Saturday, May 25, 2019


I hope to be a published author. Both my novel and short story are on Amazon publishing for consumption

Friday, May 10, 2019

Where's my flashlight

So I was at bible study in Kauai and was told to take the message home. I'm like sure; will do. Where's my flashlight. I'd grabbed it, threw it to the side and was about to put my phone in my bag when an elder said he'd wanna see me in the celestial kingdom. I agreed to meet him there

Murder of Mary Silvani

Mary Edith Silvani, formerly known as "Sheep Flats Jane Doe"/"Washoe County Jane Doe", was a woman found shot to death near Lake Tahoe in Nevada in 1982. She was a victim of serial killer James Richard Curry, who committed suicide in prison in January 1983 after confessing to three other murders. Silvani was born in Pontiac, Michigan as the only daughter of John and Blanche Silvani. Discovery: The body of a woman aged between 25 and 35 was found by hikers on July 17, 1982 in Sheep Flats, Washoe County, Nevada, near Lake Tahoe. The woman had been shot in the back of the head as she was bending over, possibly to tie her shoes. The bullet hole on her head had been covered with men's underwear. The victim wore a light yellow pair of tennis shoes, a sleeveless blue shirt, jeans with a blue bikini bottom in its pocket and a blue swimsuit underneath. The shirt had been sold at stores in California, Washington and Oregon. Investigation: At her autopsy, a vaccination scar was located on her left arm, another on her abdomen. In addition, one of her toenails had a large bruise underneath. The woman had hazel eyes, was around five feet five inches in height, weighed 112 pounds, and had brown hair tied back in a bun. Her last meal was a salad. She was originally believed to be from Europe due to the inoculation scars on her arm and her dental work. An independent dental examination in 2010 has discredited this original assumption. She was dressed for a day at the lake: jeans and t-shirt over a blue bathing suit. Upon close forensic inspection, it was determined the t-shirt was sold only on the West Coast, leading investigators to believe she may have visited or had been residing in one of the western states before her murder. Identification: It has been confirmed that she was born in Michigan and her father was Italian. Most of her family is deceased, and she was not reported missing. In July 2018, it was announced she has been tentatively identified, and in September her identity was confirmed, although withheld, due to the ongoing investigation. Her identity was announced in May 2019. As of May 2019, Silvani's case is considered closed.

Friday, May 3, 2019


I've written a short story on amazon publishing. it'll be ready by Monday night