Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Funny and cute

When I was a kid my mom used to call the area we have in our house we're calling the forest the "100 acre woods" which is a nod to the Winnie the Pooh

YouTube channel

While I'm still doing my videos its fun. my mom loves it and even took control of 1 video. Its kinda hilarious to see it but I like doing my channel.

house sitting

I love house sitting. While i'm into having the house to myself it's also kinda scary. I've had some people over possibly. While i'm usually ok on my own since I've had some lung issues it's kinda ok for me to go out with my friends possibly.

true crime stuff

I don't know why i'm drawn to true crime stuff. Why? I don't know. While i'm watching more of this, i'm not sure. My mom was kinda freaked out at that point. While it's kinda weird to listening to it's also awesome. my friends had been like, "I'm stronger than they are" as many people wouldn't be able to do the things i do.

Suicide of Joyce Marilyn Meyer Sommers

Joyce Marilyn (Meyer) Sommers, also known as the Christmas Tree Lady, was a formerly unidentified American woman who died by suicide in a cemetery in Annandale, Virginia on December 18, 1996. She was identified more than 25 years later on May 11, 2022. Life: Sommers was born to Arthur Meyer and Margaret Meyer and had four siblings. She was raised in Davenport, Iowa and later attended Iowa State University. Sommers then relocated to Los Angeles to work at a magazine. After she left the magazine, she taught second grade at a local Los Angeles elementary school. In the 1960s, Sommers and her mother had an argument when she felt that her mother was treating her terribly. Sommers then moved to Seattle and married but later divorced in 1977. She then moved to Tucson, Arizona where her siblings visited her. This was the last time they saw her. Her siblings later hired private investigator to locate her, but this failed. In the early 1990s, Sommers's brother traveled to Tucson in an attempt to locate her, only to find the trailer she had lived in abandoned. In it, he discovered a book, "The Target Child", written by Sommers. In the book, she wrote about her supposed abusive upbringing. Suicide: On December 18, 1996, a little after 9 a.m., workers at the Pleasant Valley Memorial Park Cemetery in Annandale, Virginia, discovered the body of a woman. She was found near the section of the cemetery where infants are buried. They then called police. It was discovered that she put a bag over her head and secured the bag with tape. She was wearing a red shirt, a sweater, blue pants, and an Eddie Bauer jacket. An 8 in (200 mm) Christmas tree and her backpack were found next to her. She was also found to be listening to a cassette tape using a tape player and headphones. Two notes were found with one saying, "Now I lay me down to sleep, soon to drift to the eternal deep. And though I die and shall not wake, sleep sweeter will be than this life I forsake." The second message read "Deceased by own hand. Prefer no autopsy. Please order cremation, with funds provided. Thank you, Jane Doe." Two $50 bills were found with her. One of the bills was for the cemetery, and the other bill was for the coroner. Authorities determined that she committed suicide by suffocation, but were unable to identify her. Investigation: The then unidentified woman, nicknamed the Christmas Tree Lady, was reported to be a Caucasian woman, had a height of around 5 ft 0 in (1.52 m), and was between 50-70 years old. Alcohol and valium was found in her system. Hoping to find a match, authorities looked at many nearby cases which involved missing people, but they failed. In 2000, a colored sketch of the Christmas Tree Lady was released. In January 2022, the Texas lab, Othram, conducted tests using DNA. The tests were made possible by donations. In May 2022, Othram discovered that a man, David Meyer, could be the Christmas Tree Lady's brother. After David Meyer looked at the drawing of the Christmas Tree Lady, he was not able to say whether or not she was his sister because the last time he saw her was decades ago. The detectives were then told to go to his sister, Clough. After seeing the drawing, Clough said that she was definitely Joyce. DNA was taken from Clough, and the Christmas Tree Lady was identified as 69 year old Joyce Marilyn Meyer Sommers. She was not reported missing.

Friday, October 7, 2022

scary stuff

Last night during the zoom call i did with my family I said i hadn't gotten around to watching the Jeffrey Dahmer documentary. While i'm intrested in it I hadn't seen it as I've been trying to get used to the life post pneumonia. It's cool and i've basically listened to all the Jeffrey Dahmer stuff on youtube.

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Getting out of my comfort zone

While I'll be "getting out of my comfort zone" I might be getting out of the "comfort zone" with a friend or different people since it'll be going out of the areas I'm comfortable with. It'll be great to do new things. While I'm excited my friends might be intrested in this as well as other things.

Holiday videos

Since the holidays are coming up on my youtube channel will be getting some holiday videos. They're awesome since those aren't the usual "all year round" type of videos I take. While I'll be doing my usual videos they will be a welcome addition since they're decent videos.

water weight loss

Since I got out of the hospital my brother had gotten me a water bottle i'd expressed intrest in getting as a present. While it's nice it also helped me lose a few pounds. While I'm still overweight as well as having some issues it's good to have. I like water bottles. I needed one before the yoga class I took before the pandemic shut things down. I'd gotten that 1 and then stopped using it temporarily during the early days of the pandemic. I hadn't realized I'd gotten dehydrated and why I was acting weird due to it. That caused my acting weird. Anyways, the way I used the water bottles helps with my health.

new diet

So once I'd gotten out of the hospital my mom and I have been trying in order to get healthy. I've been trying to eat as much vegetarian food as I can since I'm mostly a vegetarian. Much of this has been because I had severe pneumonia, which isn't good since I learned that I've got some iron issues.


I've used the Amtrak a few times. I've only used the dining car a couple times since i'd gone with my family. i'd actually gotten coffee once and then my family got some stuff. I've taken the amtrak twice on my own in order to get to and from job stuff and then once with my family for the vacation. It was kinda awesome since i'd gone places without my family and then with them.