

my friend

so i have many male friends. a couple have had crushed on me. they've shown signs of attraction. a couple I've NEVER had feelings for. like ever since they're friends and not my type/ interested. mainly those who I've never felt anything for are my rocks. today i ran into a friend who is very similar to me. like we have similar interests, some teacher that are the same as well as scoliosis. i'm sure he and i are just friends since we've never had any interest in each other.


i like blondes. it's awesome color for hair. a couple friends have had blonde hairs.


my hair is short. i love my hair long but also short. my mom likes me having my hair long since it's not supposed to be kept my hair as good for long.

green nails

i have green nail polish on my nails. my mom typically loves green but hated the color in the nail polish

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

i'll take 'em

so a couple times my brothers said they wanted to do things and i'm like i'll take them. since i'm like them i'm like i'll do it. it's usually movies so

pumpkin spice soap

i used my pumpkin spice soap. i love them since its awesome


it's pumpkin spice season. i love it. i am able to enjoy the pumpkin spices into it. i had: pumpkin spice granola bars, soap, crackers, cereal, coffee, creme cheese, etc.

bailed me out

so once i was doing a persuasive speech on vegetarianism and my brother help me out by providing me a visual aid (a video including chickens getting treated inhumanely). he bailed me out.

have you read the book of mormon?

what i was asked back in the spring while i was running with my dog Rosie. i ran into 2 elders who were canvassing my neighborhood asking people if they've read the book. i nearly missed them as i was listening to something and wasn't necessarily paying attention. i snapped out of the revere and said, "yes i am i'm a Mormon convert."


yesterday a few friends and i found out we all go to the same campus. i'm like, "yay we can hang out, study together, grab lunch together from time to time."

criminal justice classes

criminal justice is a huge umbrella term and forensic science is a tiny part of it. i love this stuff. my family supports that.


my homework is mostly going to be made up of reading. i love reading. i'll read 24/7 if i could.

Monday, August 27, 2018


when a guy came up to me (thinking i was a new transfer or new period) he introduced himself by showing me his name tag. I'd noticed him and his companion earlier (before Sunday school started i noticed them. I'm like, "ooh new missionaries.") that was bold and sweet.


once when i told the elders who gave me a blessing I'd gotten my exam results back 1 did something funny as a way to get me to laugh. i told them i passed both my exams and then threw a book at the silly 1.


my youngest brother is not in school until next week. i, of course, am in school. the best thing is: i get a 4 day weekend this weekend (as it's labor day) and have MWF classes. I'll be off when my brother has his 1st day.

thanks for letting me do that

what my home teacher said when he gave me a blessing. I'm like your welcome. i needed it since i was slightly nervous.

help me

I'm not opposed to people helping me as needed. when i was in the allied sports i over did it once (i ran 3 bases straight) and i was super tired. after i did that i had a muscle spasm. i was fine and able to walk but someone walked me to my seat and sat next to me. i looked confused but went with it. I'm assuming they did that in case i collapsed.

can i sit with you?

a question commonly asked while i was investigating the church and before people said, "sit with me/ let me sit with you."

bring your family

once while i was investigating the LDS church i was suggested to "bring my family." or at least let people meet my family. i was like, "no thanks. i don't think they're interested."

Coffee breath

Something I get when I drink strong flavored coffee.

1st day

Today's my 1st day in class for criminal justice/ forensic science classes. I love that stuff. Someone said they're waiting for me to "take someone down".


I love jewelry. I have a medicalert bracelet on (tried turning it into a charm bracelet but the farms died).

Sunday, August 26, 2018


I got a blessing today. I'm ready for school. I can't wait.

Why me?

A question I ask myself why I hang out with the friends I do. I've got friends who are and are not LDS. Everyone loves me and loves my energy.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

hair cut and manicure

i want a hair cut and a manicure before school starts (probably wont get them but here's hoping). **UPDATE** i got a haircut AND i did my own nails so it came true.

really long hair

my hair is so long i'd need an actual cut to see it normal again. i got it cut back in the spring and haven't gotten it fully cut since. my mom said that when she was in college her hair wasn't cut as regulatory as when she was in high school. my hair is so long it's elbow length.


after 30 minutes of walking i'm sweaty and tired.

i'm not doing this again

i told my mom i'm not going to institute again. i said i didn't feel like it and i'm going to be super busy for the next 6 weeks so i said i'm not doing it again. my mom said i can but i need to warn her ahead of time.


when i walked up the pulpit to give my talk i hissed and sounded like a cat. afterwards i was thanked for my inspirational words and i said, "oh your ... welcome."

Mollie Tibbetts

a girl who went missing a few weeks ago was found dead the other day. she went out for a jog and never came back. the parents reported her missing after failing to show up at her job and not calling in sick


what i yelled at my friend Daniel when he came into the Sunday school. i invited him to hear me give my talk in November. i was happy.


i went for a walk. it's too hot and i'm covered in scratches due to the flies outside because of the heat.

can we help you?

i was asked that by several people. it's super annoying. I've readjusted my life to this and so has my family.


i saw my orthopedist yesterday and he prescribed me to physical therapy. it's awesome since i needed the flexibility.

can't wait

in a week pumpkin spice season is here. i can't wait. i love it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


once i was called Bunny on Disney day.

checking me out

so for some reason Coleman's brothers were checking me out when they were in the kentlands ward the last time i was there. weird since Coleman and i are friends.

petting zoo

so near finals i got a stress box (stuff to help us de-stress) and there was a petting zoo. it's awesome since there was a turtle and goats and bunnies


i'm of Asian descant. only other Asians can tell. a couple times i've been mistaken as being in the Chinese ward or Chinese school.


i'm mistaken as being in the Chinese branch of the LDS church. they're not wrong since i went to a couple events a million years ago. i can't understand the language fluently but can understand SOME.

mother's day

i went to church: heard great talks, got candy, and then had pizza for dinner. my brothers and i called mom who was in California taking care of our aunt Jacquie.


i wore a TON of red on mother's day this year. apparently, you're supposed to wear a red rose if your mom's alive and white if your mother's deceased. my: nails, shirt and frames were red this year. i didn't even notice until someone pointed it out. i'm like "oh. whoa."

Monday, August 20, 2018

what is that?

so yesterday we went outlet shopping and my mom asked me what Tory Burch was. i'm like shoes and handbags mostly.

lucky skirt

i had a lucky skirt since i had 2 prayers in it. nice.

Disappearance of Kristin Smart

Kristin Denise Smart (legally presumed dead May 25, 2002) is an American woman who disappeared on May 25, 1996, while attending California Polytechnic State University. Three fellow students escorted Smart back to her hall of residence after a party. Her disappearance is an actively investigated missing person case. On September 6, 2016, the San Luis Obispo Sheriff Department reported it had received information about the possible location of Smart's remains, resulting in a hillside excavation on the Cal Poly campus. After three days of digging, bones were recovered from at least one excavation site. However, it was initially unclear if the findings were animal or human, and forensic analysis may take months to determine this. Kristin Smart is not related to Elizabeth Smart, a Salt Lake City, Utah teen who was abducted in June 2002 and found alive in March 2003. Disappearance of kristin smart: Kristin Smart was enrolled at California Polytechnic State University, or Cal Poly, in San Luis Obispo, California. On the night she disappeared, Smart attended a birthday party for a fellow student, which fell on Memorial Day weekend. At approximately 2:00 a.m. on May 25, 1996, she was found passed out on a neighbor's lawn by two fellow students, Cheryl Anderson and Tim Davis, who both had just left the party. They helped Smart to her feet and decided to walk her back to her nearby dormitory. Another student from the party, Paul Flores, joined their group and offered to help the two return Smart to her dorm room safely. Davis departed the group first since he lived off campus and had driven to the party. Anderson was the second to depart the group after she told Flores that he could walk Smart back to her dorm, since he lived closer. Flores stated to police that he walked Smart as far as his dormitory, Santa Lucia Hall, and then allowed her to walk back to her Muir Hall dorm by herself. This was the last known sighting of her. She did not have any money or credit cards at the time she went missing. Official investigation into Kristin's disappearance: The University Police Department originally suspected that Smart had gone on an unannounced vacation, as was common among students over the holidays, and as a result were slow in reporting her as a missing person to local law enforcement. During the Laci Peterson murder investigation, there were unfounded rumors in the media that Laci's husband Scott Peterson had something to do with Smart's disappearance due to their simultaneous attendance at the Cal Poly campus. There was a brief initial inquiry into whether Peterson was tied to the disappearance, with Peterson denying any involvement, and he was eventually ruled out as a suspect by police. Smart's disappearance remains an unsolved case, with no compelling evidence having been discovered to indicate what happened to her, and no body ever having been discovered. Between 1996 and 2007, many searches were conducted, some using police dogs trained to detect the scent of human remains, including searches of properties owned by the Flores family. No useful leads were found. On September 6, 2016, officials from the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office announced they were investigating a new lead in the case. Cadaver dogs from the FBI were brought in and investigators were preparing to spend approximately four days excavating an area on the Cal Poly campus. After three days, items were found at all three dig sites located on the same hillside near Smart's dorm. A spokesman for the sheriff's office said, "The items are being analyzed to see whether they are connected to the case, which could take days, weeks or months". The items uncovered are still being investigated as of 2017. Legacy of the Kristin smart disappearance: Smart's disappearance and slow response by the campus police resulted in the Kristin Smart Campus Security Act being written and sponsored by State Senator Mike Thompson, passed 61–0 by the California State Legislature, and signed into effect by then-Governor Pete Wilson on August 19, 1998. The law took effect on January 1, 1999, and requires all public colleges and publicly funded educational institutions to have their security services make agreements with local police departments about reporting cases involving or possibly involving violence against students, including missing students. Smart was declared legally dead on May 25, 2002, the sixth anniversary of her disappearance. Her parents, Denise and Stan Smart, took a civil case of wrongful death against Flores, one of the three students who walked Smart to her dorm, in 2005. Flores has denied any involvement in the disappearance. The Flores family had also filed a lawsuit against the Smart family for emotional distress. The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office still reviews the case regularly, having spent thousands of hours and dollars in the last five years (2011–2016). The FBI have her on file as a high priority missing person investigation, with a reward of $75,000 for information leading to finding her or resolving her case. Terry Black, a Delta-area man, offered a $100,000 reward for Smart's body. Controversy of the case: In June 2014, retired police detective sergeant Paul Dostie was asked by a local newspaper* to bring his famous grave detection dog (BUSTER) to Arroyo Grande, California to walk the perimeter of the fence surrounding the home owned by the parents of the last person seen with Kristin Smart in the early morning hours of May 25, 1996. BUSTER, according to Detective Dostie has nearly 250 discovered bodies to his credit, and had helped to locate the remains of Marines on the island atoll of Tarawa who were killed during the Battle of Tarawa November 1943. Seventy-two years after being lost, BUSTER alerted on top of a trench that held the bodies of several Marines, including a missing Medal of Honor winner, Alexander Bonnyman. Once BUSTER arrived in Arroyo Grande, he gave a very strong alerts near the rear left corner of the backyard fence. This information was immediately passed along to the sheriff through the Smart family attorney. The sheriff decided not to either contact Detective Dostie or make any effort to obtain a search warrant. Soil samples were also taken and one came back as a weak-positive for human remains. According to Dr. Vass, it's possible the retaining wall holding up the fence in the rear left corner may be hindering the normal migration of contaminates through the water table in the soil. In January 2017, Dr. Arpad Vass flew out from Tennessee to scan the area with his new grave-detection invention which in July 2018, he received an approval for his applied patent. Dr. Vass received fingernail clippings from Kristin's parents and from approximately two blocks away (in the parking lot of Mason Bar and Kitchen at 307 E. Branch St., Arroyo Grande, CA), got a hit from his machine pointing towards Kristin's remains. Amazingly, his machine was pointing towards the area where BUSTER had alerted three years prior. This indicated a very high likelihood the body of Kristin Smart is or was in this location. Dr. Vass took readings from three different positions to triangulate and achieve an more precise location. All of the bearings from his machine intersected near the rear left corner of the home where BUSTER had alerted multiple times. From there Dr. Vass was taken to Cal Poly to sweep the area where the sheriff had a major dig six months prior. As he swept the area his machine detected nothing, but then suddenly; his machine got a hit on a bearing to Santa Lucia Hall Dormitory and amazingly on a line directly towards the former dorm room where sheriff cadaver dogs alerted a month or more after Kristin disappeared. Dr. Vass explained his machine could detect a single drop of blood, even it if was 22 years later. Dr. Vass was then taken to the parking lot in front of the sheriff's office and his machine detected once again to an out-building believed to be used as an evidence storage locker. Even though Dr. Vass has a list of references from law enforcement, the hits by his machine were discounted by the sheriff and DA's office. Not once has the sheriff ever spoken to Dr. Vass or Detective Paul Dostie. Based on alerts from the grave-detection dog BUSTER and from the hits from Dr. Vass's machine, there is a strong belief the body of Kristin Smart or some lingering remains of her body if it was moved, can be found in the rear left corner of the Arroyo Grande home owned by the parents of the last person seen with Kristin Smart. The Smart family sued the person of interest for wrongful death, but he invoked the 5th Amendment 27 times when deposed* and that's they way it's been since Kristin disappeared in 1996.


1 elder made me laugh a lot. I've heard if you make a girl laugh it's easier for her to fall for you. that might be why i had a crush on him.


i've got amazing flexibility because of my back. suffering with scoliosis as a kid growing up made me feel embarrassed so i use dancing to help me feel free since i've it.


i ate nearly an entire avocado today. this isn't going to be good (gas mostly).

mental side

there's a mental side to my back disorder. i suffer scoliosis and man has it taken a toll on my self esteem. i told my friends from the church i go to that i will be doing minimal complaining on the group chat since i have a support group. the mental side is often unspoken. now that i have a support group i can complain and talk about how i'm feeling. i told them about the shit i went thru and they supported me.

Friday, August 17, 2018


I'm legitimately addicted to yogurt, chocolate or peanut butter covered ANYTHING. I love them and its unhealthy. I love these things but man I can't help myself when I get them and then can't stop eating them.


I had 1 heck of a headache. Wish I knew why I'd gotten it. I have joint pain but I'm getting more headaches. I snapped at both parents and slightly freaked out at subway.


I had avocado toast again and it's AWESOME. The toast has carbs and the avocado has protein and healthy fats which makes this a great meal/ snack to eat.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


I have 3 books I brought. Mostly forensic science and true crime sort of thing.

Reasons for attraction

I had an attraction to 1 elder and his companion had an attraction to me. I have a reason for why I liked that elder. He was sweet, made me laugh and laughed at a joke I told. The other did a service for me but that was just nice.


I get to go shopping. Mainly as 95% of my closet is full of old clothes.

Sleeping on the couch

I'm sleeping on the couch on vacation. Its awesome. I love it.

Hi Jackie

What 3 sister missionaries said before I ran out of the ward. I said, hi. My mom's here I should go.

Accidentally chic

So once I wore an outfit I looked chic in and I didn't realize it since I don't follow fashion a ton.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


I told a friend a guy we both kinda knew was adorable and begged him not to say anything since I'd be humiliated if the guy knew.

Party prep

A couple years ago I went to a missionary send off and days prior I started getting ready which included: shaving, tanning and brushing my hair. I typically don't wear make up but I wore a small amount. I was told to: splash my face, brush my hair and teeth, wash my feet and try not screwing up my makeup too much (I would've screwed up my mascara). My friend said to do it to hook up. I made a friend there.

Monday, August 13, 2018


while writing my talk i was wondering if i should go to game night and procrastinate on writing my talk or be responsible and write it. i chose to write the thing and get it over with.


my mom is into allowing me have missionaries over. she also is terrified about me going on my mission. she said i'm happy about it (and i am) but also is scared of letting me go off.

Slaughter beach

I'm off to slaughter beach in a couple of days. It'll be awesome. My job is to find fun things to do.

Saturday, August 11, 2018


I love being vegan. Its awesome. My weight will be lower, I'll be in less pain and I can still eat the foods I love but different amounts.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

theological argument

my brother who is a born again christian asks me about my beliefs and why i believe them and all that. sometimes it's annoying since he once slightly looked into my religion and questioned me about them and begged me to give my grandfather a posthumous baptism. it's annoying as i have my beliefs and he has his and questions why i defend my friends vs what they believe. why can't i have my beliefs and be left alone?

February 9 Killer

The February 9 Killer is an unidentified suspected serial killer believed to be responsible for the 2006 murder of Sonia Mejia and her unborn baby and the 2008 murder of Damiana Castillo in Salt Lake County, Utah. The murders were committed on the same day, February 9, hence the name. Investigation: In 2009, the unsolved murders of Sonia Mejia in Taylorsville and Damiana Castillo in West Valley City were linked through DNA analysis. The corresponding police departments concurrently released a description of the perpetrator as a Hispanic male in his late teens or early 20s. A twenty-man task force was then formed. As of 2011, the case is classified as a cold case. identified victims: -Sonia Mejia, aged 29, was raped and strangled in her apartment in Taylorsville. -Sonia Mejia's unborn baby, between five and six months gestation. -Damiana Castillo, aged 57, was strangled in her apartment in West Valley City.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018


a few elders had attractions to me. several are sweethearts. one was having several signs at the same time. it freaked out.

girly videos

a couple of videos on my channel are girly. like a couple were about me with my nails and my hair.

stupid videos

i like making silly videos. a couple of them are just of me brushing/ combing my hair. others are me painting my nails

new coffee shops

i love going to newer coffee shops that i don't tend to go to in the places i usually go to.

Kraze burger

i went there a couple times and it's awesome since i love independent places, as many millennials do.

Disappearance of Lucas Tronche

Lucas Tronche disappeared 18th March 2015 was a French boy who, at the age of 15, disappeared from his hometown of Bagnols-sur-Cèze in the Gard département of southern France. To date, his disappearance remains unsolved and the investigation has not determined with absolute certainty whether he ran away voluntarily, was involved in a hit and run, or was abducted and/or murdered. Biography of Lucas: Lucas Tronche was born on 18 April 1999 and is the youngest of three brothers. His parents, Nathalie and Éric, are both engineers with the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission at the Marcoule Nuclear Site. Lucas’s family and friends describe him as a balanced, rounded, happy, kind and helpful teenager who loves animals and nature and does not like disappointing others. He is described as an ordinary 15-year-old boy with no personal or family issues. He was in his first year of the three-year French high school system at the Lycée Albert Einstein in Bagnols-sur-Cèze. According to teachers, he was a good student and wanted to become a vet. He was introverted, sociable, and passionate about scouting, having been a member of his local scout troop for several years. He was also in badminton and swimming clubs. He rarely used social media but was often on Snapchat. At the time of his disappearance, he and his family were planning a trip to the United States. Disappearance of Lucas: At 5.10 pm on Wednesday 18 March 2015, Lucas had planned to go on his kick scooter to a bus stop, where he would take a coach to the public swimming pool in Laudun-l’Ardoise for swimming practice with his 17-year-old brother, Valentin. Valentin left before Lucas, expecting Lucas to join him at the bus stop. Lucas left the family home and locked the door but did not turn up at the bus stop. Valentin attempted to contact Lucas at around 5.30 pm, but Lucas’s mobile phone was switched off. Technical analysis would later reveal that Lucas’s phone was turned off at 5.14 pm, a few minutes before he left the house. Lucas left without his swimming gear, but did leave with a rucksack containing very few items. He did not take any money, a sleeping bag or a knife with him – items that, as a keen scout with a good knowledge of outdoor survival, he would have known to take if he had been planning to leave home. His intentions after leaving the house remain unknown. At around 8 pm, Nathalie Tronche went to the bus stop to pick up Valentin and Lucas. Valentin told his mother that Lucas had not come to the swimming pool; Valentin assumed that Lucas had missed the bus and had stayed at home. Nathalie had been at home for the last two hours, so she knew that Lucas was not there. Nathalie contacted A&E to see if Lucas might have been in an accident and gone to hospital. She then contacted Lucas’s friends, none of whom knew of his whereabouts. Following that, she contacted the police, who opened a missing persons investigation. Éric Tronche was informed of his son’s disappearance when he returned home from work at around 11 pm. Investigation into the disappearance of Lucas Tronche: The police opened an enquête pour disparition inquiétante (investigation into a concerning disappearance) in the evening of 18 March 2015, immediately after being contacted by Nathalie Tronche. On 25 March, the investigation was handed over to the Montpellier Regional Judicial Police Service (SRPJ) and the Office central pour la repression des violences aux personnes (Central agency for eliminating violence against persons, OCRVP). Lucas did not fit the profile of a runaway, and on 30 March, the prosecutor’s office in Nîmes opened a judicial investigation into abduction and illegal confinement. Due to Lucas’s profile and the lack of supporting evidence, some theories were dismissed, such as suicide and fleeing to the Middle East to fight either for or against the Islamic State. The police interviewed Lucas’s friends, teachers, sports coaches and teammates on multiple occasions, as well as drivers who had passed through Bagnols-sur-Cèze on the day of his disappearance. A formal judicial request was submitted to the United States authorities to access Lucas’s conversations and exchanges on Snapchat, which are deleted from the app after a few seconds but remain on Snapchat’s servers. The request was granted but the Snapchat activities did not reveal anything of assistance to the investigation. Lucas’s computer and tablet were seized and searched, but nothing of any interest was found. Several witnesses reported seeing a person who may have been Lucas a few hours after his disappearance. A neighbour claimed to have seen Lucas between 5.15 and 5.30 pm on the day of his disappearance, heading down the chemin de Saduran towards the vineyards, in the opposite direction to the swimming pool. 500 metres from that point, another woman reported that at midday on Thursday 19 March, she saw someone who may have been Lucas, crossing a yard in front of her farm. A dog followed the person’s scent northwards for 1 kilometre. Also on 19 March, at 6.30 pm, Rachid Ghamri, a Tronche family friend, was out searching with volunteers when he spotted the distant silhouette of a person with a youthful appearance standing at the top of a hill. Ghamri took a photograph, but due to the fact that it was dusk, the photograph was unclear and the person could not be identified. Another team of volunteers later claimed to have seen Lucas in the hills above Saint-Gervais at 10.30 am on Monday 23 March. The person believed to be Lucas was seen watching vineyard workers before disappearing into the woods. A week after the disappearance, a 25-year-old motorcyclist passing through a neighbouring village reported seeing Lucas in the late afternoon of 23 March. The boy was walking with a rucksack along a track towards Esbrezun, a hamlet in the commune of Saint-André-de-Roquepertuis, heading towards a hill. The area was searched by dogs and a helicopter. In a final sighting, a teenage boy and his father reported seeing Lucas on the afternoon of Saturday 28 March in a Cultura shop in Le Pontet, in the Vaucluse département. He was allegedly accompanied by a woman aged 45 to 50. Investigations into this lead proved fruitless. A few days after Lucas’s disappearance, investigators used Luminol – a product that reacts to the presence of blood – to look for potential traces of DNA from Lucas’s bedroom and the rest of the house. Some traces of blood were found on the carpet by his bed and were examined to ascertain whether they were blood or simply the Luminol reacting to a household cleaning product. New tests were carried out in May 2017. No results of either test have been released publicly. In October 2015, seven months after Lucas’s disappearance, his parents started receiving strange anonymous letters, informing them that Lucas was in good health and they had no need to worry. A total of eleven letters were sent until the start of summer 2016, when investigators managed to identify the sender thanks to a CCTV camera at the sorting office where one of the letters was posted on 12 July 2016. However, it turned out that the sender was a 57-year-old mythomaniac from Valence who had nothing to do with Lucas’s disappearance. In October 2017, he was sentenced by a court in Nîmes to one year’s imprisonment, with a further year suspended. In December 2016, France’s National Police released a composite sketch in an attempt to locate a witness seen by a passer-by near Lucas’s home on the day of his disappearance. The sketch was modified and made more precise in September 2017. On 1 March 2016, almost a year after Lucas’s disappearance, in Clarensac, a village 62 km (38 miles) from Bagnols-sur-Cèze, 16-year-old Antoine Zola disappeared after leaving his home at around 1.30 pm. Antoine was a second-year high school student majoring in Science at the Lycée Albert Camus in Nîmes and his personality is considered similar to Lucas’s. Antoine was last seen buying a packet of cigarettes from a tobacconist’s shop. His whereabouts remain unknown and all lines of investigation are being considered. An investigation was launched to establish whether there could be a link between these two disappearances of teenage boys with similar characteristics from nearby locations in under a year. On 11 January 2018, investigators began examining whether Nordahl Lelandais, the main suspect in the August 2017 disappearance of Maëlys de Araujo, could be linked to both disappearances. Lelandais has regularly been in the Gard and has relatives near Bagnols-sur-Cèze. Initiatives and search efforts for Lucas: Lucas’s disappearance prompted a national outpouring of emotion and many searches were undertaken by the authorities, Lucas’s family, and many private citizens who did not know the family. As early as the day after the disappearance, soldiers patrolled the surrounding areas and organised numerous searches. Hills, cliffs and paths were searched in a 4 km radius of both Lucas’s home and the River Cèze. Helicopters with thermal vision, dog teams, and water search and rescue personnel also took part in searches. Appeals for witnesses have regularly been made and renewed. In the days following Lucas’s disappearance, more than 1,500 people took part in searches. Thousands of others shared news on social networks, posting photographs and information along with the slogan “Je cherche Lucas” (“I’m looking for Lucas”). French public figures such as Maurane, Bernard Weber, Jean-Pierre Foucault, Rémi Gaillard and Renan Luce have made public appeals to find Lucas. In the months following Lucas’s disappearance, his parents appeared on many television programmes to spread awareness of the case as widely as possible and to aid the investigation. These programmes included Crimes en direct: Mon enfant a disparu on NRJ 12 with Jean-Marc Morandini in November 2015; Toute une histoire on France 2 with Sophie Davant in January 2016; and Dans les yeux d’Olivier with Olivier Delacroix in September 2017. The case has also been widely reported on television news programmes such as Sept à huit and 13 h 15, le samedi. Posters have been put up in more than 1,000 towns and cities across France. In October, the non-profit organisation Retrouvons Lucas (“Let’s Find Lucas”) was created to continue the efforts to find him. On 19 March 2016, a year and a day after Lucas’s disappearance, a balloon release took place in Bagnols-sur-Cèze and about 30 other towns and cities across France. In May 2016, a major poster campaign was launched in an attempt to locate Lucas. Giant 4-by-3-metre placards were installed on roadsides across the Gard, Drôme and Vaucluse départements. Between August and October 2016, billboard company JCDecaux provided hoardings all around France free of charge to Retrouvons Lucas, the first time such a measure has been taken for a missing person. A 10-second video advertisement was broadcast at service stations across France. On 18 March 2017, the second anniversary of Lucas’s disappearance, a large gathering – which included another balloon release – was held in Bagnols-sur-Cèze, attended by the local mayor. The event also hosted a mannequin challenge, in which more than 200 people participated, to show how time has stopped for Lucas’s family ever since the day he disappeared.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Pumpkin spice breath

My dad got me pumpkin spice candy and now I have pumpkin spice breath. Yay me.

what's that?

so once i was having "friends over" (really friends were coming over to make sure i'm OK) and then i was helping clean up and then the people were taking something out and i'm like, "what's that?" they gave me some food for the next day.

hi guys

what i yelled running into the party i went to a couple months ago and nearly tripped. it was awesome since i had a bag of pretzels i "donated" (my mom made me).

soy nuts

i got hungry and ate some soy nuts and it tastes amazing since i'm not hungry after them. my mom got me them as a treat since i'm vegetarian and can't eat tons of sugar since i was mildly allergic to it

my ID

i FINALLY got my papers in for my state ID. now i can finally go to an airport and not be pulled aside and go to a bar without being carded, although i would go to the bars for karaoke or music or whatever

Monday, August 6, 2018


i've tried alcohol. it's ok. unfortunately, 99% of all alcoholic beverages i find bitter despite my mom saying it's sweet.


i find me trying to walk in platform heels hilarious. i tripped over my own 2 feet (along with other people's feet) so many times. i'm not typically clumsy.


my aunt is very silly. she likes goats and mustaches. I've got so much mustache jewelry and accessories. i once saw a shirt that said, "i goat this" (a pun on George Lopez's catchphrase "i got this") and my mom said use the CC to buy 2 more. i went to buy more and they were out. there was a funny shaped "c" on the word "coat closet" that my aunt thought it said, "goat closet". everyone thinks were insane.

the temple

whenever my family sees the temple i'm like yay. even if it's closed i'm happy about it since it's a viable representation of my faith. i love the temple and i'm super excited to go in it. when my family was going to the graveside service of my paternal grandfather i saw a sign that was near the temple in Kensington, Maryland. i was "kensington? where's the temple?" i saw it minutes later. we've seen it several times and my mom loves it for me.

forgetting to brush my hair

my hair is long and it's hard for me to remember to brush it every week. i love my hair long but i won't say no to my hair having it cut from time to time.


so i was in the science tutoring center and i saw someone waving at me. i'm like who is that? i wiped off my glasses and gasped and whispered "Danny." we briefly talked. after that i ran off to be with my class


a Swiss chocolate brand i had to watch since i had a mild allergy as a kid. i got 1 on mother's day. i was asked if i got 1 by my home teacher.


so i was in my main ward last summer before a friend went on his mission. i congratulated him on his call. i turned my head and saw his friends staring at us looking like they were saying go Joe. this is weird as Joe (that's my friend's name) and i were friends.

Friday, August 3, 2018

panic attack

when i was in the lighthouse at the museum i was scared and got claustrophobic. it's common even with people who never got claustrophobia before


My mom is getting more into activities for me. I love activities and doing things with friends. I think she's doing this to get me to network.

Sleep in

I woke up at nearly 11 am and am just polishing off my coffee. I got about 12 hours of sleep. I must've been tired since I slept that long and that late. My back hurts as well. I'm so lethargic. I can't believe I slept that long. Can't imagine what caused it either

Thursday, August 2, 2018

spending spree

i kinda went on a little spending spree today. i needed new headphones, which i got for 5 bucks and then got sushi. i loved it because i felt productive today as well as using my allowance money to do that.


i'm so tired. i walked a TON and swam.

3 piercings

I've got 3 piercings. that'll be intresting on how that'll go over in the mission field.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

a blessing

last summer when i met with Bishop Crowder he asked for a blessing on my medical team for them to know how to treat me. that got me teary eyed for 2 reasons: 1) i'm honored he did that and 2) i'm not the only 1 in my family with medical issues.

get things

my brother doesn't get things. like i saw a movie for film class once and the guy and his ex-wife pretended to be married (still despite being divorced and i'm assuming on semi-good terms) for the guy's mom who was in the hospital for some unknown reason. i'm like OK but my brother is like why would you do that? mom explained that you do things for your spouse despite not being married to them any more which was why my mom called my grandpa "dad" even though he wasn't her bio. dad and not being married to his son anymore.

all american girl (song)

i love singing it. it's 1 of my favorite Carrie Underwood songs.