Sunday, August 14, 2022


today wasn't normal church. it was a rededication of the LDS temple in DC area. i loved it. my family isn't LDS but they're supportive of the religion.

Friday, August 12, 2022

sleep issues

i've been sleeping weirdly recently. granted, I had bronchitis a couple weeks ago. i'm trying to get back on a normal sleep schedule. also, trying to eat better since the sleep schedule being weird. since i've been up early-ish today i was able to get a good routine. hopefully, i'll be able to get back to a normal sleep schedule soon. Especially since i'm going on vacation next week and i'll need to be up earlier while i'm with the family.

hot chocolate

i made a hot chocolate tonight. it's not just that i'm cold but it's good. i needed this to help me sleep. while i'm happy about it it's great tasting.


i'm going on vacation next week. i'm so excited. we went on a family reunion trip last month and it was fun. this time we're using amtrak and a bus to get where we're going. it'll be awesome. the boys will kinda know what it's like to be me in terms of getting around places. anyways we're going to virginia, which is horrible in terms of traffic so we might be have a better time going there.

good tips

i got into this youtuber Jordan Page. She's a good financial guru. we've occasianally do her "challenges" once in a while. Especially since we're trying to save some money. While we're not following them to a T we do our own spin on them. they're good for us once in a while. we like them and it's great for the family budget. Also, if you use what you've got and then feed off them they'll be able to cut down your food budget. i literally ate vegetarian for a week that i had in the fridge, freezer and pantry i didn't even need to get anything from the store or ask a friend of mine to get something from the store aside from a bag from snacks and things when i went out, meaning i didn't need to do a weekly food shop as i'd had a decent amount of food in the house. once we'd done something similar to what Jordan calls "shelftember". She'd said try and spend as less as we can. that's pretty good that we did it, since we'd only spent about half of what we'd usually spent but had enough to feed us for that month. my family was able to save it during that month.