Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Dollar tree haul

I did a dollar tree haul recently. Its kinda hilarious since I got a few things that's decorations but i like things for easy stuff

Crazy stories

My aunt and my friends love my crazy stories. An example is having birthdays around holidays. Also my friends noticed that I don't get as cold as easily as others

Condiment packs

I love those things. I can get that stuff and use that kinda thing for food whenever I can. I'll get my food and then add whatever I have


Allergies are in full swing. It drives me crazy because my allergies are kicking me in the head. I'll use napkins as my tissues

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Allergies season

When I was a little kid I was thought to have a serious health issue but when I was sick in the ICU last summer I was actually put on allergy medicine and it started clearing up the mucus in my head which was found in my head. I'm severely allergic to pollen to the point of my illness a couple of years ago and now I'm on my lung health meds its like my family got me back

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Meal prep

I've been meal prepping. It's hard for me since I'm not sure how to do that well but I did such a good job since I was getting better at the meal prep and budgeting

Playing with babies

I still love playing with babies. They're so cute. Also I helped a family with young kids and they are so cute. I was like come here when running around the church since the kid ran off. I was grabbing him for his dad