Tuesday, December 26, 2023


I'm suffering from burnout. Likely because I feel like I need to go everywhere. Also pressure to go to church all the time. I'm finally getting some down time to relax

Junk food

Since we're on vacation we're eating junk food a lot more than usual. I love the stuff. As weird as some of the things are they are nice and silly. My aunt sent us some of the stuff but others were from neighbors. It was awesome

Christmas at Hershey

I love it. Hershey Pennsylvania is a good usually but I love it while it's expensive. I had a great time there


I love my pants. they're awesome. my favorite jeans are the high rise jeggings

Monday, December 18, 2023


I've mentioned that I have this. It drives me nuts and others too when I'm in a lot of pain. I'm still one of the lucky ones that I have a milder form of it. I know I should be happy about it but I don't like it. Most can't tell I have it, like many people can't tell I'm autistic

Go on vacation

Since I'm leaving on Saturday for a family vacation I will possibly just get a bunch of fast food and gas station foods. Not that should be a regular part of my diet but since I am going out of state in a few days I don't feel like going to the store for food

Go back

I went to the kentlands ward (or my old Mormon congregation). I loved it. They were so happy to have me back. They treated me like queen Jackie. I waved at everyone. I joined an instant choir thing and I was talking to everyone. Everyone at the old congregation thought my youth parish was in the former building it was in

Tuesday, December 12, 2023


I'm usually addicted to sushi. While I live in the Asian life it's nice


I'm trying to heal from the craziness of life

Monday, December 11, 2023

Cute kids

I love playing with babies. I used to work with kids. I helped out a family who had a kid running around from them. My mom asked about a family about the baby. I was running around for the family and helping them. I saw pictures of the family but they are cute

Saturday, December 9, 2023


A bunch of people from the church I go to were supporting me in the race i did. I'm happy about that since I was so sick the previous year so i figured it was a good way to repay their kindness. My friends wanted to see that

Mad dash

while my friend was watching me do the 5k in September I made a mad dash for the corner. They're supportive of me

Dracula costume

I dressed up as Dracula for the trunk or treat I'd gone to. I'd worn a different dress for the temple trip but I love it when I have 2 different outfits. I actually wore a skirt and top for the outfit. People thought it was a dress. I love it since they liked seeing me

Dance party

I had a little private dance party at the trunk or treat I'd gone to. the kids from the family I love were like what is this lady doing in the heels

Thursday, December 7, 2023

favorite food

on thanksgiving I'd asked what everyone's favorite food was. I'd asked this in response to wondering about the favorite food to calm someone down. Chinese food is the consensus for my family.


My friend is usually joked about being my boyfriend. He's been such a great friend to me. He's helped me out and we've been having so much fun together and we're super good together. We've been trying stuff he and I like and have tried them. My mom's telling my family that he makes me so happy, which I love it and I laugh at it

The mall

So I went to the mall with my friend. He followed me into the girls store. I'd said that he could wait outside while I go into the girls store but he went with me. He helped me pick out gifts for my family which is nice. His eyes are weird in the girls store. I'm like let's go out of here and see other stuff. He's such a good man for reminding me

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Dollar tree haul

I did a dollar tree haul recently. Its kinda hilarious since I got a few things that's decorations but i like things for easy stuff

Crazy stories

My aunt and my friends love my crazy stories. An example is having birthdays around holidays. Also my friends noticed that I don't get as cold as easily as others

Condiment packs

I love those things. I can get that stuff and use that kinda thing for food whenever I can. I'll get my food and then add whatever I have


Allergies are in full swing. It drives me crazy because my allergies are kicking me in the head. I'll use napkins as my tissues

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Allergies season

When I was a little kid I was thought to have a serious health issue but when I was sick in the ICU last summer I was actually put on allergy medicine and it started clearing up the mucus in my head which was found in my head. I'm severely allergic to pollen to the point of my illness a couple of years ago and now I'm on my lung health meds its like my family got me back

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Meal prep

I've been meal prepping. It's hard for me since I'm not sure how to do that well but I did such a good job since I was getting better at the meal prep and budgeting

Playing with babies

I still love playing with babies. They're so cute. Also I helped a family with young kids and they are so cute. I was like come here when running around the church since the kid ran off. I was grabbing him for his dad

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Smell of clean

I just cleaned up my apartment. literally there are bugs in my apartment and I was like okay just clean up the apartment and now it smells amazing

better at budgeting

I'm getting much better at budgeting. I've been getting into going only 2x a month. the last time was to walmart and it was a large one. it was under 100 dollars and lasted me 2 weeks.


I'm getting better at adulting. from getting to and from my appointments as well as going grocery shopping.


I might have a lot of stuff to do with my friends and family if i might have a party

Volunteer position

This volunteer position is eating up a lot of time on Monday. I don't mind but it's hectic


I might be throwing a party after the holidays are over. My friends wanna see my new apartment. I'll have to try and clean it up as best I can before the party so I can show people around the new apartment

Friday, October 27, 2023

Hair falling out

My hair is falling out like crazy. My long hair is a good thing but it'll fall out like crazy


I get an occasional headache. Mainly for the headache from the joint pain

Allergies treatment

I did aromatherapy for my lung issues. Since i learned that I can get better

Scoliosis joint issues

My old scoliosis issues are coming back but the main reason for that is because of some weight loss issues. While I was sore and sensitive to it I'm feeling better

Thursday, October 26, 2023


Its the season of allergies. I hated that since I hate taking allergy medicine. Granted I got sick so maybe it's not that bad

Playing with babies

I have a talent for playing with little babies and toddlers. I gave a family a hand and gave them a little enthusiasm for the kid. He's a cutie pie

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Hair treatment

on Monday I did a coconut oil hair treatment. I still smell it since I washed my hair today. i think my shampoo has coconut in it

New show

When I got sick last year I watched a new show and was addicted to it. I watched videos from it on repeat

Tuesday, October 24, 2023


I got snacks for the week (mostly a few days) but they are nice and comfy


I got glasses and they're amazing and I loved them. plus they look cool


I've got some books to read. They're amazing and a thing to support the author

Hair coloring

I've been busy to color my hair like when I was younger. I loved it when I was younger. It was crazy silly as a kid

Saturday, October 21, 2023


Last night I hung out with my brother. While I was originally was going to the temple trip with the kids from the youth parish I go to i couldn't because of a lack of a ride. it was fun


I'm eating a bunch of candy. While I shouldn't be eating a bunch of candy the way I am i love it. Plus I love sugary foods

Joint pain

I have scoliosis and sometimes I have a lot of joint pain. I'm still trying to be not cranky as I had been though that's because I had a couple of accidents on my back. Luckily I feel way better than I had been

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

No one would miss me

I was watching the Degrassi 2 parter "Bittersweet symphony" and I was thinking about who might miss me if I was to commit suicide or die. The character talking this person down said "his family, friends, hockey team and his crush." This person has a kid and that's why he stuck around. My aunt Jacquie thinks about people who have mental health issues since she knows a few people like that. If it was me it would be my family, friends from different parishes and my new friends

Tuesday, October 17, 2023


I got some candy. While I've got some health issues I like them.

mental health

when people don't listen or trust me it makes me angry. With things like crying and hot chocolate, I i feel amazing.


I might be wearing my costume next Monday since I might be going out to DC with my friends


My teeth are shaped kinda weird. I've had straight teeth but my inscisors are sharp and my 2 front teeth are "buck" (overbite) but I didn't need braces despite my need that

Budget meals

I've got quite a lot of budget meals for the next few days. I went to Walmart yesterday and i got everything for the next couple of weeks

Sunday, October 15, 2023


for the longest time I've wanted braces but my teeth are never bad enough for them. yes I've got a couple of overbite teeth and some "fangs" aka sharp incisors its just cosmetic. I'm not saying braces are a medical necessity but in my case they're cosmetic issues


on a previous blog post i mentioned that I sometimes had tooth pain. Well I floss and brush my teeth along with the mouthwash I find that my teeth are better


I've got a lot of pillows. Once I grabbed some stuff from target last week I have a lot of pillows to decorate my apartment

Bigger hauls

I've been having a ton of grocery hauls. I'm trying to stock up on stuff for the long term as best I can. Especially candy and stuff like fish

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Hot chocolate

I made a huge thing of hot chocolate since its rainy day today


I am going the mall for the Christmas decorations in the Christmas season with a friend. It's awesome because Christmas is a good time. A friend likely thinks that's my boyfriend

Friday, October 13, 2023

Friday, October 6, 2023


So i'm the 3rd generation aunt-niece with the name Jackie. My aunt and great aunt misspell their names which is ironic as their mom's are teachers. my mom spelled it correctly.

Mental energy vs physical energy

I've been trying to get better since I was ill last summer. While I'm physically better for the most part my mental energy is to a degree worse. I can still do stuff and get through most of my life but I'm tired mentally and I don't know why

My mom

my mom is crazy about the volunteer position I have. Also whenever I do something she likes She'll talk about it on the family zoom call

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

crazy dance class

last night i got taken to a crazy activity last night. While i was okay at it. While I wasn't shocked about it I'm like okay i'm new at this. I had a lot of fun. While my mom wasn't there I was suggested to bring chips and salsa. 2 of my friends from church had to dance together. While that might not sound weird they were both guys.


I love my ravenclaw stuff. I've been happy with this stuff

Sunday, October 1, 2023

grocery haul

I've been getting into grocery hauls lately. They're fun. Also I'm trying to learn how to budget and getting bigger and bigger hauls are more expensive but they save me a ton of money.


I can't wait for the weather to get colder

Volunteer position

I got a volunteer position for the church i go to. Its awesome since I learned that I am a natural at learning how to help out


I went for a walk in the Montgomery village area where I live now. Its nice to see where I live. It reminds me of my childhood


I feel amazing after the shower. I like the shower gel i use. Its so good to smell nice

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Dance class

I have a lot of dance class on a regular basis. on Monday I am going to another that I haven't done

Joint pain

I'm in a lot of joint pain. Granted i haven't been able to see my scoliosis doctor but I can tell my body is feeling better despite the issues

Friday, September 29, 2023

Scoliosis yoga pose

I've been doing a yoga pose for my back. Its been helpful for the pain

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Girls night

Last night I was with some of my friends from the youth parish I go to. We went to chick fil a and sheetz. We had a great time

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Growing my hair out

I love my hair. I grew my hair out and I love it since I grew it out and I haven't had a hair cut since December. I loved the hair. While I grew up with my hair long, I sometimes cut it out while I am a tomboy who is girly


I went shopping one Friday. I was like oh those are cute things. I was like "oh wow that's nice". Plus they are in the sale rack

New friend

I got a new friend. Its awesome. Once i ran into her once in a while and she and I have a few things in common

The mall

I've been going to the mall in Bethesda. I went today and ran into my friend

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

eternally young

apparently i'm going to be eternally young. Seriously many people are like, "how old are you?" I've been told they'd have to card me at liquour stores. I find it funny. one of my friends was even asked if she was old enough to be selling cigarettes.

Sunday, September 10, 2023


I took a nap today. I was so tired and I must've been super exhausted since I took a nap on the floor. I also didn't realize that I needed it more than people realized or that i planned. I woke up with a headache. Must've been a dehydration headache or something like that


I'm going to do a giant grocery haul tomorrow. Im running out of a lot of stuff so i figured why not? I live for the grocery haul videos I make. They're awesome

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Nail polish

I painted my nails today on YouTube and talked about my life since the pneumonia


Here's a good thing: the last time I went grocery shopping i got enough for a couple of weeks. Now I'm going to be getting more food like that so i can stick to a budget and save some money for the future. I like doing that kinda thing for my family in the future and I think I can do it as best as possible. I am shocked about the amount of food I had and that I was just stocked up for the couple of weeks that I had to do that. Its amazing. I think I'll try and replicate it as often as I can

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Anna Duggar

I feel bad for Anna Duggar. She's stuck in a seemingly loveless and somewhat abusive marriage. Josh is a horrible person to be married to and i feel bad for the kids and his wife. Granted Michelle and Jim Bob have a horrible marriage too. Josh is going for the marriage his parents unfortunately modeled for them. Anna should have gotten a divorce from Josh. Unfortunately she won't leave him. Josh is a bad guy and he needs to be divorced for the sake of the kids


I cleaned my apartment up. It feels amazing and looks nice too

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Shopping list

I wrote a shopping list and I realized it was enough for a couple of weeks which is amazing because it was under 100 dollars and I stretched it for 2 weeks


Everyone congratulated me on my 5k. my own doctors gave me a high five

Rubber Birkenstocks

I've had some old sandals and I bought some new shoes on sale. My mom's like "it's a good idea" since I've been wearing the old ones for it


I've got tons of bags. some are reusable


I'm growing my hair out and now I'm holding it up in pigtails

Tuesday, September 5, 2023


So once when i first started college I was taken to a party at my mom's old house and I was reading twilight in the hot tub. hours later my family looked out and was like "Jackie's still in the hot tub reading?" It was pretty funny as no one noticed that I was still in there with my stuff reading

Heat wave

Its a heat wave in the area i live in. Many people are getting sick from the heat. In some areas they're adjusting school hours due to the heat

Monday, September 4, 2023


The last few days I was tired. Im not going to get my energy back to the levels prior to the 5k

Fall weather

The weather we've been having isn't really fall weather. It feels like its almost 100 degrees and people are dropping like flies

Sunday, September 3, 2023


Yesterday I participated in a 5k. When I was jogging its nice. sometimes I liked it but it felt sore. I walked it for the most part. omce in a while I jogged but I love doing this to celebrate my 1 year anniversary of getting out of the hospital and to support lung health

Thursday, August 24, 2023


I've been using a coffee scrub for my skin and hair. It's amazing to see how pale my skin is usually. My skin is so sunburned I used the scrub to wipe off the dead skin and the sunburn went away to a degree

Coffee scrub and hair growth

I've been using coffee to help growing up and out. My long hair is not cut since last December and I wanted to grow it out as long as I can. Because I grew my hair out since then it'll be nice to see how long it gets

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

True crime addict

I'm a big true crime addict. I love it. Strangely I was scared of my grandpa being sick at the hospital

acid reflux

I've been having some acid reflux issues. While it's annoying i'm getting better. I'm eating more water and herbal tea. While i drink more of that I'm also eating more fiber. Granted I'm still drinking coffee but less than I was before. Now it's only 3 cups max.

Friday, August 18, 2023


So I heard that Anna Duggar is thinking about getting a divorce from Josh. If that actually happens it'll be amazing. I'd wish she actually does this

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Barbie movie

I loved it. As weird as it was since the main Barbie went through something weird and I was like ugh that's odd. I actually thought it was a nice movie to see

Montgomery county fair

It's fun. I went there today. I loved it. While I got there and back fine I'd originally was disappointed that it wasn't going to be fun but I got fun places and I had a lot of fun on my own


The last 2 summers have been different. last summer I got sick to the point of my landing in the hospital. This one is different because I saw a movie and went to the state Fair

Monday, August 7, 2023


So last christmas, I'd gotten all my friends a bunch of presents. I got my aunt some stuff as well. It was fun. I was like oh i have some disposable income. I'm buying presents for everyone

shopping spree

I went on a shopping spree when i went to getting christmas shopping. Id actually started right after halloween, which seems odd. I'd had a huge bag of stuff for my presents. the bishop of the youth parish i go to said 1 of the gifts was a "nice courting gift" whatever that means. the chocolate for my guy friends was my mom's doing. She wanted to thank my friends for what all they did, which included helping my "recovery" from pneumonia. I wasn't sure what i was going to be doing with all the stuff but what i knew was I am going to spoil my friends with the stuff I'd gotten them. Wasn't the first time I spoiled my friends.

Monday, July 31, 2023

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Careful arm

after I got of the ICU last summer i returned to the YSA and a friend tried to hug me and I'm careful arm. Luckily She was like okay. That same friend tried to feed me


I'm soaking beans for Chili. Ive got a ton of spices and vegan meat in the freezer so it'll be a stretch meal.

Where's the bill?

So on cinco de mayo my aunt Jacquie and I met up with my friend. What's funny is that my friend said he'd pay for the whole tab. I was like "Hey where's my aunt's bill?" my aunt came back from the bathroom asking the same thing. The friend paid the bill. I'm like good grief

Love your toes

I've gotten a comment on my toes today. Someone noticed my toes. I'm like thanks. That's kinda cool that someone noticed about the thing on my toes.

Check in on me

one of my friends asked me how I liked the movie but i hadn't gone yet and its not the first time he's "checked on me".

Friday, July 14, 2023


The last time I went to church i put on make up. its awesome and I got attention

Skin care

I've been doing my skin care since I had some mild sunburn. I'm also trying to get some satisfaction from this


I was sunburned yesterday. While I was hydrated i am still managed to burn my skin. I'm getting better. the coffee scrub does well with my skin issues

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

pumpkin spice season

I can't wait for the pumpkin spice season. I love that kinda stuff. I love it in cereal, coffee and snacks. While I like this kinda stuff it's also super sugary. while i was in the ICU everyone was worrying about the sugary stuff.

the 5k

I signed up for a 5k. It would be a good idea sicne i'm out of the ICU for a year and it's my 1 year mark to celebrate this. my family and i need this. i'm doing something hard like being sick in the ICU.

meal planning

I've been trying to eat out of my fridge, freezer and pantry. why? my atrrocious spending spending habits. I like eating out. Especially since i'm a single female. I'm trying to cut down since i've gotten out of control of my spending. my mom's never taught me but then again no one taught me this.

Monday, July 10, 2023


something people are supposed to be doing but are being reminded do this or that. Apparently a couple people who can't do it despite being adults

Nail polish

I had painted my nails a couple times. once it was for my brother's wedding


I got a ton of snacks for the week. I love that kinda thing. Plus I am a vegetarian kind of and I eat a lot of stuff. Even if it isn't that healthy i try getting as much healthy food as I can

I have a problem

Creepy susie and fire. me and pumpkin spice stuff. Its hilarious to me but I relate to her

Sunday, July 9, 2023


I just cleaned my bathroom with some soap I'd gotten for Christmas last year. I actually walked out and I said it smells amazing. As weird as it is to say that I really like smelling nice and I think I like it clean. Its weird to say that I love the smell of clean but I do. i love the smell of clean which am amazed that it smells good

Coffee body scrub

i used some coffee to clean myself since sometimes it's a good at exfoliating. especially for dandruff. It also is a good smell for it since the coffee scrub has a coffee smell which I like

Coffee dandruff shampoo

so for the last few days I have been putting coffee grounds in my hair for my dandruff. While my hair is getting better I think it's also drying out my hair. on the upside my hair is growing out faster. my hair is longer than my family but also since I've got dandruff it's annoying and I shaved off some level of my dandruff

Saturday, July 8, 2023


I went out and got poutine. I love it. I've wanted to have it while I was in Florida

Friday, June 23, 2023

Rainy days

Its been raining here a long time. While I was waiting for it to stop I've been able to clean up my apartment and have enough food to eat through my food in the freezer and fridge

Happy birthday

On my birthday I woke up with a couple of happy birthday texts. 1 of them was from the president of the YSA

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Vegetarian diet

So far I have been having more vegetarian food. My family is supportive me eating vegetarian food and my brother even eats vegetarian food once in a while


I've been working on a book. Its awesome since I was busy with other stuff and I figured out that I should have been writing more than usual

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

We'll walk with you

One of the girls I possibly would've been roommates with said that they would walk with me. I was like ugh. its not because of my unfriendliness just wanting independence and freedom

Stock up

When I was out and about I realized that there was going to have bad weather so I had decided to stock up on whatever I can. While I am able to cut down how much I had while I was able to feed off the food stock i have


My apartment is usually nice. While I'm not as nasty as my dad I like cleaning up as much as I can when I can


Its supposed to rain in my area for a while. Luckily I stocked up a little bit. A little bit of time I can clean up my apartment and decorate it a little more since I don't like to run around when its raining

Monday, June 19, 2023


So when i is living "semi-independently" back in February I was in the Starbucks and I got a cookie from a stranger. this person also said that he would treat me to something. I'm like no thanks. It was still sweet

Thursday, June 15, 2023


I've been doing laundry at a laundromat. As annoying as it is I don't mind. Plus I get out of the apartment

Wine and dined

On my birthday I was wined and dined by my friend and dad. My dad asked me if he could take me out for lunch but he got bumped to dinner that day. My mom and brothers got bumped to the day after

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Cleaning up the house

Once I have the party I'll need to get my apartment as clean as I can. I usually clean the house anyway and I will get it cleaner than i usually do


I'm starting to gather up stuff for a girls night house warming party combo.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Work out

I need to start working out. I signed up for a 5k in the fall so I can get healthier plus I can get over the anniversary of getting out of the ICU last summer so getting ready for that is something I need to do that


There's a reason I don't like drinking alcohol much since I get drunk quickly. While 5% alcohol isn't that much with alcohol i dislike drinking too much since I get drunk easily. I sometimes had some food but still got alcohol in my system but drunkenly rode the bus

Hard cider

I have a liking for hard cider. It was something I got onto when I moved out as I wanted to get some independence. At my brother's graduation from college I got 2 hard cider and I slept some of it off

Going out and having fun

My mom doesn't want me to become a hermit. I won't since my friends and I are going to church or activities for the church

Thursday, May 25, 2023


Aren't you cold? is something I got a lot since I don't get as cold as fast as others


My brother graduated from college yesterday. It was fun. I was so cranky last night when i got home. I had a Philly cheese steak quesadilla and 2 hard ciders yesterday. I was happy since I got that much alcohol yesterday. I don't drink a lot anyways

Sunday, May 21, 2023


While I'm on my own I'm like constantly trying to "put out fires". I usually try and clean up the best i can when i can, which is usually once or twice a week on average


While I'm not the biggest fan of tea i do drink it on occasion. my favorite type of tea is decaf chai

Egg salad

I love egg salad. I've made some ate the stuff. Its a good way to use up the food ive gotten in my apartment


I apparently had more fun than my family while I was at the Disney park. Since I was of age I could've gotten alcohol to drink. It's awesome since I was bored kinda

Double and freeze

I made a couple of vegetarian Mexican lasagna and then froze both. I wound up making more of them and then I had a ton of good food for myself. Plus I had no time to feed my freezer

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Self defense class

I took a self defense class last night. My friend taught the class. I was told that I had a good time, which I did as well as it was a good idea to learn about self defense since i was very sick last summer and I was going to be safe so learning that helps

Saturday, May 13, 2023


Since i've left my old parish i'm sure they'll be shocked when they get to see me again. I love them but they're trying to hang onto me since i was initally being told to leave them. I won't be with them until the 4th of July.


I got a new pedicure this week. It's awesome since I hadn't had them since i'd not have them since i had them done in December but i'm not 100% sure.

new clothes

I got some new clothes this week. I went there to see what they had. I got 6 items for about 100 dollars. That's kinda scary how much i can get for how little.

feeding my freezer

I'm finally starting to feed my freezer. I'm going thru some of my food and then freezing it when i can. While it's annoying it'll hopefully save me money. I'm kinda spending a ton of money and i'm going to try and cut that down

running around DC

i've started running around DC again. It's fun. the last time i was there i saw some amish

Friday, May 12, 2023


There's a mall near where I moved to. Its kinda sad since I was a frequent visitor there. Also, since it's a thing that's going to be torn down since it was closed down and was a dying

Sandal tan

I received some sandals and now I have a sandal tan that looks like tacos. Its hilarious to me since I love the sandals and apparently they're hand me downs

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Waist length hair

While I've mentioned growing my hair out I've wanted to have waist length hair. I've always wanted super long hair and even ehenn I was younger I was even allowed to grow my hair out as long as I wanted. Now that I'm an adult and living alone I'm going to be growing my hair out as long as I want, which I hopefully waist length hair

Coughing up a lung

My allergies have been driving me crazy. Ive had to use my rescue inhaler for that but I'm getting better


I usually shop the sales at grocery stores and I like the stuff so much that I make a YouTube video for my channel

Peeing a lot

I'm peeing a lot because I drunk half a gallon of water. On the upside my lungs are feeling better


apparently with all the walking around I'm doing is giving me a nice tan. Everyone comments on the tan or sunburn i have


So my mom gave me a toaster oven and kept saying "I can toast this" but then remembered "Oops I gave Jackie the toaster oven". I kinda forgot that too once. Another thing was that mom said she's giving me tools but then takes them back." My mom didn't realize that she did that until I told her that

Lazy day

Today is a lazy Sunday. I'm taking today off since I'm tired. While I could have friends over I've got a sore throat. My friends could come over with pizza if they want but I'm mainly chilling out

Sunday, April 30, 2023


I've wanted a motorcycle since I was a teenager but never thought I could ever own 1 because of a previous health issue. Luckily I have gotten over said issue and can technically drive. If I ever get that thing I'm never letting my brother touch my motorcycle like ever

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Forensic files

These have a weirdly calming effect on me. I love forensic files and scary stuff. While i was in the ICU i didn't even have any intrest in this weirdly likely because i had 6 people come and see me.


I've not gone out the last couple of days. It's a little abnormal but then again, given the weather and my body being tired it's like, whatever


I tried wearing a pair of them but they got super wet

Ice water

I got a new way to get a bunch of water colder. While I like it, I also use it as a way to clean out my system

Thin hair

My hair is long enough to wear it in a thin bun. While I wear my hair up in a bun it's nice. I can't wait to have my hair in a pair of pigtails


I'm trying to get my spending under control. I'm using the things I used to help with that. I took a few things to get my stuff under control when I was using more things that I have things that are

Friday, April 21, 2023

Amazon package

My little brother usually gets packages so we have known he's still alive since he gets stuff at the house

Scary videos

I'm watching scary videos again. i love them since I was a forensic science major


i got a couple of necklaces yesterday. They're catholic necklaces despite me not being Catholic


I've been using a laundromat the last few weeks. It's nice but annoying

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Easter services

Last week I went to Easter services at my church. I loved it and I have some fun. I got to see some friends and I got to see my dad. I loved seeing my dad as He's kinda chrcked out since the divorce

Nasty house cleaning

I cleaned my house up last week. It's awesome since I have a place to clean on my own. While it's annoying I love that. The free and clear stuff are my preferred cleaning products since I'm allergic to scented stuff

Natural cleaner

When I can I clean my house with natural cleaner. I can't stand the smell of bad cleaners that have a stick due to my lung problem

Cleaning my glasses

I've got to clean my glasses a lot. Its super annoying since I've got to clean my glasses all the time and every day. My glasses are my way I can clean. Its super annoying but whatever. It's okay


I have serious dandruff which is annoying but it's something kinda not the major


I find that my brother demanding that I brush my teeth and do my mouthwash before my friends come to visit me in the ICU last summer it was kinda hilarious as he's my younger brother and I'm in the ICU so I'm like wow. That's nice of him to do that for me


I've got a lot of these things. I like them since I have things that are smelling good

Playing with babies

I love playing with little babies. I love them and they love me as well. I'm happy to play with them especially since they are cute.


1 Saturday afternoon, I went to a bookstore and I got a couple of books. 1 of them is a book for research on a book I'm going to write at some point. I'm half way through writing my book but I'm kinda busy since I'm distracted by stuff thats working on my life (meaning I'm going through some stuff). Another is a book on another serial killer

Drinking water

Im still dehydrated. Since I'm a flexitarian and mostly eating something plant based food I need more water than my family. I need to drink more water and then get more fluids in my system. I usually drink a half gallon of water since I had 1 as a gift after a stay in the ICU last summer. It helps

Monday, April 3, 2023

eat off stockpile

I've been trying to eat off a stockpile. I'm usually buying things in bulk or when i'm with getting my medication. The good thing is i know when to get things when I need to. I'm getting things and will hopefully use it. I have a good thing to know what to do is low and when i need more of things. While i'm trying to live off of what i have it's not easy and i'm still having things that are impulse buys. I love things that are in bulk. my mom and aunt think that's awesome to live with this. It also depends on what is in your stockpile, your budget, health needs, space and more

Saturday, April 1, 2023

recurring dream

in the dream I'm in the Gaylord hotel and convention center with a couple of my male friends, i'm a girl FYI. in the dream we're doing stuff like me sleeping on the pull out couch, which i like and them watching star wars while i go and swim and do things for my scoliosis. why am i dreaming about these things since i like the gaylord hotel and sleeping on a pull out sofa, and swimming but hate star wars, am not that close with 1 of my friends and am missing another 1 of my friends.

walking around

I walk around a lot. While i don't have a car it's easy for me to walk around with. It's annoying i like it. I like walking around.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Marching orders

It might seem weird but I have had a few "marching orders". Once I'd gotten them to "minister to the kentlands ward as i see fit". Otherwise I will have the "marching orders to do things like "take care of yourself", listen to your parents, be safe. the general

Cold Brew coffee

I've got a cold bree coffee since I'm so stressed out. Here's the thing, normally I can't get coffee every time i get stressed out as I'll run out of money and a lot of stuff stresses me out. I love cold brew coffee normally and on occasion I'll drink it. I actually drunk it the day my mom met my friend Andre.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

nice socks

Since i was rushing on Sunday morning, I just wore my high heels and I'd worn a pair of Minnie Mouse socks. I liked my socks snce i'd needed new ones. I'd gotten my new socks on and got comments on them. I'm like, "thanks."

having fun

I'd had fun in Baltimore. At first i was like, "this isn't what I wanna do, my leg hurts, i'm not packed fully." My mom kept begging me. I'm like ok mom. I'd had fun. I went to get some insomnia cookies, which are good.

out and about on a rainy day

I've gotta run some errands while it'll be rainy. It's not fun but i've gotta do what I've gotta do what I have done. It's not easy to do that but it's gotta fun. I can do things indoors as well as things that ARE next door to things that are under the awning.

sunglasses and hat

I usually am into wearing over the eyeglasses styled sunglasses. More often than not I wear my sunglasses than my hat but I like the hats i have. My favorite hat is a hat with a Markoff's embolem on it. My mom liked it too. Usually if i have my hat i need it via hair to be dry.


I just got back from Baltimore. My mom begged me to come. I wasn't too keen on going. I'm like "ugh ok, mom." While I'd been anxious of going I'd made the best of it. My mom was happy to have me. I'm like trying to have fun, which i did kinda. I'd had some time to think yesterday while I'd been walking back to the airbnb.

to do list

I've been making to-do lists. While it's not fun to have it's something i need to have this to lessen my anxiety. I've got bad anxiety and I'm like i need this to learn how to manage.

Long hair

I'm still trying to grow my hair out like crazy. I'm not used to shorter hair. I'm getting happy my hair is growing out


I'm getting better and better at cooking. My mom was wondering what I make. Usually I make vegetarian food that's kinda filling. They're good to have plus I have them and then I'll eat off the stuff I make and get from places like Walmart

Friday, March 17, 2023

My hair dye

I went thru a phase where I'd dye my hair repeatedly. I'm now older and don't do that as much. While my hair is my pride and joy I'm lazy when it comes to dyeing my hair as much as i can. I did it once and my hair became like a cartoon colored person't hair. Once i'd dyed my hair too much and oh boy it took a ton of stuff to take it out.

Long hair

I've been growing my hair out. I love my hair long and so do boys apparently. To an extent my hair is usually long. I hate getting my hair cut. when I was a little girl i threw a fit and was allowed to grow my hair out longer than usual. now that my hair is longer for the most part it's kinda hard to keep in check but i usually like it longer since my hair is my pride and joy as well as something i do seriously take pride in. Plus I can do all kinds of things with it so I wanna keep my hair as long as i can.

Vegan food

I've been eating vegan food for the last few days. I love that kinda thing. breakfast sandwich is something I like to make. Especially bacon

Saturday, February 25, 2023


I'll be exploring an area near my new apartment via the buses. It's awesome since I am kinda familiar with the area but I'm a little rusty in that area. That's part of the reason I am going to be in a hotel before I go to the apartment


I'm going to be staying in a hotel again. I'll be in an industrial area with some basic food. It'll be fun to get me out of the house and I'll get to the place I'll be staying sooner rather than later. Anyways I will be seeing the area I'll be living in over a couple of days when I am in the hotel.

Basic food

I'm going to try and sneak in some basic food stuff to see if I can have a few easy meals in a hotel I'll be in for a couple of days. It won't be anything fancy as I'll be in an industrial area in a hotel. Lucky I can get around and I will be able to get places. The food won't be fancy. mainly soups and sandwiches and stuff like that.


so i learned a few things about budgeting while watch the videos by Jordan Page. This includes eating what you have on hand and going to the store for only a few items or else getting creative. This applies not only for food but also for things like other "consumables" which includes medicine, cleaning products, baby needs such as formula and diapers etc. once my family and I went and spent about 40 dollars on a weeks worth of groceries with us eating what we had on hand and eating out 2x before getting emergency supplies on a Friday. If you have a huge stock of something that would last a while don't buy it. When i get low on my OTC medicine i get more. Another example is BOGO sales. let's say theres a BOGOF (buy one get one free). The sale might cost a little more up front but you'll have more than what you need NOW but in the long run it'll be easier to shop. Same with the buy as big as you can afford. Lets go back to the BOGOF. Let's say it's for a larger size of mouthwash for example but you get 2 large things of mouthwash or rice or whatever. If you get a large enough thing on sale you'll be walking away with items not only at a discount but whenever you change things like recycle the old case of whatever you bought like mouthwash you also don't have to run to the store and buy it.

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Lung issues

I just got over a mild chest cold. I got super sick last summer and as a result I have some stuff for my lungs to help when I get sick. Is relied on my maintenance lung medicine (a long term inhaler and allergy medicine) but with the lung issues I'd had I'd needed a rescue inhaler too. I personally hate my lung medicine but it's good to have in case of something like this


i went to a friend's party last night. it was fun. i got to see some friends and meet new friends, which is awesome.

Monday, January 16, 2023


i'm writing a book. i've mentioned it to some people. it's a non-fiction. i'm of course writing it as a thank you to the people who helped me during my time in the ICU.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

focusing on myself

i'm focusing on myself. i know what everyone says about new years resolutions but i'm really trying to focus on myself. i'm seriously trying to focus on myself. 1 of my best friends who is married knows my friend who likes me wants to protect me. while that's nice i need to breathe. i'm still eager to become his best friend. while he and i already ARE friends his overprotectiveness leads me to being suffocated.


i went shopping today. it's awesome. i took my aunt to the outlets and then a shopping center. i needed some workout clothing and she needed some stuff so we went a little shopping and then ran errands. some of the shopping was some of the errands but still.