Sunday, April 30, 2023


I've wanted a motorcycle since I was a teenager but never thought I could ever own 1 because of a previous health issue. Luckily I have gotten over said issue and can technically drive. If I ever get that thing I'm never letting my brother touch my motorcycle like ever

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Forensic files

These have a weirdly calming effect on me. I love forensic files and scary stuff. While i was in the ICU i didn't even have any intrest in this weirdly likely because i had 6 people come and see me.


I've not gone out the last couple of days. It's a little abnormal but then again, given the weather and my body being tired it's like, whatever


I tried wearing a pair of them but they got super wet

Ice water

I got a new way to get a bunch of water colder. While I like it, I also use it as a way to clean out my system

Thin hair

My hair is long enough to wear it in a thin bun. While I wear my hair up in a bun it's nice. I can't wait to have my hair in a pair of pigtails


I'm trying to get my spending under control. I'm using the things I used to help with that. I took a few things to get my stuff under control when I was using more things that I have things that are

Friday, April 21, 2023

Amazon package

My little brother usually gets packages so we have known he's still alive since he gets stuff at the house

Scary videos

I'm watching scary videos again. i love them since I was a forensic science major


i got a couple of necklaces yesterday. They're catholic necklaces despite me not being Catholic


I've been using a laundromat the last few weeks. It's nice but annoying

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Easter services

Last week I went to Easter services at my church. I loved it and I have some fun. I got to see some friends and I got to see my dad. I loved seeing my dad as He's kinda chrcked out since the divorce

Nasty house cleaning

I cleaned my house up last week. It's awesome since I have a place to clean on my own. While it's annoying I love that. The free and clear stuff are my preferred cleaning products since I'm allergic to scented stuff

Natural cleaner

When I can I clean my house with natural cleaner. I can't stand the smell of bad cleaners that have a stick due to my lung problem

Cleaning my glasses

I've got to clean my glasses a lot. Its super annoying since I've got to clean my glasses all the time and every day. My glasses are my way I can clean. Its super annoying but whatever. It's okay


I have serious dandruff which is annoying but it's something kinda not the major


I find that my brother demanding that I brush my teeth and do my mouthwash before my friends come to visit me in the ICU last summer it was kinda hilarious as he's my younger brother and I'm in the ICU so I'm like wow


I've got a lot of these things. I like them since I have things that are smelling good

Playing with babies

I love playing with little babies. I love them and they love me as well. I'm happy to play with them especially since they are cute.


1 Saturday afternoon, I went to a bookstore and I got a couple of books. 1 of them is a book for research on a book I'm going to write at some point. I'm half way through writing my book but I'm kinda busy since I'm distracted by stuff thats working on my life (meaning I'm going through some stuff). Another is a book on another serial killer

Drinking water

Im still dehydrated. Since I'm a flexitarian and mostly eating something plant based food I need more water than my family. I need to drink more water and then get more fluids in my system. I usually drink a half gallon of water since I had 1 as a gift after a stay in the ICU last summer. It helps

Monday, April 3, 2023

eat off stockpile

I've been trying to eat off a stockpile. I'm usually buying things in bulk or when i'm with getting my medication. The good thing is i know when to get things when I need to. I'm getting things and will hopefully use it. I have a good thing to know what to do is low and when i need more of things. While i'm trying to live off of what i have it's not easy and i'm still having things that are impulse buys. I love things that are in bulk. my mom and aunt think that's awesome to live with this. It also depends on what is in your stockpile, your budget, health needs, space and more

Saturday, April 1, 2023

recurring dream

in the dream I'm in the Gaylord hotel and convention center with a couple of my male friends, i'm a girl FYI. in the dream we're doing stuff like me sleeping on the pull out couch, which i like and them watching star wars while i go and swim and do things for my scoliosis. why am i dreaming about these things since i like the gaylord hotel and sleeping on a pull out sofa, and swimming but hate star wars, am not that close with 1 of my friends and am missing another 1 of my friends.

walking around

I walk around a lot. While i don't have a car it's easy for me to walk around with. It's annoying i like it. I like walking around.