Sunday, February 1, 2015

a-nut of an aunt

my mom called my aunt an a-nut. we are very close my mom and my aunt. my mom called my aunt that since when i gotten my wisdom teeth surgery. its a play on words since its aunt and a-nut. my mom is always doing and saying silly stuff. as is my aunt. she called my brothers "a freak of nature".

visiting my old HS

i love visiting Northwest. unfortunately, when i do i run into tons of my old teachers and aides who were in my class. i see very few classmates or parents of kids. the last time i visited Northwest i saw tons of people. i saw my brothers friend who swore they saw me today. i know parents whose are friends with my brothers or me. i went to Northwest for a game. i had something i could do. i kept running into my old teachers. after school i went to "terrorize" my old teachers. one of them has my brother in class and my brother is on the wrestling team who that teacher is he coach of. that coach didn't like my team i was on. the coach says he'll yell @ him for me since he doesn't like it. i saw tons of teachers and coaches.

bocce ball story

in high school i started with bocce ball for my sports. when i was a senior i was captain aka i threw the palina/ jack/ Palino out so often the officials started handing me the palina. i had to ask, "is it my turn?" it happened so often. i didn't mind but its annoying. the reason this is weird is because normally the officials put the palina at a line on the bocce court.


I've always danced around a lot. when i asked my mom which weekender bag I'd like she said the dance one since i don't cheer lead and i don't do soccer anymore. I've danced since i could walk. my friend and former neighbor had formal training for dance. i dance but i also played other sports. I've played soccer, basketball, bocce ball, softball, team hand ball, swimming, etc.

Happy birthday Harry Styles

I'm in LOVE with one Direction. my friends and i are into it. Today is Harry Styles's birthday. one direction is awesome. what makes you beautiful and one thing are awesome. favorite boy band they are mine. awesome they are

string bracelets

i love string bracelets. my dad got me one at an Oktober Fest once. I've worn it on Thursday and Friday for luck since i started a new job. I've always been a daddy's girl. in the book series of Pretty little liars,the liars have string bracelets that "Alison" made them after the Jenna thing. they'd accidentally blinded a girl with a firework and her step-brother took the blame since "Ali" would tell on Toby (the step-brother) for molesting Jenna.


i wish i had an Eli. he calls Clare his soul mate and was with her thru everything including her getting diagnosed with Cancer. i want someone to do that with me. minus the Cancer thing. my best friends asked to see me test my blood since i am a diabetic. i trust them enough to have them help me test.


Valentine's day is coming up. how many of us have found that special someone to spend it with? this blogger will be spending solo per usual watching whatever movie is on lifetime. either that or forensic files on HLN. i am single but i am mingling with my friends.