Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Get a job

I guess a reason my mom still sees me as a kid as I'm still financially dependant on her. Guess its time to do my own thing

Tune out

There was only 1 time I was successful in tuning people out at church and that was on the day I was confirmed into the church.

What did I just do?

So there was 1 time when I was like, "what did I just sign up for?" It was after my baptism and I was being told about recent convert lessons. I'm like oh boy. That isn't something I bargained for

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Scoliosis pain

My shoulder is in so much pain. I'll be ok since I took pain killers. Since my arm is in overcome with pain I'll need more.

Freaked out

I was freaked out when I had my number given out without my permission and knowledge. I'm ok with it since someone vouched for the person who gave my number out by saying that I'm pretty


I'm on vacation with my dad and he's making a ton of "rules".

Coffee beanery

I've just been to the coffee beanery. It was a hike. A 40 minute walk to and from there from my hotel is my excorsice for today. My reward is a nice cup of coffee.