Sunday, November 30, 2014


I'm into selfie especially about hash tags and swag. I was at Starbucks in the hotel yesterday so I took a Starbucks selfie. i once got a haircut so i sent my mom a picture from Starbucks. should've taken it with my drink but oh well.


I used to be terrified of heights when I was younger. now I'm better but when I look down and I'm TERRIFIED. when I was at Hershey park one time I went onto a rollercoaster called the Fahrenheit. anyways I told my mom and she didn't believe me that I was going on that type of a ride since I was such a chicken around heights prior to going on that roller coaster.


I'm in love with my braided hair. I have my braided hair whenever I sleep in order to crimp my hair. with my hair being as thick as it is braiding them is essential to crimp it. I had my hair in a braided fashion in order to try out a Degrassi character's hairdo. its really pretty. I like my hair crimped.

taylor swift

I love Taylor swift. she writes the best music. my mom jokes I know all the songs by her. I don't want to say that but it is possible I do. I like music and I'm into singing. I'm into country crossover music. I like her music. I'm very into her music but I don't know if I know ALL her music.


Shippers are people who want certain people to be in the romantic type of a relationship. I like the nice type of shippers. the type of people who are open-minded to change. my best friend Emily was a violent Jevan (Jackie & Evan) shipper. so violent she wanted me to have no contact with a friend and neighbor of mine. tons of people are Jevan shippers since he and I look cute together and compliment each other. girls ship us, boys ship us. parents, teachers and coaches ship us. toms of people were excited when Jevan was going to prom in 2013. it was nice but kind of embarrassing as well as slightly intrusive.


diets are bad. you put all the weight back on afterwards. mostly, just get good foods. like water, diet sodas or juice versus full calorie and full sugar sodas. exorcise a little more, eat a little bit less, watch your calories, watch the sweets, don't eat before bed, sleep a little more etc.


I look up to people who are inspirational. like Isabelle Caro, who wanted to save someone from the disease anorexia. also she loves life and wants to live. I also look up to Ashley Kerpiel. She says this is her life and she happened to live it.

Isabelle Caro

the most famous sufferer of Anorexia was Isabelle Caro. She agreed to do it since people were suffering from it and she wanted to save 1 person. if she could do that then her job is done. its very interesting and very happy to show that. I'm very happy she happened to do that. I love her strength.

tomorrow is december

I'm very excited since tomorrow is the 1st day of December. I was happy when October 1st came. tons of people were excited about October since September is way too long. December is very excited since college exams and break comes as soon as we are done with exams. its also my baby (youngest) brother's birthday.


there is a movie about Peter Pan all grown up. he's forgotten all about Never land. it shows what happens after Peter grows up. it can say you might get bigger but to stay childish somewhat

Sonia and Julia's anorexia

I saw this episode of intervention. it was about a pair of fraternal twin girls and how they became anorexic. it was so sad since they are competitive. one of them did karate and invited the other to her class. they did that and didn't separate and find their individuality. that really contributed to their anorexia. it shows twins need to separate and grow individually.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


on thanksgiving I said I was thankful for everything in my life, which is true. I'm so happy that everyone was educated enough to help me. I don't have a SET group of friends but I know people and help them as well. I wasn't in the upper tied (the in crowd) but I was very close. on the wedding cake model there is the in-crowd as the top layer. I was in the frosting ring on the outside of the upper tier

Thursday, November 27, 2014


everyone is ballsy to a point. I've been ballsy since I was like 17 years old. I've been ballsy by going into the English office without permission, walking onto NWHS without a guest pass, not dressing conservatively at my old high school. I've gotten more ballsy since I did all those things. I saw a post that said, "good girls are bad girls who are bad girls who don't get caught" and not a ton of people believe it but I think its true since I am an example of that.

student speaker

my BEST friend Evan Angert was the student speaker at the Northwest high school (NWHS) graduation in 2013. He's my best friend. he shared his personal story of dealing with autism. he told us not to use any excuses. Evan's own twin brother, Trevor said it made Trevor realize how stupid all the excuses Trev made and Evan didn't. the next year I went to the 2014 graduation. the student speaker wasn't as good. it was a hard act to follow. She mentioned the song, Let me take a selfie. she mentioned all the things that happened that year and said to look foreword. I can't remember much else since it was so boring.

half chinese

I'm half Chinese. very few can tell I'm part Chinese since I look white or Latina. I'm Chinese thru my father. most people mispronounce my last name as Zoo. I'm often having my last name mispronounced and when I graduated high school I have a yay moment since I FINALLY got my last name pronounced correctly


I've tried bark a few times in my life and I love it. some people might look at that sentence and get confused. others might not. when I mean bark I mean chocolate or peppermint bark. with chocolate on it. really tasty since it has peppermint on it.

the twilight zone- death's head revisited

I rarely watch the twilight zone. a person comes into a hotel to visit his old haunts. I'm scared of inhumane things that are being shown in this episode. some people don't like horror but I do. I like the black and white coloring of this series. this series is a way of good way of using lighting to show the fear.


I had this friend. she and I drifted a apart after a while. once I ran into 2 of my neighbors and ran away since I was 15 and the younger was 7. many kids would agree I was in the right mind frame.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

degrassi- there's you're trouble

Eli and Drew get into a physical fight. Eli and Clare are not by from Clare's pregnancy. Eli punches Drew in the face and then says he (Eli) is mad at Clare. Jonah make Becky realize who she is mad at: Luke. Luke tries apologizing but Becky says its Luke's fault Becky's life isn't good. Becky said she'd forgive him but not yet.

tooth pain

I have frequent teeth pain due to my wisdom teeth surgery. I can chew but it often need pain killers and soft foods to help numb the pain in my teeth. I'm able to grin and bear it half the time. its only when my teeth can't chew. I'm happy my teeth can help me most of the time.

sports award ceremony

I've gone to a couple. I've always been into it since I like showing off. once my brother had me get his if he got any. I came freakishly close to running up for him. I like going to have school spirit. I also like going since I can show off.


apparently I look nice in black. that could be due to my skin tone or my hair, I don't know why. black is slimming so my dad said I should wear black to make me look skinnier. I had black everything once. I was running in black dress which is hilarious. try running in dress shoes. my Letterman jacket, jaguar sweatshirt and sweat pants as well as my juicy sweats are black. I have black uggs. black isn't the ONLY color I own but its about 50% of my wardrobe.

unaccepting LGBT families

some families are homophobic and aren't accepting of a gay or transgender person in their family. in the book series of pretty little liars Emily the youngest girl starts a relationship with a girl. when her family finds out they are livid and push her into a reform program to become straight again. it doesn't work. she is sent to her aunt and uncles house. she runs away and they finally accept Emily for who she is. how can you not accept your kid for who they are? no matter the religion it isn't fair. you should be happy your kid finds someone they love.

letterman jacket

I love my letterman jacket. its brand new. I'm a varsity letterperson from high school. some kid at the football game was in a boys varsity jacket. my dad wanted me to get a boys letterman jacket. my brothers and I agreed that I should get a girls jacket. the girls have a hood and boys get leather sleeves. both are nice but I'm thinking I possibly should've gotten a boys jacket. I like the girls though.

pink and blue

pink and blue are male and female colors. I'm a girl but I like blue since I happened to be a girl. some school administrator said, why can't he come to school dressed as a girl. I can't send my kid to school as a girl when he's a boy. pink and blue aren't able to see a transgender as whoever they perceive themselves. its not in the bible that people who are bad. it isn't bad since I'm OK with it. I'd kiss Adam Torres, who is an FtM. he's adorable.

side bangs

I'm wearing my hair in side bangs. my hair is long. I had my hair in a shag cut and I really want my hair back. my hair is going to be long and insane. I put my hair into a bun and then I happened to try teaching it a lesson. I love my hair long but it isn't a crazy way. in my hair I'll be able to work on my hair. its insane. I like my hair long but its insane since I have to wear my hair long. it is high maintenance.


I don't know how the heck I got into plaid but now I am into it. my dad once asked me why I stole something from my brothers closet. the shirt I was wearing is a unisex or intersex type so girls AND boys can wear it. the thing with plaid is its unisex no matter what. there is plaid shirts, plaid skirts and kilts and everything.

slenderman murders?

how many of us has heard of the slender man murders? the 12 year old girls who tried killing their friend. they stabbed a girl 19 times. she was lured to a perpetrators house thinking it was a birthday party sleepover. one of them said it was weird they didn't feel remorse over the thing. luckily, the girl survived but that is insane. slender man as many of us knows is a tall faceless person who terrorizes people, mostly kids in the woods. they thought they could be Slender man's proxy. unfortunately, they didn't know Slender man is an internet meme.

Carrie and her mother

some people think the mother daughter bond is unbreakable. sometimes it is. in the book Carrie by Stephen king Carrie gets telekinesis and her mother is a schizophrenic. her mother abuses Carrie like crazy since Carrie is sinning in her mothers eyes. in Margret white, Carrie's mom's eyes everything about being a girl is sinful. Margret calls breasts dirty pillows and only girls who are bad get the period. When Carrie makes her prom dress its a strapless and her mother says that she can see her chest and everyone else will too. I wore a strapless and my main concern was whether or not it would fall down since I don't have a bra on.

missing people

within the last year alone 4 kids have gone missing. what is WRONG with people these days? one set of kids is from where I'm from in Maryland. the mom is in a psychiatric hospital and suffers from some sort of mental problem. she is a suspect in her kids disappearance. as Jennifer Mosley from Ned's Declassified would say "what is your deal?"

forensic files- 2 in a million

2 in a million is about a kid who killed his parents and sister because he was in financial debt and wanted his parents money. the reason he killed his sister is because he wanted all the money for himself. that is defiantly greed and some sibling animosity. I'm not on good terms with all 3 of my brothers but they will love me one day. not a good idea to have a sibling and rich parents.

jag swag

I went to Northwest high school. the mascot was a jaguar. I like Jag swag. I have a Letterman jacket since I'm a high school Letterman. I went to 2 playoff games the 2 past years and we won both times I went to the games. so I have: 2.5 uniforms from the allied sports (2 full uniforms and a tee-shirt), a sweatshirt and a Letterman jacket. I'm into jaguar stuff. I wore jaguar stuff. when I was going to northwest high school side some QO kids said we hate northwest. I yelled back, "we hate QO."

juicy coture

I like nice things since I'm into fashion. its one of my things that isn't unique about me. what IS interesting I pretty much I got a juicy couture sweatpants since I got it at Marshall's.

forensic files- over and out

there is a guy who got a bomb and he was killed over a CB radio. if you ask me that is the stupid reason to kill someone over. another sad thing is the victim is only 17 and the perpetrator didn't know the guy was only 17.

religon and homosexuality

I'm not that religious but I'm also not the best person to ask for a recommendation since I can be stuck in some rigid thoughts. I don't think people should condemn homosexuality. they were born that way. why else would they have suffer all the abuse they did? one of my favorite classmates sayings is "take me as I am."one of the LGBTQ people uses it as protection since the person uses it in case they run onto a homophobic person.

going on an adventure

my mother is always on me to go on an adventure. I'm always willing to do that so long I choose where I can go. my mother always wants me to do things that I haven't before so I can get the new experience. once I ran over the town center in German town. I wasn't as "street savvy" as I am now. plus I had gotten "made over" for prom. my toenails were mostly wet and I was in thin flip flops so not an easy task. I was able to do it but like I said not as street savvy.


I had a 2 hour nap today since I'm so tired. I'm glad to have my time to sleep. sleeping is nice especially since I'm not often getting tons of sleep. one time I went off coffee for a couple days and got more sleep since I wasn't all caffeinated up. good on that

foresnic files- gold rush

the forensic files episode I watched is called gold rush. a guy gets into an accident and gets scars. he kills a girl who isn't pregnant but says she is. he says its a suicide but it was a homicide since Sheila was right handed and didn't have good knowledge of the gun.

the disappearence of jaycee dugard

I was unhappy when I found out when I found out Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped. she was found around the same I started high school. people could have known it was her but the police didn't do a good job.


I love twitter. I'm able to write things and people and follow me. my mom doesn't think its a good idea but I like it. my former high school principal and old teachers do social media as well.

forensic files- lasting impression

there is something wrong with someone being a 13 year old and saying she is 19 years. they thought a girl was 19 but she was only 13. she was killed since people who did drugs thought the 13 year old girl stole cocaine. they killed the girl due to that. they found a piece of chewing gum. a suspect chewed the same type that was there at the site where the girls body was. gum can have a copy of people's teeth. this is interesting since people are unaware gum can do that. it was 1 of the only things that connected the people to the girl.

snow in november?

well we haven't had snow in November. it's insane but hey, snow in November ... only in MoCo. I love saying only in MoCo. this should be a rarity since its only 1 of the rarities of life.

cotton eyed joe

its a silly line dance that people dance to at dances. its fun. I wonder what would've happened at club fun had we done it there. I love the crazy frog and chipmunk versions. I'm in love with this dance.


I've mentioned pain tolerance: I have a very high one. there is something called intolerance. especially about LGBTQ issues. my favorite quote about that is Adam asking about the bible and science. he says, "you'll say look past the bible for a mollusk but not about a play about 2 guys in love?" and says, "because of intolerance like yours I've been thrown out of washrooms, beaten up bad."


everyone talks about the LGBT (lesbian, gay bisexual transgender) community disgusting. what I find disgusting is fully grown men flirting with girls who just turned 18 years old. that's just disgusting and WRONG. hello they are barely 18 and you ask them out? Ew. find someone your own age stupid. than again they COULD be pedophiles who do that. I'm talking about grown men who are taking advantage of girls who are barely legal. that might not be punishable by law but that in my moral standards is just as gross.

call me maybe

I love call me maybe since I'm also crushing on a neighbor. I learned how to sign a couple sentences in that song. its awesome I can do that.


I only got into blogging this year. mostly its little things I see but sometimes I'll do little stories or talk about whatever the heck I think of. i guess you guys liked my posts on my brother and yoga. i should think of more things like that.

ASL professor

my ASL professor is interesting mix. he can be happy and jokey one minute but make him mad and he gets mad. he's also a little weird. like once he tried to get me to ride the bus with him. I live equidistant between both stations but its creepy I think to have a professor and student ride a bus together. he's nice though. he let me out early due to my allergies, let me get a retake and told me we didn't have class. he's nice to talk to but he is a little on the weird side.


I used to skateboard when I was younger. I was pushed to quit because of my terrible balance which I am working on. I've never lost my love just my fear of going onto a skateboard has made me quit. I fell off a skateboard once and now I am afraid to go back on.

dunkin donuts

I love dunkin donuts especially since I can get a free donut. I'm a snacker. I love food and coffee. I will go there if there is no food in the house. then again dunkin donuts isn't a good idea since I'm diabetic but it'll help with my blood sugar.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

thanksgving week

Thursday is thanksgiving and yesterday was my brothers birthday. this is shaping up to be a great week since I only had 1 class a day the past 2 days. I'm so happy for this week.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


how many people know our high school, middle school or elementary school principal? elementary or middle maybe but i don't know high school. i knew my high school principal. the few times i spoke with her she was nice. it was so embarrassing when she said i was a good reflection of northwest high school. not that I'm not flattered its just i was singled out as that.

easy A

i love easy A. the girl who plays the main character is hilarious in that movie. its like I'm blogging like her. minus the whole wearing too tight clothing and branding A on her whole wardrobe.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


i thought sex sold but apparently controversial stories like Shocking sells. if being sex AND controversial stories were together it would fly off the shelves. the thing is I'm a "good girl" but apparently good girls are bad girls were bad girls who don't get caught. i hardly get caught since I'm allowed to do things since I'm in college.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

the legend of sleepy hollow

i love scary and creepy stuff. always have. when i saw the legend of sleepy hollow by my old high schools marching band it was AMAZING. kinda wanted to tell Matthew that but I'm not sure he saw me.

hair dye

i am ADDICTED to dyeing my hair. i dyed my hair once and never stopped loving it. i dyed my hair blonde once ad then blue. it turned green for like a day or so then back to blonde. its always been blonde whenever i dye it

Monday, November 17, 2014

ugg boots

i got into ugg boots my freshman year in high school. my former nanny took me to her bank and she saw some girls around my age (they WERE my former classmates) and thought I'd like those boots as well. I've been getting those since then. I'm not saying I'm not into it i can wear it so pretty and my feet are good.


i love tasting Starbucks drinks since i am usually adventurous. I'm not saying i don't do it every day but I'm unable to since its unhealthy. my mom also gave me an ultimatum either cut down on Starbucks or I'm gonna be cut off.

Friday, November 14, 2014

graduating high school

that was most insane day of my life. I wasn't comfy but I had to wear a dress. I wanted to wear shorts. I wasn't physically shaking but I was scared. my friends supported me in putting on my medical bracelet and they also would've caught me in case I collapsed. you could've knocked me over with a feather since one of my neighbors was there and .... it was so sweet he wanted to hug me.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

crazy fanfic

Jackie and Emily were packing for a trip to Fiji. they were on the phone with their respective boyfriends Evan and Alex. Emily and i were modeling our skimpiest outfits for each other when my neighbor Matt walks in. Emily notices him first and hides in a bed. i say, "what the fu- oh Ah" ducking as well. "Matthew we love you but next time knock." Emily yells. Matthew says sorry. he walks out covers his eyes and knocks, "male counselor entering chickadee apartment." Emily and i cover up. when we do i say, "OK Matt you can come in." Emily rolls her eyes and yell love doves. Alex and Evan call back since our lines went dead when Matt came in. i say we are both OK. Emily keeps yelling love does as she makes and serves dinner and rum. Jatt makes out. Evan and Alex come over for dinner. Evan sees me making out and clears his throat. everyone talks about the impending trip to Fiji. Matt asks about who is apartment sitting. Emily pays him 10 dollars to do it. He then asks who will be watching me tonight. I scoot over to Evan and give Matt a knowing look. Jevan makes love in the shower. I change into a lacy bra and thong combo and we continue until Emily asks what Jevan is doing. i point at my lingerie. she points at hers. we both laugh. Matt walks in without knocking again. he said, "Jackie i need.... omigod." Jemily say, "Matt knock." Jevan and Emalex make love all night. we go to Fiji and have fun. we hang out in the lagoon where Jackie scares Emily.


my god Halloween was fun. i had a doctors appointment. my mom wasn't allowing me to do my full Halloween costume. after i was able to do it. i went to Starbucks and then people were freaking out since i was covered in fake blood. then i happened to go hang with Evan and others. it was fun since i went to dinner. my favorite thing was doing i went to red robin. i told the dude who showed us our table if we didn't good service I'd curse red robin for the rest of the night.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I'm thinking we all know what fashion is. what stinks is I'm thinking we are all becoming more fixated on fashion. i mean i can't wear basketball shorts and high heels? wear whatever makes you comfy. tons of people have told me this. the odd thing is we can wear a skirt with basketball shoes but we can't wear basketball shorts and heels? the heck?


we usually live with them. some are good parents. others aren't. i know we can't live with them but we can't live without them. my parents were LAME. most parents are pretty lame. my mom usually pronounces aeropostale (a favorite store of mine) the french way. my mom often makes fun of the Starbucks drinks.

holiday drinks

we all like coffee. I'm not sure why people drink holiday drinks though. I'll drink one occasionally. its fun to drink but they have tons of calories, something someone like should be careful of.

good karma

once i received a pass to go to the main office. i was scared and left my stuff there in my class. i went to the office and then i ran into an old teacher. i told her what i was doing. she said i was a good girl and that's its a good thing. when i got there someone had given me a card saying thank you and gave me a Starbucks gift card. it was nice and mom said i was glad to get it since i was giving someone their phone back.


OK so once i was walking the halls without a hall pass. i was returning something for a teacher. i ran into all 4 grade level administrators. for some reason they didn't ask me for a pass. they just told me not to run in the halls. like i would. no one does.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

veterans day

today is veterans day. its nice to have a day to celebrate our troops. my dad asked me why i had classes today since it was veterans day. i mean i had classes on election day and a Jewish holiday so....

Monday, November 10, 2014

Veterans day

tomorrow is Veterans day. my mother invited me to a veterans day concert. i like going to things like that. i might as well miss Degrassi but i can see it Wednesday or Thursday.

pumpkin bread

i'm in LOVE with starbuck's pumpkin bread. its so tasty. then again i'm REALLY into pumpkin bread. and pumpkin anything. i got into it once when i got some cash to walk around.

the great gatsby

yesterday i saw my school's production of the great gatsby. it was so nice. i loved the mistress of Daisy's husband. i loved the climax because its where the drama comes to a head.

Saturday, November 8, 2014


everyone questions themselves once in a while usually its "am I good enough?" I've been questioning my sexuality recently. I've been wondering who would I like to be with? a girl or a boy? its certainly a hot button topic.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Kudos to degrassi

I love Degrassi. its very awesome. my favorite video ABOUT Degrassi is where we hear someone talk about Adam being transgender. I'm very happy the show DID talk about that sensitive an issue. the video:

Thursday, November 6, 2014

forensic files- unholy vows

i love forensic files since there is something cool every episode. i loved the episode unholy vows. its about a war crimes against a bishop. I'm very happy about this episode since i love it. i also love it since i watched it after a crazy day.

lincoln lawyer

I'm happy I like forensic science books. I'm very happy everyone likes me doing my passion. I've always had something for forensic science. Lincoln Lawyer is a series following this Lawyer named Mickey Haller as he solves crimes. sometimes with his ex-wife and his beloved sidekick. I've tried reading it but it's not been a major priority since I've started MC and I'm quite busy with work.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Degrassi and full house

i like both shows because they tackle some tough issues. i also like how they TACLKE said issues.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

facts vs opinion

sometimes we state our opinion as facts. I'm telling my friends that I'm not mad I'm stating facts. it IS true since I'm not mad about something but stating what other people thought about the subject. others would argue that some people are stating their opinions AS fact. 1 of my neighbors was on 1 side an issue and another neighbor was pretty much on the other and she became violent about it.

akward question

"well? you didn't answer my question." that's considered rude if u don't answer. the funniest way of trying to get out of answering this is pretending to go thru a tunnel. it'd be WEIRD if they are in the car. or if you don't have a phone.

funny story

so i had a drink i was gonna drink before a game and EVERYONE went crazy over it. its as if they'd never saw a pre-game drink before. so I'd gotten it at the clearance area in Safeway the day before. i was like, OK I'm gonna go drink this and everyone went CRAZY. they took it to get a better look at the dang thing. I'm like, it's just a drink. what's the big deal?

Ali's pretty little lies

Ali's pretty little lies is the prequel novel to the pretty little liars BOOK series. i love it. i got my own copy with my own birthday money. it explains a lot.


college usually has a 2 month break. after my exams i have a license to laze around or go to the mall. most likely going to the mall. god I'm gonna be so bored

Monday, November 3, 2014

dancing queen

i LOVE dancing queen because i can dance to it a lot. its very dancable

national sandwich day

National sandwich day? oh come on. what's next? this is seriously hilarious and gives me stuff to blog about. other than songs.

Carrie underwood

I'm in LOVE with Carrie Underwood. my mom hates country music but doesn't mind Carrie Underwood since she's a crossover. i like her because she's fun.


I, as a loyal harry potter fan love all things harry potter. I tried butterbeer in Florida. its kind of sugary but very tasty. my brothers tried the foam, even the picky one. I also tried the butterbeer frappe from Starbucks. butter beer is butterscotch and root beer. I gave my brothers tastes but my middle brother was very reluctant and had to be bullied into trying it, even thought it was even smaller than what an 11 year old had. Our 11 year old brother had a bigger spoonful than my 15 year old one. Butterbeer is a tasty drink. I ran into my brothers AFTER I finished the drink so offered the foam.

red robin

I went to red robin's on Friday. it was pretty fun. I wore my Carrie costume that day. I use my "telekinesis" to freak my friends out. I told the guy who shoed us our table if I didn't get decent service I'd "curse" red Robin that night. it was fun. and I got great service so I didn't curse it. Red Robin is a nice restaurant. I've been there with my friends before. I asked 1 of my friends what he thought I should get. he told me what I should get.


ok so Halloween was pretty intresting. i had a doctors appointment in the afternoon. i went in a "prom" dress. my mom refused me to let me wear my fake blood. afterwards i put my fake blood and then i went to starbucks. someone asked if i was hurt. halloween night: i put the finishing touches on my costume. i go out with my friends. i use my telekenis to freak my friends out. i get winked at. during the movie i "cuddle" up to a friend. we stay up until 1:30 AM. i come home punch drunk.

third degree

i got put thru the third degree SO many times it got annoying. it was the same thing over and over again. my after HS plans. i was put thru it twice by 1 family.


over the summer i went to 3 graduations in a month or less. i went to a NWHS graduations, LPMS graduation and a DTES one. the LPMS and DTES on the same day. my friend tricked me into going to the NWHS one. i got SO sick of them by the end of the third. i have to go to another 1 this summer.


i like coffee. when i don't have it i can be cranky, tired, irritable and not pleasant. over the summer i went off coffee for a couple days and i had a nap in the middle of the day both days.


most people i know have a nick name. some are a shortening of one's name. although i refer to this 1 guy as "dude in a suit" since he is usually IN a suit. i hate my real name since I'm usually in trouble whenever i am using my real name. this 1 guy thought Jackie was my REAL name.


i LOVE Jesse from full house. he's the cool guy on the show. i love how he usually slides and ends up on the counter. although once Danny, Jesse's brother in law WAXED the counter so Jesse ended OFF the counter. i LOVE jesse's attitude to things

pumpkin spice

i like pumpkin spice. its very tasty. i can take advantage of it since its seasonal.


OK so there IS a holiday between Christmas and Halloween. its thanksgiving. i'm giving a few things i'm grateful for: a loving family a supportive community education life lessons friends what's yours?

make up

I'm only wearing make up today to hide the signs of strain on my body. I got too much sleep yesterday and very little sleep on Saturday. then I happened to party WAY too hard Friday. I don't want to say I have a makeup addiction but I like wearing it. I like my lipstick and my tinted moisturizer the most. mostly its a good way for me to get tan and look hotter. I'm not trying to look like I got gangbanged by Crayola but I like looking tanner and hide the signs of strain on my eyes. I do have a problem with that. I don't get my 8 hours a night so more often than not I'm wearing a mascara and eyeliner to help make it look semi-nice.


OK so on Thursday and Friday i partied. now I'm kinda woozy. then again i have 8 cups of caffeine laden coffee in my system. on Thursday was club fun and i danced, ate sugary candy and ghosted. Friday i partied with my friends. it was either stay at my friends house and freak his parents out or go home at 1:30 in the morning. i got locked in my dad's laundry room.