Sunday, November 19, 2017

why me?

whenever i do a project, whether i'm creating an emblem for a team i played on to a speech i gave everyone wants to help. all i say is "why me?" i'm grateful for the help but seriously? people are WAY too nice to me. that's even more annoying to me.

caution to the wind

while walking home a couple times people have driven me closer to my house to i didn't have to walk far in fear of my safety.

iced coffee

the good thing about my not being at church is my being able to watch things at home and drink coffee.

mental torture

i'm listening to a devotional. it's torture for me but i'm going to listening to it since i'm not at church.

Saturday, November 18, 2017


i can't believe that i didn't act like a nut job during my talk. i was animated as well as not hunched over scriptures but why not act silly? i usually crack jokes


i'm seriously wondering what the heck is with my family. i'm glad they're happy seeing me grow spiritually but why remind me about things?


i loved giving my talk last weekend. absolutely loved it. my family was there, people complimented me on it and i loved speaking. there was 1 MAJOR issue: i hated being in the center of attention. while i love speaking i don't like being in the center of attention. another issue was my brother had to get a hair cut as well as my brothers (and parents) had to be there. i don't think they liked being there.